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  1. kazrobbo

    The joy of language

    Found this gem while walking the Italian section of the VF. There's no 'Ita-lish' & no mistranslation...it's purely one of those happy (& priceless...) coincidences of language. The sign actually says 'electric bike rental' but you don't even need to know that. I doubt a top notch marketing team...
  2. kazrobbo

    Live from Via Francigena Il Vaticano, Roma

    London to Rome: 21 March - 20 June, 2019 "The sorry relief of arrival..." Gideon Lewis-Kraus, A Sense of Direction 2,847,786 steps 5234+ flights of stairs (frm 🇫🇷) = equiv ascent 2117.9 kilometres walked 93 days 84 Schengen visa days 36...
  3. kazrobbo

    Live from Via Francigena Cisa Pass oblivion, bella Tuscany &... 🎶 I do love to be beside the seaside...🎵

    London to Rome Copy of group email sent yesterday (30 May) Day 64 walking 1625km Marina di Massa, Italy "Lago di Viverone (Lake Viverone). Got into my hotel as early as I could to spend a relaxing afternoon by this beautiful lake. The lake has a bit of a resort-ish vibe but more your...
  4. meye1099

    Where to start?

    Hi, everyone! I've been aware of the Via Francigena for a couple years now but have only recently starting thinking about it seriously. I was wondering if anyone could point me to some good resources to begin planning a walk on the Via Francigena in the Italy portion? The guidebooks listed on...
  5. truenorthpilgrim

    Efrén Gonzáles' youtube/Camino vlogs.

    Hi all, Just want to do a quick shout out to Efren Gonzales' youtube channel. Other threads on this forum have mentioned his stellar documentation of his 2017 Camino Frances pilgrimage, capturing magnificent shots with his drone. I personally think it's the best self-documented series out there...
  6. carryoncouple

    Way of Saint Francis

    We just finished the Way of St. Francis in Italy, walking from La Verna in Tuscany to Rome. Fellow Camino enthusiasts: If you are looking for solitude and a new challenge, this might be it. Our journey is at carryoncouple.com. This is a tough walk, but we thought it was wonderful!
  7. carryoncouple

    LIVE from the Camino Way of St. Francis

    We embark today for the Way of St. Francis and begin walking from La Verna in Tuscany on Saturday. Our plan is to arrive in Rome in mid-May. We have so many wonderful memories from our Camino Francés trek. We would love to have you follow along on carryoncouple.com Best wishes, Reg and Sue
  8. MatteJa

    Camino de Santiago from my home (Italy + France + Spain)

    Hello beautiful people. I am writing here to ask you an advice: Next summer I would like to walk from my home (Turin - ITALY) to Santiago, I am already planning the route so if anyone of you did something similar, any info about walking/camping in France is worth its weight in gold to me. I...
  9. DSouthard

    Where the Roads Lead 2017-03-11

    This book is a memoir of a walking pilgrimage from Barcelona, Spain to Rome, Italy during the summer of 2014. The author primarily walked the network of Gran Route trails through Catalunya, the Via Domitia through France, and finally the Via Francigena from Vercelli, Italy to Rome. More than a...
  10. KinkyOne

    Wine fountain on Cammino di San Tomasso

    A week ago allegedly first wine fountain outside Spain (Irache) and on any pilgrim way was opened in the town of Caldari di Ortona: http://www.mondofox.it/2016/10/07/abruzzo-prima-fontana-vino/ Ortona is at the end of Cammino di San Tomasso which runs from Rome for 316kms. In short...
  11. JAL

    Notes from a week on The Via Francigena

    Hi All, My wife and I just returned from walking the final 6 stages into Rome on the Via Francigena. (They say FranCHEEjayna).I have walked the CF and Le-Puy to SJPdP solo in past years and wanted to share some observations while it is still fresh in my mind. The Trail. Wow, is it pretty and...

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