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  1. AllisonNFLD

    Would love some feedback on my planned route!

    Hello wonderful, helpful forum members. I posted not too long about asking for advice about the best way to complete the final leg of the Camino, as my Dad and I will be returning to the road this year for the final portion. The original thread is here if anyone is interested. I've finally...
  2. D

    Biking the Camino from Pamplona in Oct. 2016- Advice/Itinerary

    Hi, I'm planning to fly to Pamplona in October and complete the journey to Santiago de Compostela in 12 days. A couple questions I would like to pose to others who've done a similar trip: Rent bike or buy? I'm leaning towards renting because it sounds like the quality of rental bike is...
  3. sophiehebrides

    1st Camino - advice on day lengths please!

    Hello I've been avidly reading threads on this fantastic site and plan to walk the Camino Ingles next week...! I have 5 days available, I arrive in SdC late on Weds night, will stay over then get the morning bus to Ferrol to begin my pilgrimage. I'm curious about the average distance per day...
  4. michael heitzman

    Building Le Puy itinerary. Thoughts and suggestions?

    Howdy everyone, I'm currently building my itinerary for my upcoming trip (June) from Le Puy to SJPP where I'll continue on to Santiago. From what I've been reading this first leg of the trip will not be able to be as spontaneous as the trip through Spain so I'm planning my stages through France...

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