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  1. Aliog

    Lost Mammut Jacket. SQC Airport

    Hello Travelers, I just want to try my luck here as well if someone has found a Mammut crew jacket on the airport in Santiago. I feel so stupid to lose the jacket of my dad on the last day... My Flight was on the 27th May at Night. Greetings
  2. J

    Lost Lost Green Jacket

    Second day on the Camino Portugués and my jacket fell out of my backpack! It’s somewhere between Alpriate and Vila Franca de Xira. If you see it, please let me know and I’ll meet you. I’m on a year-long trip around the world and would like to avoid buying a new one. Marmot, olive green, XS
  3. FamPed

    Size and fit when ordering online

    I am ordering online and I need some help from you that have personal experience of this jacket: Black Diamond W LIQUID POINT SHELL, it is a lightweight GoreTex. Do you recomend it and if so: How do you think it fit? Is it narrow or wide? (I would like to be able wear it with my Woolpower full...
  4. williamlittig

    The color of safety

    This is not meant to start the rain jacket or poncho debate again, (I use a jacket). What I have reconsidered is the color, because in rain and fog pilgrims are less visible. I looked gallant, suave, overweight but cool in my black jacket but no one could see me. My new gear is safety yellow...
  5. jo webber

    Mont-bell jacket

    Ok, I got the Mont-bell jacket to save weight. This jacket is 6oz lighter than my other one. The jacket does fit inside the tiny pocket!!!! I was surprised. The jacket isn't wind proof. Just waving my arms and I could feel the air flow. In front of a fan, no stopping the breeze at all. The...
  6. W

    Rainjacket/Packcover or Poncho in September

    We will be walking starting Aug. 31 st. Does anyone have a recommendation whether to use a jacket and packcover or a poncho that will cover our packs? It does not seem like there is as much rain in September as many other months. Thanks for your help.
  7. C

    Cold on July mornings?

    Hi all! I'm walking the Camino Primitivo starting in early July, and I'm wondering if I can get away without a jacket (other than a lightweight rain jacket). I'd rather not carry one around, especially if I don't get much use out of it. I'm from North Carolina, but I feel like I'm pretty...
  8. NorwegianWalker

    Gore - tex jacket.

    Hi, I'm almost done with my hiking gear and ready for my first Camino. I need a jacket and reading alot of informative treads. I'm still not sure of what jacket I should get. I'm almost certain I will end up with a Gore -Tex but not sure what kind of jacket for the Camino Frances in March/April...
  9. M

    Lost Lost blue rain coat between Los across and logrono

    Hi everyone! I'm in need of the famous walking community's support to find the bright blue (turquoise) rain coat I lost yesterday (12/9) between Los Arcos and Logrono. It is turquoise, brand Quechua (decathlon). It's a common one as I saw several other women wearing it. It should be size L or...
  10. gracie

    Baggage weight

    I weighed my baggage and it is already more than 10% of my weight, that doesn't include yet the shampoo, soap, shoes, mobilephone and the charger. Since i will be taking my journey in the middle of August maybe it is not a good idea to take a fleece jacket. Is there an area along Camino Fances...
  11. Jocelyn

    Jacket or poncho??

    Hi there, I fly in to SJPP tomorow to start my walk on Sunday. I have looked at the weather and see that it is boiling. Whilst i appreciate that a rainy day is inevitable i am stuck between taking a poncho and a jacket. I am taking the layered approach to clothing - vest top, t shirt, fleece. Do...
  12. HerPilgrimmage

    Gear Question: jackets

    I am intending to do the camino may/June of 2015, I am curious if any seasoned pilgrims could recommend how this of a jacket and how many degree sleeping bag I may need. Thank you all so much in advance.

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