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  1. M

    Siena to Rome in December/January?

    Hello! I'll be walking the Via Francigena from Siena to Rome with two friends, starting Dec 27th. I have no idea what to expect. What can we expect about the weather? I'll check which accommodations work before we go. Would it be recommended to reserve in advance? Is New Year's (Bolsena) and...
  2. vlebe

    2016 Nov/Dec & 2017 Jan Peregrinos Departures

    Dear Pilgrims; its not that I want to "copy" the other thread related to the "sep/oct departures" but, I think opening up this one for nov/dec/jan would give us a good comparative number to get things into perspective of really how fewer pilgrims will be fighting against the wet/cold/snowy...
  3. Forrestt

    My First Camino, start 8th January 2016

    Hey! So I'm leaving my house in less than a couple of hours to start my adventure. Staying down at a friends then flying off to France tomorrow! I don't really know what to say, I feel I am about as prepared as I can be, I don't have a background in this kind of thing so I know it's going to...
  4. C

    Walking the Camino Francés alone in January as a young female

    I am a 22 year old female student planning to walk the Camino for the first time, starting in Leon and finishing in Santiago beginning in mid-January as I am writing my dissertation on the Camino pilgrim experience. I am a bit concerned that I will not meet many pilgrims along the way, as I...
  5. S

    Winter on the Via de la Plata

    Hello everybody! I'm going to be starting the Via de la Plata in the last week in January from Seville... Am I crazy? I only decided at two this morning... Any tips or experiences would be most welcome... I have a flexible window...Should I leave it to start by another week or is there any...
  6. G

    Walking the Camino in December/January

    Hi there! So, I'm going to walk the Camino Frances for the first time, starting in 13 of December. My idea is to walk the French path till Leon, then take the Camino Salvador to Oviedo and there start the Camino Primitivo to Melide, where, once again, I'll be walking the Camino Frances to...
  7. grayland

    January on the Camino Frances

    I am starting to consider a January walk on the CF. I did the Via de la Plata in mid August a couple of years ago to cross that off my bucket list....now winter on the CF seems to be a reasonable next step.:) One of my reasons is that I have walked the CF several times and really enjoy it....but...
  8. Jeff Crawley

    Have been doing it wrong all these years

    I apologise in advance - this post is a bit wordy! A work colleague is thinking of booking a "walk the Camino" holiday in September and asked my views on her trip - will she be getting the full "Camino experience"? Is it good value for money? She's going on an unguided tour from Leon. She's mid...
  9. Fritz

    Winter Camino December & January

    Hi all, I've been reading a number of posts from the veterans here (thank you all) about late fall Caminos. I'm planning a walk from Santiago to Rome, and I'm still in the early idea gathering. One possibility is to leave Santiago in early December, which leads me to my questions. I know no...
  10. beiramar

    Loads of snow at O Cebreiro!

    Here's some pictures I took earlier this week: http://imgur.com/a/ItiC4 If you don't like the cold: avoid higher altitudes! If you fancy walking through the winter wonderland: now is the time to go!
  11. S

    VDLP in Winter

    We're thinking of hiking the VDLP in Jan or Feb.. I'd love to hear about your experience doing the same! How's the weather? Are the albergues open? How many people are hiking? The stages seem very long; I maxed out at 27 km in the Frances. We would consider camping, but we're not keen on...
  12. Daxzentzu

    November,December & January Camino

    I will start my pilgrimage, Camino Frances, during November, 2014. I hope that veteran camino "winter walkers" here, may provide me with insights, for walking at this time of year There is a saying that ignorance is bliss which means I should just let go and just let it happen. But my rugby...
  13. J

    Cycling the Camino France's across December/jan

    Hi all I'm wondering what people experiences have been like doing the camino France's during December/January and whether it is even possible. The research I've done so far has been a less informative than I'd hoped so thought the best way to find out would be to ask. Is it possible to cycle...
  14. K

    updates--A December/January start

    I was just wondering how people fared who started this previous December or January. Was it miserable and lonely, or cool and lovely? There seems to be some conflicting information on the boards as to the weather situation starting in Sevilla in winter, though I understand the weather can vary...
  15. P

    Camino Ingles in late December / early January

    Hi everyone, I'm planning on walking a number of the different caminos over the coming year as part of a photography project which I am just about to begin. I was hoping to start with the Camino Ingles and to walk this over the New Year period as this will be the first block of time that I will...
  16. Magnara

    December and January

    Hi I'm trying to work out when I can walk that fits in with time I can have off work. Ideal would be December and January. I am concerned that it will be snowing / raining and impossibly cold - is there any information on this? I have looked up the daily max and min temperatures but can't find...

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