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john brierley

  1. E

    Bierley - guide book or maps?

    Hey everyone, We plan to walk camino portugues in August and I want to get a guide. We will walk with a baby so I want to have the best information about all possible albergues and other accomodation. What guide whould you suggest? I found only John Brierley but cant decide whether to buy just...
  2. RumAndChupacabras

    Lost Lost in RUBIAES Portuguese Brierly Guide June 17, 2016

    Is there a thread for this yet? If so, please show me. My John Brierly 2016 Camino Portuguese went 'missing' at the Albergue De Peregrinos Sao Pedro De Rubiaes around the last week of May/first week of June 2016. I had personal notes in it...one of them is in the section near Rates, where I...
  3. ivar

    A Camino Pilgrim's Guide Sarria - Santiago - Finisterre

    The publisher just shipped the new Brierley guidebook this morning. Will have them in Santiago by the end of this week. This book includes the last 5 stages from Sarria to Santiago and out to Finisterre and Muxia. As far as I understand it substitutes the old Finisterre book. As soon as I have...
  4. R

    Camino Frances Guide or things Brierley never told you

    Packing Have list of where you pack stuff in backpack. My pack has 9 zipper pockets in addition to main pack area. Pack size depends on time of year. You need less in warmer months than winter months. I would think a 48 liter bag would be good for any time of year. Many pilgrims had 38 liter...
  5. AngelM

    Specific Brierly Questions

    1. If I plan to walk in 2016 is there any point in buying an earlier years Brierly? If so should I wait for 2015 to get the nearest year, or just get the 2014 since I won't be walking the year of the Brierly anyway? 2. If I already know I am going to "make up my own phases" and probably just...
  6. Albertinho

    disappointment John Brierley Maps camino Portuges

    The other day I ordered the booklet Camino Portuges Maps by John Brierley. My attention was triggered by the frontpage as pictured at several websites .on the frontpage is pictured a blue dotted line as being the camino Portuges da Costa. although also mentioned the text camino central...
  7. Jackie

    pdf of the john brierley book

    Hi everyone, I have seen some posts before about how they scanned the john brierley book and saved it to a pdf file and used that on the camino. I don't have a scanner but would like to see if anyone would send me the pdf file they have. I would love to save the weight of the book, since I am...
  8. Agnogel

    An evening with John Brierley in Dublin

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151969514808337&set=a.121660783336.93534.88270193336&type=1&theater John Brierley will be in Dublin on the 24th to the 26th of January at the Holiday Show http://www.holidayworldshow.com/ He will be giving a talk on the camino on the evening of the 24th...
  9. p.saffrie

    the camino in 33 stages? John Brierley book

    Hello, Reading the pilgrim's guide from John Brierley there are 33 stages and gives a nice time table for walking. Now I am a good walker and wandered if there are peregrinos who walked according the book and can it be done in less stages or should it be even more. greetz Peter
  10. A

    Coastal route and John Brierley

    Hi! plan to walk the camino portogues on july...gues its bad time because of the heat. Anyway, i have for now one question perhaps it will be more questions further on when its getting closer to departure day. Today i ordered John Brierley book, Camino Portogues, Lisabon-Porto-Santiago, just...
  11. C

    John Brierley

    Hi folks! I am returning to the Camino this year. I am just wondering does John Brierley have a new edition out this year for 2013? Go raibh maith agat, do chara trid Criost. Is Mise Críostóir MacAodha
  12. falcon269

    John Brierley book

    The 2010 edition is posted on Google Books: http://books.google.com/books?id=RLmX9q ... &q&f=false It looks like the whole thing. It has been revised for 2012, so the posted version is out of date.
  13. sillydoll

    John Brierley's updated guide: Release date 1 April 2011

    A Pilgrim's Guide to the Camino Finisterre: Santiago * Finisterre * Muxia will be released on April 1, 2011. You can pre-order yours at a savings of $5.74 by following the link below. A Pilgrim's Guide to the Camino Finisterre: Santiago * Finisterre * Muxia John Brierley List Price: $17.95...

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