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  1. FourSeasons

    July and August

    Hello fellow pilgrims. I'm planning my July and August del Norte. I am expecting hot temps but how hot, average for that time of year? In Fahrenheit please. Also cost per day staying in Alburgues and food. Should I bring a tent due to Alburgues becoming completo? I am hoping for 7 weeks to go...
  2. I

    crowded camino--> bringing tent?

    I'm planning to do el camino frances this summer, June and July, and I'm wondering (like a lot of other people I guess) if it will be possible to be "guarnateed" a bed in an albergue during these months. How hard will it be? I'm considering bringing a tent just to be on the safe side, is that...
  3. T

    Type of Clothes to Wear While Hiking

    Hello, I'm 18 and from Texas. I will be walking the Camino Frances this June-July solo. I'm used to hot weather, however I am still very pale skinned and get burned up easily even with sunscreen. I've read some articles saying that there was little shade along the walk, so I'm concerned in that...
  4. Anna Young

    July 2017

    Hi all, So I have just booked my flights! Officially walking the Camino Frances in July this year. Only 12 weeks away! I know it will be hot - but does anyone have advice about how hot it can get? Also does this change along the route? Other than, keeping hydrated, sunscreen and hat - any...
  5. M

    Cycling From Pamplona To Santiago In 7 Days

    Hi Me and a friend of mine plan on cycling the camino frances this July, from Pamplona to Santiago in a maximum of 7 days, so around 100km a day. We plan to fly to Biarittz and then a bus to Pamplona. Does any one have an itinerary or breakdown of stages for each of the 7 days, highlighting...
  6. Ingrid G

    Booking beds or taking it as it comes?

    Hello! I am going to walk from Ourense to Santiago with two friends next week (July). We only have four days to do it, so we kind of know already know the stages we need to take every day and they are quite long. I know this is not the "real" pilgrim spirit, but it's the time we have, and living...
  7. Isabella Geno

    Camino in July

    Hi, I'm planning to start my Camino from SJPDP in early July. I've realised I will be around Pamplona during San Fermin. I'd love to hear from someone who has done the same thing. I was really looking forward seeing Pamplona and don't really want to have to miss it. Is it every day during San...
  8. Stellaluna


    So I leave SJPdP on July 4 and have been "training' for a while now. I regularly walk with a 15 lb pack and do 2-day consecutive 18 km walks easily. I have thrown in hills on shorter walk days (but hills in Ottawa are nothing compared to the Pyrannees). Mid week I do shorter walks 5-7 km. This...
  9. Susan B Johnson

    Camino Frances in July

    I was planning to walk the Camino Frances to Finisterre the first two weeks in July, but after reviewing average temps, I'm having second thoughts. Has anyone done the Camino in July? Would the Camion Inglés be cooler, as it's closer to the coast?
  10. NeeT

    Pilgrim Accommodation in Lourdes Pre-Camino

    Hi all, I am planning my camino for end of June/beginning of July and was hoping to fly to Lourdes for a pre-camino wander and then get the train to SJPP. I wanted to know if there was any accommodation for pilgrims in Lourdes that someone could recommend?! Thanks in advance.:)
  11. camster

    Summer nights on CF and sleeping bags

    Yes. I'm starting another thread on this subject. I apologize ;) I do not know yet when I will be able to leave and do the Camino Francés, but I would like to do it in July/August. I have a sleeping bag (7C/45F) and a liner, but using only a liner irks me a little bit, since it is very thin and...
  12. A

    Advice for Pilgrims starting in Mid July?

    Hi there! I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this forum, what a great community! The thought of doing the Camino de Francés has been rattling around my skull for some time. And now with 30 or so available, it's about time I make it happen. I plan to travel within the next 15 days from London...
  13. R

    Anyone Starting From Sarria In July?

    I'm a first timer and can only do the walk in July due to work and family restrictions. I wanted to go with a guided tour (yes I'm a wimp) but it seems the company I contacted doesn't have enough folks registering for a guided tour in July. Is it so hot that no one does July? Anyone here...
  14. Nicklas Lind

    What's it like walking El Camino Frances in June/July?

    Hello everybody! I've been lurking on this forum for quite a while now as I'm planning my first Camino after many years of dreaming about it! Now the time has finally come, and as soon as I'm done with my exams in May/June I'm heading to SJPdP. With that said, I've been wondering what it's...
  15. TamaraOlivia

    Room at the Inn/Albergue? Should I be booking a bunk in advance?

    Hello! I am planning to walk CF through June to early July this year and I have read about the crowding that occurs during those months. Will it be a smart/good/safe choice to be booking a bunk at private albergues in advance? I was hoping to go with the flow, but I'm not much for sleeping...
  16. HeatherWriter

    July clothes

    Hi all. Just wondering whether long layers-eg: light merino leggings and top-would be necessary for the evenings in July on the Le Puy route? I'm inclined to think it will be balmy but am I wrong?
  17. N

    July 2014!

    Looking to start the Camino Frances route in early to mid July. Just thought I'd post on here to see if anyone has any advice for last minute travelers or if you'll be on the trail. Buen Camino!
  18. Jake Kim

    Anyone starting from June 21st? Hows weather like in June/July?

    Hi everyone! Me and my friend are starting our journey on the 21st of June. Is anyone starting on the same date? We are leaving from LAX and arriving to Porto on the 20th (Early Morning). So basically we are going to explore Porto for a day, and start walking from the 21st. I am kind of done...
  19. angeliki louk

    Camino in july anyone?

    Hallo everyone!!! I am getting ready to leave in about a month for my camino. I will be in SJPP on the 7/7 and start on the 8/7. I am anxious but also excited that i decided to do the camino. I am coming from Greece and a friend of mine did it last year and told me that it's an experience of a...
  20. D

    Weather in July/August: can someone verify this?

    First post and first camino coming up in a few months. Question about weather: I'll be doing the Camino Frances in July/August. I found a lot of good advice on weather, but I'm very much a data person. I boiled down the data from this site (link) and this is what I got data-wise. Can anyone...

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