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  1. Briddie_DK

    Training for downhill-hiking

    Hi Everone, Two years ago I walked from SJPDP to Logrono, and after the first couple of days my knees were killing me. This April I return to CF and besides taking a few pounds of my bodyweight, I am searching for exercises to strengthen my knees before going. I live in Copenhagen which means...
  2. C

    Injury time out

    Hello good people, I wonder if I could ask you again for some more wonderful wisdom and ideas you all have! I've just come from the doctor and farmacia. I am supposed to take ten days off. And take two types of daily medicine. And when I go back to walking, absolutely no more Norte with its...
  3. Tal Cherni

    The future is here: Knee Shock Absorbers

    I stumbled upon this interesting new "apparatus": A knee shock absorber meant to help those with maniscal issues, instead of complete knee replacements. http://www.medgadget.com/2016/01/atlas-implantable-shock-absorber-knee.html Your thoughts?
  4. Physio_pilgrim

    A Physiotherapist's guide to injury prevention and management on the Camino

    Hello Pilgrims! My husband and I have just finished our 33 day journey from St Jean to Fisterra and it was an absolutely incredible experience. We are both physiotherapists and you can imagine that we saw plenty of pilgrims needing assistance along the way, so I thought I'd post a few tips that...
  5. Cate A

    The doctor says my dodgy knee is arthritis - advice please!

    My left knee has been stiff for a while and I've been told I've been walking" funny" . I have a bit of pain and inflammation.(Nothing too bad) I went to see a physio who found a Bakers Cyst and advised going to see my GP. Today the GP said I also have arthritis and that walking a couple of miles...
  6. billbennettoz

    Walking with a knee brace?

    I came back from the Camino Frances with bad knee pain so I had an X-ray, went to an orthopaedic surgeon and he told me I had to wear a knee brace - an expensive contraption called a Donjoy OA Offloader. Seems I'm bone on bone, and now having got the brace ($650 later!) it does definitely...
  7. T


    My son and his fiancee are hiking the Camino Frances and had gotten almost to Burgos when his knee gave out. He saw a doctor there who gave him a brace, pain prescription and told him to rest the knee for three or four days. They had not planned a hotel stay into their time or finances. Any...
  8. T

    Camino after Knee Surgery

    In 2011 I'm planning to walk the Camino Frances again, this time with my daughter. However, I've just been told that I urgently need knee replacement surgery, which really floored me and is quite daunting. Apparently arthroscopy will not do the trick. As I don't know anyone who's had this...
  9. andy.d

    knee trouble

    I've had to go to the doctor with knee trouble - swelling and pain when I walk. The doctor has given me the all clear to do the camino, I just have to wear one of those compression pads on the knee and use plenty of ibuprofen. So it's really going to be a matter of managing pain :? I know...
  10. TravellingSonn

    Any recommendations which Knee Brace to buy?

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good supportive knee brace I can purchase for my Camino? My right knee isn't in it's best condition (apparently, I have shattered cartilage. I'm not having any problems with it at the moment) although I want to do everything I can...

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