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  1. A

    shoe lace tying!

    again I read so many interesting threads and someone had posted one novel way to keep boots tied, which I meant to recall, and now cant find - anyone seen it?
  2. M

    Those !!!! Boot Laces

    Thursday October 11th 2012 Casar de Caceres - Canaveral We were just coming up to one of the bridges across the Embalse de Alcantara (reservoir) when the loop from one of my boot laces got caught in the other boot and I went flying over into the road. Two scratched knees, one broken finger...
  3. nismo4life

    Strange issues with my Merrells, anyone else encounter this?

    I purchased a set of Merrell Moab Waterproof low boots. Photo below. Now I've been wearing these around town and to work and such with no issues. I encountered the problem the other day on my first hike outing with them. In order to keep my feet from moving around at all, I tied the laces to...
  4. M

    The Big thread about Lacing tips for shoes and boots

    OK so we all know about buying a pair of shoes/boots half a size or a size bigger for walking - to allow for your foot swelling and so your toe nails don't bang into the front of the boot going downhill. The problem is sometimes this means your foot can slide around. One thing I found v...

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