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  1. D

    La Citadelle in St Jean Pied-de-Port

    Before we arrived in SJPDP we had heard about the Citadelle and that it was worth a visit. We didn't know much about it but certainly glad we did so, quite amazing for almost being 400 years old! I made a short video about our short hike up the day before we set out on the Camino for anyone...
  2. N

    The Fichier Bridge Portomarin Spain

    Does anyone know the length of the The Fichier Bridge Portomarin Spain? Also what is it like in summer...meaning can you see the Roman Bridge as well as the water below, and just how far is the drop. How old is it? I have a bridge nut friend who is curious. Thnks
  3. minaleigh

    Good Historical Sites?

    Hey all! My friend and I are starting El Camino towards the end of May and walking through June. I was wondering if anyone could suggest museums, churches, ruins, and other historical sites to visit on Camino Frances? And it doesn't have to be museums in the traditional sense, as even simple...
  4. Sue - Katoomba Snowgums

    Special places deserving exploration on C. Frances

    Hello everyone, I will be walking the Camino Frances starting March (yay!). I will have enough time to explore a few places along the route - has anyone any favourites? I'm not talking about albergues specifically, but perhaps gorgeous townscapes, friendly cafes etc. Or perhaps, any places...
  5. mspath

    Monasteries, Convents and Chapter Houses

    Perhaps you will find my list below of active Monasteries, Convents and Chapter Houses on the CF which host pilgrims to be useful for your planning. Active Monasteries/Convents/Chapter houses Along the CF Which Host Pilgrims listed by Etapa/Stage in geographic sequence from east to west along...
  6. xin loi

    Is this True?

    Was told that ex-military are leaving a set of their Dog Tags at the Cross of Iron since it is an old Roman Legion site. Taking an old set to leave there.
  7. KinkyOne


    There have been many threads with excellent photos of windows, doors, animals etc., but I can't find one with bridges. So... here it is. I just hope we won't ruin pilgrim-rookies expectations when posting this... ;) Those are from: - Villava (over Rio Ulzama) - Pamplona (Puente Magdalena) -...
  8. LTfit

    Crosses along the Camino

    To continue with the photo themes here is one with a few crosses. [Edited by moderator to remove non-functioning links]
  9. wayfarer

    The story of your Stone at the Cruz de Ferro

    Coming from a remark about the varied geology of the stones which are placed at the Cruz de Ferro by pilgrims on another thread I decided to start this thread. Where did you get your stone, what type of stone is it, how far did you carry it and a little about its story relevent to you. When I...
  10. seth from somewhere

    Herbón monastery

    I would love to stay here but I am interested in a few details. What time is the special mass? How many KM is the following day to Santiago? I need to be there by 2pm to pick up something of mine. Also, I would love to make the noon mass at the Santiago cathedral but I am not sure if it is...
  11. F

    Prehistoric cave paintings along Camino del Norte

    Hi, Does anyone have experience of visiting any of the caves where there are prehistoric paintings while walking the Camino Norte? Most likely, I will be transitioning between the Norte and Primitivo at Villaviciosa so may miss the major site at Altimira but will probably take a bus to see the...
  12. pyrofly

    Albergues with architectural or historical importance.

    The other thread with albergues not to miss is huge!!! We personally would rather try to spend our nights in old churches, monasteries, etc when ever possible than more modern better equipped stops. Which are the albergues that we should not miss taking history and architecture as the 1st...
  13. L

    Pilgrimage Museum in Santiago

    Those who, like us, found the information cards provided for the use of visitors to the Museum very helpful, might be interested in reviving memories of this stimulating exhibition. We had asked one of the curators if copies of the cards were on sale, but we were advised that all the...