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  1. F

    Coping with rainy weather

    We set off next week from Sarria and I have been watching the weather forecast on yr.no and Eltiempo. It's looking pretty rainy for the first few days. I don't mind a bit of rain, but I was wondering about drying clothes for the next day, if I only have two sets of clothes with me. Has anyone...
  2. fitoldbloke

    A delicate subject

    Of course I will be showering every day, and using my crystal deodorant (a little last a long time) but from past experience it can be difficult to get walking clothing washed effectively and dried sufficiently, with the potential for body odour. Sure, this is the Camino and we put up with such...
  3. Rob the Slob

    Laundry egg

    This morning as I was out walking, I was struck by a thought: how about using an Ecoegg laundry egg on the Camino? At the very minimum it eliminates the need for carrying or buying detergents (besides, of course, being better for the environment). Also, perhaps (and I'm going to experiment with...
  4. Rob the Slob

    Drying laundry while walking

    What's the best way to dry wet laundry while you're walking? Simply tie it to your pack and hope it doesn't fall off, and that the knots dry properly too? Use mesh stuff sacks? Socks on the handles of your hiking poles, underwear on your head?
  5. J

    I found a new self laundry service in Santiago

    So here it is pilgrims: It's called "Colada Express Santiago de Compostella". The owner is sweet, the place is clean, you can wash 12 kilos of clothes for 5 euros... And it's not even 10 minutes by foot from the cathedral!! Highly recommended! Google map it. Or look for the street called...
  6. CaminoKris2013

    Crazy question regarding clothes washing

    Of course, I see the need to wash one's underwear, socks and shirts, but do people wash their hiking pants/skirts everyday? I said it was crazy, but I am a newbie :) Kris
  7. WalkCWalk

    Hanging your 'drawers' out for the world to see!

    Little unsure about my undergarments hanging out to dry at an albergue. Does anyone have a picture of a clothes line. Am I worried for nothing? Still want to see pictures!
  8. Al the optimist

    Laundry in Santiago

    When I was last in Santiago I visited Ivar for a chat, during which he asked if I thought anyone would be interested in him installing a washer and dryer to help them at the end of their caminos. I know he is too reserved to ask us publicly himself, so I am asking. What do people think? For...
  9. K


    Now there's a compelling subject line. I've done a couple summer Caminos and liked the convenience of having my clothes dry in a couple hours or hanging them off the pack like it's a traveling shop. I'm considering a March VDLP and was wondering if any of you had any tips for laundry and...
  10. lbpierce

    New laundry service in Santiago

    I just used a new service (I neglected to ask them how new) that does laundry for pilgrims and offers other services like left luggage, bicycle rental, etc. It's called The Laundry Shop, located at Rua de San Roque, 11, about 5-10 minute walk from the cathedral. Cost for washing, drying and...
  11. DurhamParish

    Laundry Soap

    What kind of laundry soap do people here use while on the Camino? I will be walking the Camino Portuguese in September. It will be my first time walking the Camino and my first time backpacking. In March I met a young backpacker in Athens who had walked the Camino. He was giving me some...
  12. dfitzg773

    Laundry Detergent

    Based on what I've been reading, I should bring two sets of clothes on the Camino and wash clothes each night. Do people carry laundry detergent or do you buy enough each day from somewhere? This is probably a stupid question, but I've been wondering about it. Thanks.
  13. Aldy

    Most effective way to wash clothes

    Good day to you all, This forum has been a true resource of information for me. I appreciate all the questions and answers. Although I've seen a bit of traffic on this question, I'd like to ask you all what turned out to be the best method you used to wash your clothes on the way. Do you have...
  14. S


    helo! I've got a question about doing laundry. Did you carried any washing powder from home? Or there was some powder "for general use" in albergues? Or maybe you used something else for doing laundry? :)
  15. J

    Light weight alternatives to soap, shampoo, laundry wash pow

    I thought people might like to look at this site - they have little, very light, containers of 'paper' soap, shampoo, laundry soap etc. Each box only weighs about 12gms - eg: the paper shampoo holds 30 papers - (enough to wash your hair 30 times if short and weighs 12gms) - much lighter than...



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