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le puy route

  1. Ray J

    Paris/Tours vs. Vezelay vs. Le Puy Routes

    Planning my next trip and would like information from anyone who has done the Paris/Tours, Vezelay, and/or Le Puy routes (all ending if SJPdP). I've looked through recent posts in the forum, so I have an idea of places to stay, where to eat, amount of asphalt, etc., so that's not what I'm...
  2. ChloeRose

    Le Puy English Guide/Website

    Hello fellow pilgrims, One thing I noticed before I started my Camino was that there doesn't seem to be much English information online for the Le Puy route in France except on this forum (and some small blogs that are sometimes difficult to find and rely on). I did my best to set up a nice...
  3. J

    Le Puy route late march

    We are planning to walk the Le Puy route starting on March25/26. Is this too early? Does any one know of a baggage transport company operating from those dates? I would appreciate any comments. Jerard Barry Australia
  4. Marion-SantiagoInLove

    French gite looking for hospitalieros

    I'm sharing this facebook announcement, not knowing more than what it says... Although, I guess one has to speak French! And I know some here do ;) If you're interested, why not give it a try? :) I've "translated" the phone number from French to international in the translated announcement. ---...
  5. Col Prosser

    Will I get lost?

    Walking the Camino Frances from SJPdP to Pamplona, I found that the way was so well sign-posted, it was almost impossible to get lost. Then I did a section of the Le Puy way near St Cirque Lapopie last year - got hopelessly lost, had to resort to roads and had a miserable time. How good is the...
  6. ChloeRose

    Best way to zoom forward after a forced stop?

    Hello all, I'm now a month and a half into my Camino. I started in Le Puy and was averaging 20-27kms a day; best experience of my life! However, I got (and ignored for days!) two separate toe infections which got bad enough to require surgery. I'm now resting up in a small French town, 5 days...
  7. AlwynWellington


    I am highly addicted to my porridge. Every morning. On days I go out training I microwave some rolled oats in my collapsible mug and have at my first stop. I have about 400 grams of rolled oats in my pack, enough for about 20 days, to take with me to my start point of Le Puy. @SYates and...
  8. zammy

    petite dejuner?! breakfast at the gites?maybe not

    would you pay 5 euros for breakfast which generally means day old bread, some jelly and butter,very weak coffee and maybe orange juice? too expansive and not worth it. if you are near a bar and boulangery eat your breakfast there even if it means walking some miles to it or buy the essentials...
  9. Pedrito

    Blogging on the Via podiensis

    We have just started blogging on the Le Puy route. We are new at this, but hopefully it will improve over time. https://ritvaandpeterschemin.wordpress.com
  10. jouffroy47

    Miam Miam Dodo app

    Is the Miam Miam Dodo app for the GR65 still available? I couldn't seem to find it on iTunes. Is it only available for the iPhone? I have an android.

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