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le puy

  1. Pretty valley in the French Basque Country

    Pretty valley in the French Basque Country

    Pretty valley in the French Basque Country, so beautiful!!!
  2. Gigantic abbey in small town of Sauvelade

    Gigantic abbey in small town of Sauvelade

    Gigantic abbey in small town of Sauvelade, quite imposing!
  3. lepuy2.JPG


    Pilgrims having dinner in the town square in Pimbo, stunning Bastide in the backgorund, beautiful balmy September evening.
  4. lepuy1.JPG


    River Adour in Aire Sur L'Adour
  5. gemma.mj

    GR65 starting new years day 2020

    Hello, I am walking the Camino for my first time next year. I'm beginning on new years day and wish to follow the steps of my Uncle beginning in Le Puy-en-Velay. I am an outdoor guide and can walk far distances without a problem. However I understand my limitations lie within the snow, as well...
  6. J

    What's the best map for an overview of the Le Puy Route?

    Hi all. I start my Camino at the end of April and I'm looking for the best map and best apps (android) of the Via Podiensis
  7. Mr_Ross_Duncan

    Our Camino reflections

    We walked the Geneva Camino in July 2018. To use its correct name, the Via Gebennensis, we left from Geneva and ended in Le Puy-en-Velay a bit over 3 weeks later. This was our second Camino, having walked the coastal Portuguese route last year. The following is not so much a diary of the walk...
  8. kayagee66

    iMiam App for Le Puy to SJPdP

    The people who publish Miam Miam Dodo have said that a new updated iMiam App will be ready to download around the end of March. I used the last one a lot, for all kinds of information. I think it's great. I believe it will be available on Apple and Android.
  9. kayagee66

    The Stevenson Trail GR 70, Chemin de Stevenson

    Hi, I'm planning to walk The Robert Louis Stevenson Trail, GR 70, next September. It's roughly a 2 to 3 week walk through the Cevennes in France. If any members here have walked it, or might be interested in walking it, can I direct you to the facebook group, Robert Louis Stevenson Trail - GR...
  10. John R McLean

    Le Puy or Arles via the Via Francigena?

    Planning is progressing! After reading Rogers blog, it looks like the Via Francigena from Calais but it poses three new options. 1) Turn right at Geneva to Le Puy route? 2) Go over the St Bernard Pass and carry on to Rome and beyond? 3) Go over the pass and turn right to Arles route? Arles vs Le...
  11. O

    Good gite in Le Puy

    We will be 8 people setting out on our walk from Le Puy. DP or near to restaurants. Can anyone recommend a good gite in Le Puy?
  12. sophie_d

    Your experiences of the Chemin du Puy - tell me about them and help me with my dissertation!

    Dear the kind and generous people of the le Puy forum… I have just got back from an incredible experience on the Camino del Norte, which was background research for my dissertation in World Heritage Studies (MA) at the University of Birmingham; a dissertation, which, in itself, was an excuse to...
  13. P

    Geneva to Le Puy (GR 65) Late Aug 2017

    Any insights, suggestions on walking late August Geneva to Le Puy? Anyone planning to do the same?
  14. Siv

    Questions about Le Puy Route (July 2017)

    I will arrive at Le Puy 5th of july. This is my first time walking a camino so I have a few questions :-) What is the path like? Do I need my high mountain shoes or will Trail shoes (Hoka) be enough? I have decided to bring a liner to sleep in. Will this be enough? Is it really so many...
  15. P

    Le Post Question

    Hey guys, I would like to send an extra pair of shoes ahead to SJPP from Le Puy. I understand in Spain you can send a package to the town post office addressed to yourself and you have maybe a month to pick it up at the post office. Does the Le Post in France work the same way??? Thanks!
  16. Crazy Kiwiman

    Le Puy (or Geneva) to SJPdP in Autumn

    Hi everyone Thanks you so much for all the info I have from your Le Puy threads. I am looking to walk from either Geneva or Le Puy starting at the end of September 2017 - through to SJPdP. I can not find much information about walking at that time of year and am wondering if it will be too...
  17. Ray J

    Biking to Le Puy

    Has anyone biked from slightly south of Paris (probably Melun) to Le Puy-en-Velay? It looks like taking Véloroute des Pèlerins (EuroVelo 3) = La Scandibérique to Orleans, then taking the La Loire a velo to Le Puy might work. Wondering about being able to avoid Orleans by heading directly...
  18. W

    A Compendium of Useful Links for Travel from Lyon to Le Puy en Velay

    Caveat. I do not have first hand knowledge of most of the information presented here. The material in this thread was researched using web resources that may be out of date. Information may be incomplete or incorrect. The information presented here is not exhaustive. You are advised to confirm...
  19. W

    Le Puy route during Easter Week?

    I am thinking of beginning my Camino in Le Puy at the beginning of April. Is there anything I should know about walking at Easter season? Do gites shut down, or are they harder to book? Is there any place near the beginning of the route that I should spend Easter? Are there any Catholic masses...
  20. Simon

    Walking from Le Puy for a week - and transport links.

    Hello fellow pilgrims Having completed the Camino Frances in 'chunks' over a few years, some friends and I are planning to walk for 7 or 8 days days from Le Puy, later this year. Can anyone suggest where would be the logical place to finish this section? I'm presuming we will get to St Chely...

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