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  1. gracethepilgrim

    LIVE from the Camino On the Levante for summer

    Countdown has begun. Soon about to depart for the 41 hours that will get me on planes, buses and trains from small-town New Zealand to Valencia. Before I depart for the Levante I must thank all the supporters. Those who have walked in previous years and the ‘newbies’ walking in 2017. ALL your...
  2. gracethepilgrim

    Levante technology

    So I know there are lots of ‘Levante-ites’ lurking on the forum at the moment. ;) I’m on countdown now - 19 days til I arrive in Valencia. A question for the veterans: which mobile phone co did you use and what was the coverage like along the Levante? I’ve used Vodafone and Yoigo in the past...
  3. PlutseligPilegrim

    LIVE from the Camino Camino de Levante is on....

    https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1469383749817794&id=1444233982332771 https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1469383749817794&id=1444233982332771
  4. P

    Camino Levante: Weather & Distance Between...

    I am thinking of departing Alicante March 1 (in 6 weeks). Any advice on expectations around weather? It looks like it is just a few degrees cooler (and less rain) than leaving April 1. Any advice on distance between sleeping accommodations? While I have read about 50km days, is it possible to...
  5. B

    New on the Forum - Here to say thanks!

    Hola, I just recently registered on the Forum. I've been around here since several years without registering. Because I was just too lazy and all that... (after all, I am the Bad Pilgrim...) Enough already! First of all I have to thank Laurie who inspired me to do the Levante in 2014 after...
  6. B

    New on the Forum and completed the Sureste 2015

    Hola, I just recently registered on the Forum. I'm just sending this message to see how it works... By the way, I did the Camino del Sureste this year (2015) june-july and I'll try to make a summary of it here. I see the Levante is very transited (a lot of people on that thread) and that the...
  7. AZgirl

    guidebook suggestions

    So I have been wanting more of a solitary camino and am thinking this one would be perfect. I have been reading thru some of the recent posts here in this forum and it seems there are mixed reviews of the guidebook by the Amigos in Valencia. I think I would probably be able to muddle thru the...

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