lisbon to santiago

  1. Coleen Clark

    Nana and Meg are Officially Hitting the Trail Together!

    So I can't wait to tell you (warn you) that it's official! Nana (aka Coleen) and Meg (aka awesome granddaughter) will be landing in Lisbon August 10th! I think I'll treat her to a few days in Lisbon sightseeing and resting up before we begin the Portuguese trail. We will be walking a combination...
  2. Coleen Clark

    Hey Coleen, when you walk the Camino Portuguese don't miss..

    In August I'll begin in Lisbon and walk the Camino Portuguese. I've been reading with zeal all the posts about that Way, and have noted in my Brierley's guide a few place mentioned by you that I will make an effort to see or stay in. What was a high point for you? Where was your best meal? Where...
  3. J

    Luggage transfer Lisbon to Santiago

    I am walking the Camino Portuguese in September 2017 and will have a suitcase I need transferring to Santiago from Lisbon. When I walked the Camino Frances in 2016 the Burricot service in St Jean was available to do the same. Now I'm walking from Portugal into Spain I can't find a similar...
  4. Chito

    Lisbon to Santiago 20 k or less per day?

    I'm considering walking from Lisbon to Santiago around April 15th. I am a 15 to 20 K per day pilgrim. Is it possible to do this walk without getting off the Camino and have a bed each night? Also considering Madrid to Santiago? Thanks
  5. F

    Camino Portugese from Lisbon: How challenging is it?

    I am planning to walk this route from Lisbon to Santiago in the spring of 2016. I have heard that the stage from Lisbon to Porto is poorly signed and largely through industrial areas. Does anyone have up to date info on this route?
  6. J

    Lisbon to Santiago Sept 2015

    I'll be blogging our Portuguese Camino as we walk an average of 20km per day. Not sure if I've done sufficient training or sorted my foot problems but it is what it is! The link is There's already an account of our Camino Frances from last year and a preparatory...


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