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  1. J

    Lisbon to Santiago in July! A few questions:)

    Hi! First of all I wanted to ask if anyone is going to be walking the Portuguese Camino in July? I’m starting out from Lisbon on the morning of June 30th and would be great to know if I’ll be completely alone on the route or not as I’m slightly concerned with the posts I’ve read about flashers...
  2. Lisbon


  3. Coleen Clark

    Nana and Meg are Officially Hitting the Trail Together!

    So I can't wait to tell you (warn you) that it's official! Nana (aka Coleen) and Meg (aka awesome granddaughter) will be landing in Lisbon August 10th! I think I'll treat her to a few days in Lisbon sightseeing and resting up before we begin the Portuguese trail. We will be walking a combination...
  4. Clark

    The pope is coming

    Just read that Pope Francis be visiting Fatima next week. He's expected to draw around 400k attendees. If you're walking from Lisbon you might want to consider some alternatives for staying in the area or changing your path to get away from the crowd. Unlikely you'll find anywhere to stay...
  5. unadara

    Porto to Fatima and more

    I fly to Porto on Wed 3rd May and walk to Fatima, I will try avoid the crowds of the 100 yrs anniversary pilgrimage celebrations though as I prefer to be alone. I will visit other Monasteries and Nazare. I fly out of Lisbon on the 18th. Last year I walked 2 weeks on the Coastal Littoral Porto to...
  6. Y

    Purchasing John Brierley guide in Lisbon?

    I arrive in Lisbon tomorrow, and hope to make my way (by train) to Porto before commencing my camino. My John Brierley guide to the Camino Portugues has not arrived :( Would it be possible to purchase a copy of it readily in Lisbon? If so, would anyone be able to provide tips with specific...
  7. Playful Dread

    Camping Shops in Lisbon (Lisboa)

    Does anyone have any information for reasonably priced Camping/Outdoor Gear Shops in Lisbon? I'm flying into Lisbon in May from Liverpool and I travel light on the plane to avoid excess baggage charges. So I don't travel with things like tent pegs, or walking poles. These are things though...
  8. LisaM

    Credencial in Lisbon

    I went to the Cathedral in Lisbon this morning and they have run out of credencials. The priest said there are more coming but in three days' time. I start the Camino tomorrow (Monday). Does anyone know if I can get one anywhere else in Lisbon? If I cannot find one, can I collect stamps on a...
  9. Jakke

    Buying Pacer Poles in Lisbon

    Hi! My plan is to fly to Lisbon with only a carry-on pack and buy some equipment in Lisbon. I am interested in Pacer Poles. Who can tell me where to find those in Lisbon? Bom caminho!
  10. Capitao_Goma

    From Algarve to Lisbon

    Dear pilgrims Besides not being a specific path, or even a new Caminho Português, it's important to upload here the lattest news about what's going on at south of Portugal. Some parishes of Alentejo already support some pilgrim groups, as there are also some spots to fiz mechanical problems on...
  11. Lisbon Cathedral

    Lisbon Cathedral

  12. Praca Commercio Lisbon

    Praca Commercio Lisbon

  13. Capitao_Goma

    New 8 km fragment of Camino: Coina to Barreiro (near Lisbon)

    Dear pilgrims of Saint James Way I'm writing you because i have information about how Saint James Way it's growing up in Portugal. Last March, a project was presented to the municipality of Barreiro (near Lisbon). The idea was to recover a new fragment of Saint James Way, which conected the...
  14. LookingFor42

    Santiago to Lisbon

    Hi. I searched the forums and cannot find an answer to this question but sorry if I am asking something that's been asked before. Happy to be directed to another thread if my search skills are not so good. I am walking the CF (Burgos - Santiago) in January - February 2016. I want to travel to...
  15. Newlin

    Should i bring my inflatable mattress?

    Im flying to Lisbon early tomorrow and I'm thinking a lot about my gear. Like always the day before! Should i bring my inflatable mattress for Lisbon - Porto stretch or not?
  16. T

    Starting the pilgrimage in Lisbon on August 22, 2015

    Anyone leaving for the Camino during mid to late August? Do you plan to take a portion of the coastal route?
  17. ajones

    Departing the US on April 5th

    Hi all, It's been a rush to get ready for the camino since booking my ticket on March 21st. Everything has worked pretty well so far and all the pieces have fallen into place. I am packed and almost out the door but I have a few more questions. I arrive in Lisbon Monday around 15:00 and I'd...
  18. S

    Camino de Portugués-2 wheels and the wrong way round

    Hi all, I will be in Pontevedra for a football tournament at the start of the Easter hols and will make my way back to base in Madrid via the Camino Portugués (or Camino de Madrid if previous idea not feasible). As I am going the 'wrong way' with a dire sense of direction this will be a...
  19. katdavis

    Camino Portuguese June 2014, my daily blog (Lisbon - Santiago)

    Hi fellow pilgrims, I completed the Portuguese way from Lisbon to Santiago early July this year and wanted to share my blog with you here as I know there is limited information on this route (compared to the Camino Frances). My blog is: https://followingthearrows.wordpress.com I walked the...
  20. jayree

    "Slip sliding away" in Lisbon

    The beautiful and famous sidewalks in Lisbon can be treacherous when wet. http://online.wsj.com/articles/in-lisbon-some-residents-fear-citys-distinctive-sidewalks-1401675907

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