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Luggage Transfer Correos

luggage forwarding

  1. A

    Medical issues, short distance per day, pension and transfer questions

    My daughter (20) and I (52) are planning to do the French Camino from mid to late October 2020. We will be leaving from Leon and taking about 30'days. We're planning roughly 15 kms per day and staying a few double days in places. We both have a couple of medical issues - I have fibromyalgia and...
  2. T

    Luggage Transfer and Storage

    Hi Ivar I am going to do my first camino in coming October. My plan is to send my luggage (a suitcase) to your place for storage when I arrive in Madrid at the airport. Hence, would like to seek your advice on the followings: 1) I will be arriving Madrid airport in early morning on 4 Oct...
  3. A

    Luggage-forwarding services Camino Ingles

    Hi all Myself and a friend are walking the Camino Ingles from Ferrol to Santiago in July. As we'd rather not carry our bags with us everyday, I've researched a few baggage-forwarding services recommended on other forums etc. However, the companies I've researched don't seem to cover some of...
  4. Jim irish

    Any advice

    Bueno Dias , I am currently in arzua ... Weather is bad and to get worse , legs are getting the better of me and bag is heavy .. anyone know quick and simple way to ship my bag forward , I am just hitting walls with everyone ... No one speaks English ... And I don't speak Spanish except for...
  5. K

    Luggage Transfer in November

    Hi all, We (3 people) are starting our Camino Frances in 2 weeks time. One of us need the luggage transfer service, but, most companies finish their service at the end of October. Any ideas on how to continue with luggage transfer after the end of Oct ? much appreciated.
  6. G

    Forward luggage

    hello I am fairly new on this forum. Hope am posting in the right place. Am planning to walk the Camino Frances next May starting from Pamplona probably 21.5.18. Will arrive in Madrid from New Zealand and spend 3 night there on arrival to get over jetleg and see the city. Then bus to Pamplona...
  7. B

    Help! Luggage from Porto to Redondela

    Hi all, Hope you can help. We are flying into Porto and out of Santiago in June. As we only have 5 days we will walk from Vigo to Santiago. We plan on getting a bus from Porto to Vigo and walk to Redondela from there. Problem is I can't find a company who will bring our bags from Porto...
  8. EmilyMeow

    Shipping liquids from Portugal to Spain?

    Hello, I start my first Camino soon. I have been traveling the world for a few months prior to this, so naturally I have a number of "liquid" items (hair products, perfume, massage oil, etc.) with me - am I able to ship these to Santiago? Either with the post office or a private shipping...
  9. Brenda54

    Stuck in zubiri - help?

    my daughter and I got to zuburi today and are staying at hotel gautxor. No one here has any idea how to transfer our bag to Pamplona tomorrow. No one speaks English who works here and we don't speak much Spanish so it has been frustrating. I have talked to two other pilgrrams that are...
  10. jgpryde

    What to send ahead to SdC?

    What special item does the veteran peregrino ship ahead to have waiting for them in Santiago? I get the fresh set of clean clothes suitable for dinner in a nice restaurant and comfortable for the ride home. Are there other things you wished you'd thought of at the end of your first Camino...
  11. J

    Luggage transfer Lisbon to Santiago

    I am walking the Camino Portuguese in September 2017 and will have a suitcase I need transferring to Santiago from Lisbon. When I walked the Camino Frances in 2016 the Burricot service in St Jean was available to do the same. Now I'm walking from Portugal into Spain I can't find a similar...
  12. Melamann

    Luggage Transfer Recommendations

    I'll be walking from Seville to Salamanca throughout April and am planning to travel after I reach Salamanca. I'm looking for a good, reliable luggage transfer service that will let me drop off my luggage in Seville and pick it up a month later in Salamanca for my subsequent travels. I heard Paq...
  13. CharlieChu

    Sending luggage via post office from Portugal

    My wife and I will be arriving from Frankfurt to Porto airport at 9pm on April 4. We plan to take the train next morning from Porto to Lisbon and the following day to begin the walk from Lisboa to Santiago. We want to send ahead, from Porto, two additional small suitcases to a hotel in Santiago...
  14. Rainerbernd

    Luggage transfer

    When I stay in Angeiras as hospitaleiro I often have to arrange luggage transfer. There´s a good company we have had good experiencies with: http://tuitrans.com/?lang=en They charge 7 € per backpack from stage to stage. You phone them in the evening and they´ll tell you where to put your...
  15. S

    Luggage transfers

    Yes, other pilgrims will benefit! I'm reading this forum today, trying to figure out which service to use on some days (maybe even from here on) as I'm finding my knees are having a harder time than I thought they would. Jacotrans envelopes and information have been at the front desk in some...
  16. J

    Luggage transfer Ourense - Santiago

    Hi there, My sister and I will be walking from Ourense to Santiago early September. My sister had a terrible car accident last February and is gradually recovering . She has her heart set on the Camino and is working hard to get her walking strength back. We will be walking...
  17. grumerz

    Airline - Lost Luggage and forwarding to STJPdP

    Of necessity, planning on checking in backpack, held in shipping sack, while traveling to the CF in late April, 2016. Coming from the USA, via Philadelphia, Madrid and Pamplona. Each segment requires a transfer to another aircraft, or airline. Concerned about potential delay in the pack's...
  18. sillydoll

    Luggage Transfers on routes other than the Camino Frances

    Jose Luis Pardo Rodríguez will transport backpacks on the following routes: Camino Frances: León-Santiago-Finisterre Camino del Norte: Ribadeo-Santiago Camino Portugues: Tui-Santiago Camino Primitivo: Oviedo-Santiago http://www.caminodesantiago2010.com.es...

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