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luggage transport/storage

  1. E

    Send luggage straight from Vigo to Santiago

    Hi, Apologies if there is already a thread about this but we have a group of 7 walking to Camino at the end of June. We are hoping to send our bags directly to Santiago from Vigo, for us to pick up when we arrive. We are walking for 5 days, so the bags will need to be stored somewhere in...
  2. P

    Le Post Question

    Hey guys, I would like to send an extra pair of shoes ahead to SJPP from Le Puy. I understand in Spain you can send a package to the town post office addressed to yourself and you have maybe a month to pick it up at the post office. Does the Le Post in France work the same way??? Thanks!
  3. B

    Sending luggage from Burgos to Santiago de Compostela

    We've decided we could travel lighter & send our luggage to Santiago de Compostela to the storage service provided by Ivar Rekve. However, we are having difficulty finding a transport company who will take our suitcase from Burgos to Santiago. We will be in Castrojeriz tomorrow Fri June 2nd & in...
  4. S

    Leaving a suitcase in Porto

    Hello everyone, I am leaving from Lisbon next week walking to Porto to meet my husband. He has business to do in Europe before I meet him to walk from Porto. He will need to bring a suitcase and leave in Porto. Does anyone have any suggestions about the best place for him to leave his luggage...
  5. C

    Baggage storage/shipping

    We are doing the Northern route June 2nd 2017, and have been unable to find accurate information on either baggage storage at either end of the Camino, or shipping one bag (10kg) to Santiago de Compostela to collect it there. We will be setting off from either Biarritz or Bayonne and would...
  6. americansue

    Has anyone used baggage transport on the Del Norte?

    I blew out my knee in March (the first time I walked 14 klms with a full pack) and X-rays showed that my kneecaps are subluxed. (there is a surgery but it is only 50% successful - not worth the risk) I've been going to PT, learning a new way to walk. I also have moderate inflammation (CRP is...
  7. B

    Help! Luggage from Porto to Redondela

    Hi all, Hope you can help. We are flying into Porto and out of Santiago in June. As we only have 5 days we will walk from Vigo to Santiago. We plan on getting a bus from Porto to Vigo and walk to Redondela from there. Problem is I can't find a company who will bring our bags from Porto...
  8. TaraUltreia

    Can you send bags to or have bags picked up from Municipals?

    It's been a long time since I've sent my pack forward but due to an unexpected gallbladder infection and hospital stay in Logroño, the rest of my camino is going to be very different than in the past! I would like to stay in municipals as much as possible because they tend to have decent...
  9. EmilyMeow

    Shipping liquids from Portugal to Spain?

    Hello, I start my first Camino soon. I have been traveling the world for a few months prior to this, so naturally I have a number of "liquid" items (hair products, perfume, massage oil, etc.) with me - am I able to ship these to Santiago? Either with the post office or a private shipping...
  10. Brenda54

    Stuck in zubiri - help?

    my daughter and I got to zuburi today and are staying at hotel gautxor. No one here has any idea how to transfer our bag to Pamplona tomorrow. No one speaks English who works here and we don't speak much Spanish so it has been frustrating. I have talked to two other pilgrrams that are...
  11. sweet-disposition

    Luggage Question

    Hi everyone, I'm starting my Camino in early June this summer but after my Camino I have plans to volunteer in Bosnia.. This being said, I need to bring a small carry on suitcase for the latter part of my trip. I was wondering if anyone knows if there are lockers or hold stations for luggage...
  12. hillwalker

    leap frog luggage transfer

    I am beyond excited to be walking the Camino Frances for the first time, leaving from SJPdP in a week, and want to thank all of you for your thoughtful advice, encouragement, and kindness. I feel as prepared as one can be walking into the unknown! If anyone could help me with a question that...
  13. irishgurrrl

    Luggage Transfer on the Camino Primitivo???

    Hey folks, I know this information is buried in one of the threads here but I cannot find it. Can you post below if you have the relevant details (website, contact tel, cost etc) for baggage tranfer companies operating along the Primitivo and your experience of them. Someone mentioned the...
  14. Turning48

    2 questions: Dealing with Jet lag/Daypack?

    Hi everyone, 2 questions, please: 1) I'm curious if anyone can share their experience of how they dealt with jet lag before starting their journey on The Camino? Did you give yourself a few extra days to recover before starting this and if so, how many? OR did you just deal with it more...
  15. F

    Bag drop

    Can anyone tell me how I can arrange for my overnight bag to be dropped to prebooked accommodation between Sarria and Santiago de Compostela. I am walking that section in early September 2017
  16. G

    case/suitcase storage vs. forwarding service logistics

    Hola Bicigrinos, I am flying into Madrid with a bike that breaks down into suitcase-sized bike case, as well as carry on suitcase. My plan (or lack thereof) was to store those items in Madrid. Meanwhile, I was going to take my fully assembled bike and put on train and ride to start of the...
  17. Sr.Bigote

    Backpack on Trains

    When travelling on Renfe trains in Spain with a larger backpack (45 liters), is it required to "check" the pack or can the pack travel with you in the railcar?
  18. jgpryde

    What to send ahead to SdC?

    What special item does the veteran peregrino ship ahead to have waiting for them in Santiago? I get the fresh set of clean clothes suitable for dinner in a nice restaurant and comfortable for the ride home. Are there other things you wished you'd thought of at the end of your first Camino...
  19. J

    Luggage transfer Lisbon to Santiago

    I am walking the Camino Portuguese in September 2017 and will have a suitcase I need transferring to Santiago from Lisbon. When I walked the Camino Frances in 2016 the Burricot service in St Jean was available to do the same. Now I'm walking from Portugal into Spain I can't find a similar...
  20. Melamann

    Luggage Transfer Recommendations

    I'll be walking from Seville to Salamanca throughout April and am planning to travel after I reach Salamanca. I'm looking for a good, reliable luggage transfer service that will let me drop off my luggage in Seville and pick it up a month later in Salamanca for my subsequent travels. I heard Paq...