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luggage transport/storage

  1. ivar

    I am arriving at SJPP with my suitcase. How do I ship it to Santiago?

    The question was: I am arriving at SJPP with my suitcase. How do I ship it to Casa Ivar in Santiago? You have a few options: Ship it from the post office in SJPP (see here for opening hours). The suitcase needs to be locked and I would recommend to also wrap it in kitchen wrap (plastic). I...
  2. T

    transfer luggage

    hi we are hoping to walk from tui to santiago, in july. we walked from sarria to santiago a number of years back and we arranged for our luggage to be transferrd daily from hotel to hotel. we had booked through a travel agent. this time are booking independently , so we are lookinng how to...
  3. CharlieChu

    Sending luggage via post office from Portugal

    My wife and I will be arriving from Frankfurt to Porto airport at 9pm on April 4. We plan to take the train next morning from Porto to Lisbon and the following day to begin the walk from Lisboa to Santiago. We want to send ahead, from Porto, two additional small suitcases to a hotel in Santiago...
  4. nzPhreadde

    Luggage: Lisboa to SdC

    We're in the middle of planning our Camino from Lisboa, via Fatima to Santiago. The problem is that we are flying from New Zealand into Lisbon, and from Santiago flying on to London to catch up with family, so we're looking for some way to get a suitcase of respectable clothes and shoes from...
  5. 2IslandWalkers

    Sending luggage ahead from SJPdP to Santiago

    we are planning to leave SJPdP on September 20 on our second pilgrimage. We have been travelling in Europ and have extra luggage. Can we send luggage directly to Santiago for pick up 30+ days later? Thanks 2islandwalkers
  6. Rainerbernd

    Luggage transfer

    When I stay in Angeiras as hospitaleiro I often have to arrange luggage transfer. There´s a good company we have had good experiencies with: They charge 7 € per backpack from stage to stage. You phone them in the evening and they´ll tell you where to put your...
  7. grayland

    A couple of questions.....

    When walking in Spain, I always send a box or small suitcase on to Ivar when I arrive in Spain. This is for "after Camino" clothes as we usually hang around Europe for a bit after arriving in Santiago. Does anyone have experience or a suggestion as to how this would be handled in Rome? I am...
  8. Tony Bobcat

    Where do I store my luggage in Barcelona

    Hi everyone, I am doing the Camino next May, arriving in Barcelona then travelling to Sjdp. I was wondering where I could leave my suitcase [somewhere safe] in Barcelona. I will be returning back to Barcelona to continue my holiday. I have been thoroughly enjoying all the posts. Thanks Tony
  9. S

    Luggage transfers

    Yes, other pilgrims will benefit! I'm reading this forum today, trying to figure out which service to use on some days (maybe even from here on) as I'm finding my knees are having a harder time than I thought they would. Jacotrans envelopes and information have been at the front desk in some...
  10. PamAroma

    Companies that transport bags

    Hello pilgrims! I completed the last 120kms Sarria -Santiago a couple of years ago and the pull to return and do it all will not quiet within me. I am traveling CF May for 2 weeks starting in SJPP weather permitting. I hope to complete half of the camino and return next year to complete. I have...
  11. trecile

    Has anyone found a hotel in Madrid that will hold their luggage while on the Camino

    I'm thinking that I will probably spend a night or two in Madrid before heading out for the Camino, then a a few nights afterwards. I'd like to be able to leave a suitcase in Madrid, rather than mailing it to Santiago. Does anyone have a hotel/pension to recommend for this?
  12. J

    Luggage transfer Ourense - Santiago

    Hi there, My sister and I will be walking from Ourense to Santiago early September. My sister had a terrible car accident last February and is gradually recovering . She has her heart set on the Camino and is working hard to get her walking strength back. We will be walking...
  13. grumerz

    Airline - Lost Luggage and forwarding to STJPdP

    Of necessity, planning on checking in backpack, held in shipping sack, while traveling to the CF in late April, 2016. Coming from the USA, via Philadelphia, Madrid and Pamplona. Each segment requires a transfer to another aircraft, or airline. Concerned about potential delay in the pack's...
  14. K

    Three ladies walking need your help

    Hi you all I am sure that these questions are the usual ones but I need everything in one lot. We are three ladies walking with small health problems, for instance I cannot carry heavy weight on my back, so I would like to know... Question A:How easy is it to get this network of putting your...
  15. grayland

    Luggage to Ivar from St. Jean ??

    I need to post an "after Camino" suitcase on to Ivar in Santiago. I arrive in Paris and will drag it along to SJPdP. The suitcase is needed as we are (as usual) doing a bit of after Camino traveling. This is about 13 January so the level of service will be curtailed. I usually send a small...
  16. Susan L

    Burgos - where to stamp? & sending bags on to hostels?

    Hi all, Love this forum and finally plucking up the courage the day before I go to post a question! My friend & I stay in Burgos tomorrow night to start walking on Monday. We won't stay in a pilgrim albergue the first night and we only arrive in Burgos at about 7.30pm. Must we get a stamp? And...
  17. Rosemaryk1

    Posting items to Santiago

    Is it possible to post items from SJDP instead of waiting until Pamplona? I am sure it is cheaper to wait until Spain, but I would not like to walk with extra "stuff" until Pamplona. I know Ivar has a service in Santiago and I would love to use it, can I do this as soon as I reach SJDP? Thank...
  18. A

    Do albergues refuse the pilgrims who don't carry their packs

    I have read in some blogs that entry to some albergues might be refused if they don't carry their bags and use a "vehicle support service" such as a taxi to bring backsacks. My girlfriends and I are going to do the Camino next spring for a friend's 50th birthday and we are split about how to go...
  19. sillydoll

    Luggage Transfers on routes other than the Camino Frances

    Jose Luis Pardo Rodríguez will transport backpacks on the following routes: Camino Frances: León-Santiago-Finisterre Camino del Norte: Ribadeo-Santiago Camino Portugues: Tui-Santiago Camino Primitivo: Oviedo-Santiago
  20. ivar

    Correos now holds parcels for 30 days during 2010

    As we have discussed before, the Spanish postal system (Correos) did hold on to a pilgrim parcel for 30 days a few years ago. This was then changed to 14 days (the norm in Spain) last year. Now this holy year, they have increased this to 30 days again. This is true starting in may 2010 until...