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  1. ktchnofdngr

    Pack Carrying Services from Lisbon to Porto and beyond...

    Hey, All. I'm beginning to plan my Camino for next summer (hopefully, it will be possible: I'm crossing my fingers for a vaccine!!!), and I'm trying to figure out a way to have my pack carried ahead for me from Lisbon to Porto without going through a tour company. I'm also wanting to walk the...
  2. S

    Ship your backpacks, bikes, souvenirs in 2 min with 15% discount 1

    Is your luggage big enough for the life of an adventurous traveller? If you have doubts, do not worry. Eurosender can help you ship your stuff while being budget-friendly. Use code CAMINO for an extra 15% discount.
  3. meye1099

    Luggage Storage

    Hi, everyone! My husband and I are spending five days and six nights walking the Nakahechi trail in April 2020. We booked our accommodations through the Tanabe Tourism website. Does anyone have any advice or experience with luggage storage while you are walking the Kumano Kodo? We are in Japan...
  4. N


    Hi everyone:) This is my first Camino and im very excited:) Anyone had experience with bag transfer from albergue to albergue ? I want to send some stuff from Porto to Santiago de Compostela by post service, Anyone experienced with that? Where do i send it send it to? Thanks!
  5. A

    Medical issues, short distance per day, pension and transfer questions

    My daughter (20) and I (52) are planning to do the French Camino from mid to late October 2020. We will be leaving from Leon and taking about 30'days. We're planning roughly 15 kms per day and staying a few double days in places. We both have a couple of medical issues - I have fibromyalgia and...
  6. T

    Luggage Transfer and Storage

    Hi Ivar I am going to do my first camino in coming October. My plan is to send my luggage (a suitcase) to your place for storage when I arrive in Madrid at the airport. Hence, would like to seek your advice on the followings: 1) I will be arriving Madrid airport in early morning on 4 Oct...
  7. P

    How long will correos keep packages

    I'm going to take 8-9 days to get from Irun to Bilbao, and then another 8 days to get to Santander. I would like to send some food to Bilbao and pick it up for the second stint to Santander. I'd like to have it sent to the Correos Bulegoa in the Txurdinaga region of Bilbao, but I really don't...
  8. Theo van de Laar

    Luggage transfer on via Serrana

    Dear all, I am planning to follow the Via Serrana from Ronda to Sevilla in May this year. Is there anything known about luggage transfer options along this route? Thanks!
  9. Tazz

    Sending my post-camino clothes from Lisbon to Santiago

    I am walking from Lisbon (actually Fatima) to Santiago in mid April. I would like to forward a small bag of clothes to Santiago for some post-camino R and R. I have used the Correos and Express Bourricot on the Camino Frances but can't seem to find any way to send excess luggage in Portugal...
  10. T

    Shipping backpack from home to Spain

    Hey, I will be doing my first camino in May of 2019. I will be flying to Barcelona and then I plan to take the plane to San Sebastian in the same day and start my pilgrim from there the next day. But for that conecting flight it's not adviced to take checked baggage as it's only 1 hour inbetween...
  11. S

    Bag transfer service needed - Baiona to Santiago

    Hi all, help need! Can anyone recommend a bag transfer service from Baiona starting tomorrow? I had something organized with a travel agency but sadly they appear to be a massive scam operator. :( Thanks so much!
  12. A

    Shipping gear ahead

    I have been hiking through the Pyrenees for the last month and have a lot of camping gear I will not need on the camino. Is there a way to ship it somewhere in Santiago? Where I could pick it up after my hike? Thank you & Happy Trails!
  13. L B

    Luggage storage

    So I'm only doing SdC-Fisterre-Muxia because I didn't have the time last time, I have planned to do it in about 7 days including all the extra days for just relaxing in Muxia. Since my stay on the camino will be so short, I don't think that bringing my bags (One hiking backpack + a small...
  14. Opa Theo

    First Camino help please: should we depend on Albergues or book nightly arrangements with a company?

    My wife and I are 70years old planning to walk from Sarria to Santiago at the end of September 2018. Should we hope to find Albergues each night or should we book with a company to arrange nightly stays? We've looked into arrangements with Garry at Spanish Adventures and Shanda at Follow the...
  15. A

    Luggage-forwarding services Camino Ingles

    Hi all Myself and a friend are walking the Camino Ingles from Ferrol to Santiago in July. As we'd rather not carry our bags with us everyday, I've researched a few baggage-forwarding services recommended on other forums etc. However, the companies I've researched don't seem to cover some of...
  16. cassieryle

    Bag Storage in Madrid & Elsewhere

    We are flying into Madrid before taking a bus to Irun where we will start our Camino del Norte. We have luggage that needs to be stored, so we searched for a hotel to stay in that would keep it while we were walking. We were worried about it though, since it contained valuable electronics. We...
  17. B

    Luggage or backpack?

    If I’m using the bags tranfer service... do I use regular luggage or a backpack? Ty
  18. B

    Luggage Transfer Irun to Santiago

    Hi everyone, I am starting to plan our Camino and am really interested in the Norte route. My partner and I will be coming over from Australia in May 2018 and the Camino will be the start of a year of travel through Europe. We'll be travelling with two packs full of gear for the year away, and...
  19. B

    Luggage storage in Paris

    I plan to walk from Vezelay to Ostabat over about six weeks. Then I have other plans. I would like to leave some luggage in Paris for this time. Has anyone any suggestions about where I might leave it?
  20. Jim irish

    Any advice

    Bueno Dias , I am currently in arzua ... Weather is bad and to get worse , legs are getting the better of me and bag is heavy .. anyone know quick and simple way to ship my bag forward , I am just hitting walls with everyone ... No one speaks English ... And I don't speak Spanish except for...