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  1. MaartjedeMeer

    Cooking in winter on the Camino Frances

    Hello, I'll be walking the Camino Frances from the beginning of December this year until somewhere in January '18, by myself. I plan on cooking as much as possible, since I'll be travelling on a tight budget. So I have some questions regarding cooking, that I haven't been able to find...
  2. notion900

    Packed lunches, people!

    I have read a few threads and had some conversations recently where people walking routes off the French Way for the first time were genuinely surprised that you can't get breakfast, second breakfast, lunch (and presumably afternoon tea with scones and crumpets) and frequent ice cold water...
  3. C

    Breakfast, Lunch and Siesta Question

    Hola! Sometimes I've seen people warn that siesta is between about 2p and 4p, and many businesses are closed. Other people say lunch is available from about 2p-4p, and isn't typically available before or after. So the restaurants or bars must be open during siesta? Is it siesta in name only...
  4. BrienC

    Camino Days - Part 6

    Bocadillo: Lunch is found where it is found, occurs when hungry, trail side, in a bar or in a restaurant. Where hunger and possession meet, we eat the bocadillo. Hunger and possession. This midday meal is often had in one of the many villages or towns at one of the many restaurants or bars along...

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