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madrid airport

  1. rotemtam

    Buses to Belorado on Sundays

    Hi Everyone, I'm very happy to be continuing my pilgrimage in a week or so. Last time I finished my walk at Belorado, ideally i'd like to start at the same Alberga i stopped at. I'm landing at Madrid Barjas Sunday 9AM, and there appear to be no direct buses to Belorado on sundays, only to...
  2. S

    Is the C1 Train from Madrid Airport T4 to Atocha Station running?

    I have train reservations from Atocha station to Pamplona on Sept 8 and will need to get to the Atocha station from the airport. I have seen several references to a C1 commuter train from the T4 terminal but when I search for the route on...
  3. M

    Madrid airport connection to Porto

    We are beginning our Camino in Porto. Iberia airlines has a flight from Boston to Madrid to Porto, with 1 hr 5 minute layover in Madrid. As a US citizen, won't I have to clear customs or passport control before going on to Porto? I'm worried that is not enough time. Our other option is a longer...
  4. KinkyOne

    Iberia - only 45min between flights in Madrid

    Hola! I'm purchasing the tickets to return from Camino in July and as it seems at the moment the cheapest is Iberia from Santiago through Madrid to Venice. But I'm a bit worried because there is only 45 minutes gap between flights. Not really worried about myself getting on the second flight...
  5. Deanpf

    reserve bus from Madrid?

    Hi, I am just over a month from my first Camino! I am landing in Madrid and starting my walk in Burgos. Just wondering if I should purchase my bus ticket in advance or wait until i arrive? I am just worried about buying it in case my plane is delayed. Any advice is appreciated. Quite excited to...
  6. Missing Mike

    Madrid April 27th to SJPP to Orisson

    Calling all Angels--Need help--just not enough brain power at this point after loss of son!! Here is what I have/know-- Arrive April 27th at Madrid 2:10 pm on British Airways 1) My desire is to start from SJPP on April 28th if possible-- Then do what I need to do to book a night at Orisson to...
  7. K

    Best way Madrid to Pamplona

    Hi everyone, Can someone tell me how much time I need to get from Madrid airport to Puerta De Atocha train station ? I arrive 8:40 am from Australia on a Saturday and on this day there is only a 9:40 am or 3pm train to Pamplona, I think the earlier one is cutting it pretty close. Alternately...
  8. Roamin' Rob

    How long does Madrid Airport Customs take?

    Walking the Camino this summer for the first time. International flight arrives in Madrid at 8:30 am and there is an express train leaving the Madrid Chamartin station at 11 am to the city I am starting my Pilgrimage . I don't know if 2.5 hours is enough time to allow getting through customs...
  9. S

    Time from Madrid Airport arrival to Atocha Train departure

    Hi Everyone! I'll be arriving at Madrid airport on Wednesday at 12.40 with RyanAir at terminal 1. No checked luggage, only a hand bag. I am planning on catching the Express bus to Atocha and then A train from there. I am just about to buy the train tickets and thought I had better check if I am...
  10. P

    Getting from Madrid Airport to Madrid Train Station

    We are planning our first Camino in August 2014. We fly into Madrid Barajas Airport Terminal 4S and plan on taking a train from Madrid to Pamplona where we will start our pilgrimage. We would like to know the best way to get to the train station from the airport. Is there a train or bus that...
  11. jennysa

    How to get from Madrid Airport to Atocha Station

    What is the quickest way of getting from Madrid Airport (T4) to Atocha Station - my flight arrives at 1.45 pm on Monday 17 September and my train leaves at 4.30 pm. Is that sufficient time?. Approximately how much would a taxi cost?
  12. mswest

    How much time to allow from airport to train station (Madrid

    Hola-- I'm just about to buy my AVE tickets from Madrid to Seville, and am wondering how much time I should allow to pick up my luggage, get through customs, and go by bus to Atocha? Due to hiking poles and pocketknife, my backpack will be checked in as luggage, not carry-on. Of course...

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