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  1. Bluemoonjim

    Map to Celebrate Your Camino de Santiago

    Personalised map of your Camino de Santiago
  2. J

    What's the best map for an overview of the Le Puy Route?

    Hi all. I start my Camino at the end of April and I'm looking for the best map and best apps (android) of the Via Podiensis
  3. jungleboy

    What does your Google Maps in Spain look like?

    Hopefully this can be a fun little thread. I like it how my Google Maps shows that I have done the Camino Francés because of all the places I starred along the way. What does your Google Maps (or other map service) look like?
  4. CaminoSleeps

    Find Camino Frances accommodation by map - CaminoSleeps.com

    CaminoSleeps submitted a new resource: Camino Frances Accommodation Directory - CaminoSleeps.com - Camino Frances Accommodation Directory Read more about this resource...
  5. Tamsin Grainger

    Map of via De la plata in merida

    Please can anyone tell me where I can find a map of the VdlP as it goes through Mérida? Thanks.
  6. F

    http://mycamino.info 2017-03-12

    I walked the camino de santiago in 2015 and always checked a number of books and resources to find out which is the best hostel for the next night. I was looking for medium sized hostels, which are cheap and clean. The most important thing was an internet access. I found it hard to compare all...
  7. sarahwillwalk

    Help for the unfit! How many hours from Orisson to Roncesvalles?

    Hello, all, I'm looking to do my second mini-Camino around the 8th of September (SJPP to Puente dela Reina). Having done Sarria to Santiago a few years ago, I've always wanted to begin in SJPP, and do a little bit over the years to get my Camino "fix" every couple of years. I am about to...
  8. C

    Detailed route map from Viana - Coastal Route

    Hello all! I intend to do the coastal route from Viana to Santiago. I dont need to know distances between the places. I need to know where to find a map that shows the actual route. The actual streets names in each town. For instance: where doesthe camino pass through in Viana, Caminho etc...
  9. S

    Any one tried the app: Camino Guide Offline

    This app was announced in March by Tony Andr. But I cannot find any indication that anyone has used it. My very good friend is starting the Camino on September 10 and I would like to put this app on the smartphone if it is good. Does anyone know anything about it? It is called Camino Guide...
  10. AdaR

    Maps available on the Camino

    I am just one week away from flying out of California to get to Pamplona and start my camino. And of course, I'm wishing for more time to plan. Is there ever enough time, or too much? While I have a general route planned, any additional information, such as better, lesser known bike routes into...
  11. AdaR

    Routing for Biking on Pavement

    Looking for help on planning my Frances Camino route, by bicycle, in September. My son and his wife will be joining me in Pamplona, after bicycling through Italy and France this summer. They have been sticking to paved roads and want to continue in that mode as neither of their bikes are suited...
  12. AdaR

    Pamplona to Compostela Terrain

    Does anyone know where to find terrain/topography maps of the caminos? I am looking to bicycle from Pamplona to Compostela in September. From past experience with the Pacific Crest Trail in California, I know that there are groups that have put together section maps of the trail that include...
  13. hotelmedicis

    Elevation Profiles for Each Stage of the Camino - SJPP to Santiago

    I just wanted to share a file with anyone who is interested in clearly seeing the elevation of the Camino Frances for each stage. Hope you find it interesting! I've included it as a PDF and you'll find it below to download. Enjoy! :)
  14. BeatriceKarjalainen

    I really liked this map over caminos

    http://www.elcaminosantiago.com/PDF/Map_Caminos_Complete.pdf I can print it out and start marking with hight lighter pen where I have been :-) I'm currently planning a short camino for this summer and the map helped me see where I could start a camino for about 240 km, walking for a week or so.

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