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  1. Frankybaby66

    Garmin Fenix

    Hi, just wondering if anyone had used a Garmin Fenix to navigate stages on the Camino (yes, I know there are big yellow arrows, but humour me!😂) Any tips, advice, comments etc would be great Thanks in advance Frank
  2. BombayBill

    What 3 words Navigation

    This has been mentioned in the forum before but I think it is worth re-posting. If the mods what to merge my post go right ahead. Here is an alternative to the difficulties of finding a person/place at a unnamed fixed location. With the use of our handy phones we all can find a named location...
  3. Jimmy Smith

    Navigation and information

    There is, in web world, an enormous amount of navigational and planning software, advice, apps etc concerning the Camino de Santiago. (Camino Francés) I will start by stating that the things I found to be of most use, and the only things I will take in future , are 1. For Day to day planning...
  4. kiwiDavid

    Besancon - Rome: VF Official and Lightfoot routes for Google Maps + bits & bobs.

    Have put the Official VF route (red line) and Lightfoot route (teardrops) onto Google maps for comparison / choices - occasionally have inserted shortcuts for various reasons and marked laundromats / tourist offices / different types of accommodation etc.Link below...
  5. mspath

    Pandemic Induced Popularity of Google Street View

    Are you eager to get away and briefly explore new routes? Sophie Haigney in The New Yorker of February 6, 2021 describes the current Popularity of Google Street View via various Webs "allowing users to become explorers in an uncanny virtual space". If such an exploration as evoked by Haigney...
  6. Albert_Hadacek

    GPS data for Camino Companion app

    Hello guys, I am developing a companion app for pilgrims on Spanish Caminos as a part of my University module and I am also planning to publish the app for everyone via App Store and Google Play for free in May. The premise of the app is quite simple: based on the user's current position, the...
  7. wisepilgrim

    A New Map - More routes to Santiago and across Spain than ever before.

    Happy New & Holy Year(s)! Here in Santiago we are celebrating the opening of the Holy Door to the Cathedral, and pleasantly surprised by the announcement that the celebrations will be extended through 2022! For those of us that have been missing the community of pilgrims, this is welcome news...
  8. Doughnut NZ

    Some albergues seem to be disappearing from Google Maps

    Would other Google Maps users please check to see if they can find these three albergues on Google Maps. Albergue parroquial San Miguel in Estella, Albergue Casa Paderborn in Pamplona and Albergue Camino del Perdón in Uterga. These three are examples, there are many more. I have been tidying...
  9. D

    Map Question

    Hello, Does anyone know who makes this map? I am trying to find the company...
  10. peregrina2000

    Using Wikiloc in COVID confinement

    I have been slowly learning how to use wikiloc on my phone, thanks to the patience of my angel tech forum friends. One of them suggested that now that I am taking long bike rides in my area to see the small towns, natural preserves, and the countryside generally, I should start recording my...
  11. David Tallan

    Google Map with Caminos and recommended albergues/bars/restaurants

    I've been playing around with Google My Maps, ever since I was introduced to the rudiments of kml file editing on another thread. Previously, I posted a link to another map made with the GPS tracks collected by the good in the Nederlands Genootschap van Sint Jacob. I added to it the albergues...
  12. woody66

    help with camino kml,kmz,gpx tracking.

    Hi all! I have got the main track down for the Coastal Portuguese on my phone, tablet. and 12 inch laptop.( bit of overkill i know but with my visual problems i need options. Depending on how i am being affected on the day which one i will use;i might have to plan on laptop in hotel room before...
  13. Prentiss Riddle

    Affordable "virtual Camino" app with Street View?

    I know that this is a perennial topic, but technology changes and some of the threads of the past no longer have current information. My question: Is there a reasonably priced way to do a "virtual Camino" where I record pedometer steps from my walks at home and can see my Camino progress on...
  14. jsalt

    Via de la Plata Downloadable Maps to Print

    Hi, does anyone know where I can download detailed maps of each day on the Via de la Plata, and which I can print out at home? I like to write notes on the maps, and at the end of each day I write up my journal on the back. I am not looking for an app. Many thanks.
  15. MarkyD

    Good map apps for El Norte?

    Good morning, afternoon, evening to everyone who has been on El Norte and found good ways to reduce/avoid too much tarmac crunching, especially the more dangerous sections. I'm interested to find out information from anyone who has any good tips or could recommend an app that shows not only the...
  16. Doughnut NZ

    COVID Covid meets Google Maps

    Google has announced that Google Maps can now show a map layer that highlights Covid statistics for various geographic areas. Google said "When you open Google Maps, tap on the layers button on the top right hand corner of your screen and click on “COVID-19 info”. You’ll then see a seven-day...
  17. peregrina2000

    Shifting from Garmin GPS to phone — step 1

    For about 6 years, I have used a hand held Garmin Dakota GPS device. After a disastrous first year and a rocky second year, I have learned to download wikiloc GPS tracks onto my computer and from there, to transfer them to the GPS. I am comfortable with this method, but have heard from many...
  18. woody66 Voice

    Hi! Hope this is OK to post here. Just spent a day and a half trying to get tracking on the Portuguese Coastal for Maps me once done found it does not support voice for walking (only for bikes,cars!) As i am visually impaired i need pretty much accurate voice information regarding what to...
  19. Albertagirl

    Helping Albertagirl with Maps!

    NOTE From Mod — You may have seen @AJ’s thread on planning the Camino Levante. A number of issues involving, google maps, facebook, etc have come up. I thought that it would be more helpful to @Albertagirl if we had one dedicated thread where she could work through these issues and...
  20. anthikes

    Are these all the Spanish and Portuguese Caminos?

    I made this map earlier in the year and will be updating it in 2021. I tried to include all known Caminos but I suspect there might be a couple that slipped through the net?? Would really appreciate any experts out there who may know of other routes. Thanks.