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  1. diegoromerosm

    All the Caminos in 3D

    Hi everyone, While the days go by until my next Camino (Camino Inglés in December), I have been "playing" with the GPX files of all the Caminos, all the variants and all the stages (430,000 points) to put them on a 3D map. Do you want to take a look and explore the view of Bierzo walking from...
  2. Bob91

    Documenting a trip with Google Maps

    [Moderator note: Starting a new thread to focus on new topic] I wish to thank both of you for the suggestion of documenting a person's trip with Google Maps. However, could y'all explain how to do it? I use the Google Map app on my iPad and iPhone. When I open the app, I don't see how to do...
  3. K

    VF maps to

    Im a fan of using offline maps on maps me...but I can't figure out or remember, how I move them from the VF app to the maps me app. Can anyone help?
  4. peregrina2000

    Using Google maps offline

    Sorry amigos, though I am now getting pretty proficient at Wikiloc on my phone, I have a google maps question. One of the gurus of the Geira has sent me a link to a google maps document that has tracks of the Geira on it. I do have the wikiloc tracks for this route, but the added attraction...
  5. kiwiDavid

    Placing the Via Francigena GPS route onto Offline Maps with (iPhone & Android).

    Have wondered how to place GPS tracks onto offline maps and came across a great post - 'Melanie and Michael Go Walking' - their Blog mentions iPhone but it's good for Android too.Link below: Great features mentioned by M...
  6. pepi

    Tracking my walk day by day on a map

    Is there an iPhone/Apple app that would track and record the progress of my walk for family and friends?
  7. Renascer

    Your Fav Maps APP!

    Hi Everyone! i was just curious about what is your favorite app to navigate through the camino with maps routes etc...offline without using internet? And if you can explain why you prefer that app or if you used more than one app during your camino to get yourself easier and faster to places...
  8. D

    Help Downloading GPS Tracks From Dutch Confraternity

    I am wondering if anyone might be able to help me get the Camino GPS KML trackfiles downloaded from the Dutch Confraternity website. Per their instruction manual link in the second sentence on the downloads page, I have downloaded the app to my iPhone 12, and I have then clicked on the...
  9. Old Kiwi

    I need help with a map

    I need help with a map. When I was planning for the CP for 2020 I spent a lot of time on the Forum looking for information. I downloaded a map from one of the threads that a member had on his post. It had a name something like "My Google Maps" This was a very good map that had all of the CP...
  10. Rodrigo Cerqueira

    The end of our pilgrim mission.

    In the last 13 years, the Associação de Amigos dos Caminhos de Fátima, has carried out the mission of helping thousands of pilgrims to make the Caminho towards Fatima and Santiago through the fields, safely and with tranquility. To achieve this greater objective, we painted arrows, help to...
  11. Peregrinopaul

    Large scale geological maps of Spain

    I have come across this site which gives you immediate access to all the large scale (1:50000) geological survey maps of Spain, the standard maps published by national geological surveys all over the world. There are over 1100 separate sheets...
  12. grayland

    Portugal Route MAP

    @peregrina2000 has provided this link to Luis Freixo’s map which shows the various routes in Portugal along with some added information on page 2 of the link. It is a good idea to get a bit comfortable with this map before deciding on a specific route...
  13. Frankybaby66

    Garmin Fenix

    Hi, just wondering if anyone had used a Garmin Fenix to navigate stages on the Camino (yes, I know there are big yellow arrows, but humour me!😂) Any tips, advice, comments etc would be great Thanks in advance Frank
  14. BombayBill

    What 3 words Navigation

    This has been mentioned in the forum before but I think it is worth re-posting. If the mods what to merge my post go right ahead. Here is an alternative to the difficulties of finding a person/place at a unnamed fixed location. With the use of our handy phones we all can find a named location...
  15. wisepilgrim

    Crowd written guides to the secondary and tertiary caminos

    Hello all. I’ve been tinkering around with an idea that I think would benefit the pilgrim community and I wanted to run it by the veterans here and the lurking future pilgrims too. The idea is simple, and is meant to help pilgrims who would like to walk some of the lesser traveled routes to...
  16. D

    Navigation and information

    There is, in web world, an enormous amount of navigational and planning software, advice, apps etc concerning the Camino de Santiago. (Camino Francés) I will start by stating that the things I found to be of most use, and the only things I will take in future , are 1. For Day to day planning...
  17. kiwiDavid

    Besancon - Rome: VF Official and Lightfoot routes for Google Maps + bits & bobs.

    Have put the Official VF route (red line) and Lightfoot route (teardrops) onto Google maps for comparison / choices - occasionally have inserted shortcuts for various reasons and marked laundromats / tourist offices / different types of accommodation etc.Link below...
  18. mspath

    Pandemic Induced Popularity of Google Street View

    Are you eager to get away and briefly explore new routes? Sophie Haigney in The New Yorker of February 6, 2021 describes the current Popularity of Google Street View via various Webs "allowing users to become explorers in an uncanny virtual space". If such an exploration as evoked by Haigney...
  19. Pilgrim_95

    GPS data for Camino Companion app

    Hello guys, I am developing a companion app for pilgrims on Spanish Caminos as a part of my University module and I am also planning to publish the app for everyone via App Store and Google Play for free in May. The premise of the app is quite simple: based on the user's current position, the...
  20. wisepilgrim

    A New Map - More routes to Santiago and across Spain than ever before.

    Happy New & Holy Year(s)! Here in Santiago we are celebrating the opening of the Holy Door to the Cathedral, and pleasantly surprised by the announcement that the celebrations will be extended through 2022! For those of us that have been missing the community of pilgrims, this is welcome news...