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  1. D


    Which APP (Android), would experienced GPS users recommend for general use on Camino. Never used it before, no experience. Can anyone link me to a thread please or recommend from experience, please? LLN Keith
  2. B

    Family want to track my route

    Hi Is there an app that I can have in my phone that would allow family members to follow my progress. The only tech I plan to take is my phone.
  3. BruceS

    2020 GPS APPs

    "Pocket Earth" APP is said to be excellent and with extensive data. Unfortunately it is only available for iPhone/Apple. Does anyone know if an equally good one is available for Android Cell/Mobile phones? I commence CF on 20 April from SJPdP.
  4. M

    And my true love gave to me...

    He must have read my mind to know how much I loved the idea of having this map hanging in our home, and then he made it happen! Until I can get back on the camino, this will give me sweet dreams of the miles to go before I sleep....
  5. jgiesbrecht

    Elevation Tracking

    I have been keeping an eye on different apps, seeing what I would like to use next spring when I walk the CF. I have a fitbit, so have used that app for a while. I have also checked out mapmywalk, and only slightly browsed polarsteps and walkmeter. With fb it's just flights of stairs....I'd...
  6. Rick of Rick and Peg

    Wikiloc oddities, searching, tips, help

    I'm currently on a camino and I've been using Wikiloc. I've discovered a few oddities that I want to report. 1) Not discovered on the camino but an oddity none the less is the red square at the bottom on the display. I believe that there is some ISO standard that says that a square is to...
  7. islandwalker

    LIVE from the Camino Wikiloc help needed (now solved)

    ## RufokF_Map ## In our first five days, we’ve had good luck in resolving most of our glitches, but one problem has us stymied: we are recording our track each day to post in our journal, and we can’t figure out how to get my daughter’s Google Pixel 3a phone to continuously record our track...
  8. B

    Maps and directions.

    I see some specific questions about maps that show Portuguese coastal route and how to acess, but no definitive answer that I can find. We just finished first leg because we had directions from our hotel finding company that were very bad. Is there an easily accessible way to view the route on a...
  9. BobM

    Need a map creation app

    I want to build a fairly simple schematic map (eg no topo information) from scratch using say a generic OSM base map but adding my own layers for places, roads, POI etc and deleting pre-set layers that I don't need. It is a pretty tedious task to do all that manually, so I am looking for an app...
  10. jozero

    Apple iWatch 4 and GPS app?

    I'm considering using my Apple iWatch with a stand alone GPS app, WorkoutDoors. It seems to have everything you could find in a GPS app for a phone and can download free Openstreetmap maps for anywhere around the world, and can import GPX tracks if so needed. Has anyone else tried this...
  11. K Turner

    GPS coords PLS! SJPP

    I'm in SJPP, it's dark, no one is out except drunk people. I think Google Maps has me turned about. Where is the start of the Camino?? I think I'm on D933. Signed, Standing here lost.
  12. Bluemoonjim

    Map to Celebrate Your Camino de Santiago

    Personalised map of your Camino de Santiago
  13. peregrina2000

    LIVE from the Camino Last minute mistake—now what?

    After a lovely time with @annettelondon in a Ponferrada cafe, I am back getting things ready for the Invierno adventure. I want to walk to Peñalba tomorrow and from there to As Médulas the next day. For some inexplicable reason I do not have the GPS tracks for Peñalba to Médulas on my garmin...
  14. Holly Mitchem

    Camino del Norte GPS

    We are headed out on the Norte in mid-June. On the Frances we just used the maps in the Brierley guidebook and when we had questions about yellow arrows. So far we have the Cicerone guide, and Camino Places and Gronze apps. On the Norte, we are hoping to do some of the coastal alternatives. I...
  15. JoHill

    Walking and GPS apps

    There are so many new apps to track my walk that I need help in deciding which is best for the Camino Francés. Any advise would be helpful - I leave May 6 so not much time in practicing with a new app. Which one? Relive works with Strava, Endomondo, Garmin Connect, Suunto, Apple Health...
  16. J

    What's the best map for an overview of the Le Puy Route?

    Hi all. I start my Camino at the end of April and I'm looking for the best map and best apps (android) of the Via Podiensis
  17. A

    Your GPS Is Wrong and the Guidebook is Right

    At least 2 - 3 times a week, I read a post where someone complains that the guidebook s/he’s using (Brierley is most often singled out for the blame) understates the distance actually walked, as measured by the poster’s supposedly reliable gps. And in fact, since my wife started carrying a gps...
  18. O

    Batch Reverse Geocoding

    Anyone come across an online tool that will do batch reverse geocoding by uploading a csv or txt file? I know of plenty of sites that will do single coordinates but want to do a bunch at a time. Not looking for pinpoint precision; town is good enough for me. Thanks.
  19. peregrina2000

    GPS tracks — still need help HEARTFELT THANKS

    I have managed, thanks to @islandwalker and others, managed to get GPS tracks for the mountain alternatives (called the Saiatz alternative) on the Vasco, as well as a circular track that shows me how to get from the Saiatz track down to the Casa Rural in Errezil. That same track also goes from...
  20. VNwalking

    Can someone with tech skills _please_ help??

    I am trying to install a kml file (from @evanlow - thank you!) on my android to use offline, and I am having two problems. These are the instructions I am following: The kml file is downloaded to both my phone and my computer. Easy. Then.................... When I tried to open the file on the...