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  1. holhum

    Buying a paper map

    I will be walking from La Virgen Del Camino just past Leon and trying to work out my own stages, but without a map it is doing my head in a bit...flipping from section to section in my Brierley guide or googling maps then zooming in and out 😬 Can anyone recommend a good old fashioned fold out...
  2. kazrobbo

    VF elevation maps

    Getting to the nitty-gritty stage of planning for the Via Francigena...my March departure is looming! A short time ago I found a useful website with lots of practical info & interactive maps for the entire VF. This included a series of elevation maps broken down into sections with scale adjusted...
  3. YoCo

    Primitivo facilities info

    ... from the Oviedo municipal albergue kitchen wall 😉😁😂. I wish I would have checked these against what was ready there in the villages but I didn't, sorry!
  4. H Richards

    Field-tested app reviews: an in-depth round-up

    There are so many Camino apps available now but I’ve not read any round-ups, so I’ve put my own one together which will hopefully be of use to pilgrims. It's not possible to review every app out there but these are my in-depth reviews of four of the most popular ones available for iOS. (Some of...
  5. RuediG

    Cammino di Assisi - Guide? and question.

    I would like to do the Cammino di Assisi, Dovadola - La Verna - Assisi (and then continue to Rome) next year. Which guide book (in English, or in Italian) has the most useful maps and accommodation information? A detail question: Do the rifugi between Dovadola and La Verna have blankets on the...
  6. P

    Looking for a Children's map of Camino Frances

    We'll be walking CF in May, and I thought I would get a nice map for our grandchildren to follow along with us from home on the adventure. I need something with large print and enough detail for it to make sense (not a Spain map, or a Europe map, for instance). Anyone run across anything like...
  7. Fares Ismail

    Another Invierno Guide

    Hello Everyone, The guidebook on this forum for the Invierno is certainly very helpful. But I also found this website that offers some maps as well as how-to-get-there hints and tips along with daily stages. I liked the daily maps as they help you situate yourself and plan the days walk...
  8. B

    Getting Lost

    Hello friends, I'll be walking my first Camino along the Norther Route, and starting in mid-July. I'll be walking alone. I'm getting very excited! I'd like to seek the general wisdom of the forum re: how to avoid getting lost. I have no head for directions and modest map-reading skills. I've...
  9. Paintboy2

    Do It Yourself Guidebook

    Last year on my first Camino (CP) I was a little nervous about getting lost so I printed a rather detailed set of maps that I found on this web site: http://www.caminador.es/?page_id=117 . It seemed logical to also print my flight info and hotel reservations along with the various travel...
  10. T

    Caldas da Rainha

    I am currently on holiday in Caldas da Rainha, which has several fairly newly placed signs. Out of interest i am trying to follow it backwards, w which is not easy! Can anyone help with the names of proceding villages leading up to Caldas? Thanks :)
  11. Charl

    Mapping apps: Galileo Pro vs Pocket Earth

    I've just completed a blog entry comparing Galileo Pro and Pocket Earth, for those wondering about taking a GPS app with on Camino. Here's the link to the story.
  12. D

    Camino del Norte (first section) in May - info and buddies

    Dear all, I am planning to do el Camino del Norte from San Sebastian to Bilbao between the 19th and 28th of May. Probably visit San Sebastian the 19th, start walking on the 20th from Irun and arrive in Bilbao the 26th, visit Bilbao the 27th, depart the day after. I still have to fully define...
  13. JayPaul53

    A Road to Santiago 2016-12-12

    We create CUSTOM Wall Maps of your Camino journey including villages stayed and Custom Text such as your name and dates. Several sizes and styles available, and custom work can be included to make this your unique memory. http://ARoadToSantiago.com
  14. Wokabaut_Meri

    Analog Maps in the Digital Age

    Having been born BC (before computers and calculators) I learnt to navigate with paper maps and they are still my preference even though I am an avid user of modern technology. One of my first careers was as a Drafting Officer with the Lands Department hand painting maps of the State. My last...
  15. S

    Commercial Maps of Camino Inglès?

    Are there any walking maps that you can buy, covering the route of the Camino Inglès? (Not internet printouts, but folding maps.)
  16. Irenie

    Maps for a Blog before I begin...

    Hello, fellow travelers. I am setting up a simple travel blog, TravelPod, that supposedly enables me to post from my phone, my only camera. I would like to post a few Camino maps and wonder if there are sites that allow me to use their maps without copyright questions. My mini-blog, "Irenie's...
  17. firmo123

    Maps & Elevation Profiles for Camino Portugues

    I'm cycling / bikepacking the Camino Portugues (Lisbon to Santiago) during early June. I rode the Via de la Plata in 2014 and was able to find good downloadable maps and elevation profiles for the different camino stages, but for the Camino Portugues, I haven't been able to find such info...
  18. S

    Map Ideas and/or downloads

    Hi All, I begin my walk on April 8th. Thus far the only maps I've seen consist of on-line "where to find restaurants, albergues, pharmacias, etc."; all of no interest to me. Then there's The Guide book which has a map so tiny even with my reading glasses it is difficult. Here's my...
  19. BlackRocker57

    iPhiGéNie mapping app

    Help required! Just wondering if any fellow pilgrims, especially those on the GR65, have used the iPhiGeNie mapping app ... it is an excellent app, but i am struggling to use it effectively and the user manual is difficult to follow ... I would love to hear from and correspond with anyone who...

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