1. M

    Maps and Trail Documentation?

    Hi I am a student studying in Madrid and am itching to get back on the trail. I have 6 days to hike, so I chose the scenic route of San Sebastian to Bilbao. I have a basic itinerary of where I will be staying each night and the distances of each segment, however I can't find any maps or...
  2. Rainerbernd

    Infos and maps about the Espiritual

    Olá There is a website containing infos and maps about the Variante Espiritual: Enjoy and bom caminho, Rainer
  3. K

    ‘Senda da Orla Litoral’ or ‘Caminho da Costa’ along the Portuguese coast

    Hi, I'm planning my second Camino this summer; this time from Porto. I very much would like to walk along the coast- hoping for some less human and car traffic as well as beautiful scenery. But I'm struggling to find information, ideally a guide I could use. Can anyone recommend sites or...
  4. E

    Bierley - guide book or maps?

    Hey everyone, We plan to walk camino portugues in August and I want to get a guide. We will walk with a baby so I want to have the best information about all possible albergues and other accomodation. What guide whould you suggest? I found only John Brierley but cant decide whether to buy just...


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