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  1. R

    CF in March

    Good afternoon everyone! I am starting my second camino next Wednesday, March 4th. I know it's winter and kind of rainy season, but will I have any issued finding albergues????
  2. D

    Camino Portugués (Coastal)

    Hi to all the members of the community! I am considering to do the coastal camino (I would like to stick close to the sea as much as I can) starting from 01/03 till the 12/03 as I need to be in Madrid by the 13th. Since it is my first time to pursue the camino, I would be grateful to receive...
  3. T

    First week of March lodging

    Hi all! Having a tough time finding open lodging for the last part of the route beginning Sarria March 1. In addition,it looks like many restaurants are also closed. Is this generally a bad time to walk? I will be doing so solo and would love not to be totally alone the whole time... I may be...
  4. T

    Sarria to Santiago- First week of March

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to do the final stretch of the walk beginning February 28, finishing no later than the 5th of March. As a solo female walker and it being still technically winter, is this a good time to go, or would it be better to wait until April? I will be traveling and in Madrid...
  5. lapamela

    Please tell me about your early march Camino Frances

    Hello! I've dreamt of walking the camino since meeting boy in my early twenties (now my husband) who had just done it and felt so passionate about it. We have three kids now and I'd assumed I'd have to wait to hike till they were older or even when my husband and I are retired! But! My...
  6. G

    early March Camino

    It wouldn't be my first choice to start our Camino during the fist week of March however it looks like this time is the best for us to take leave.. I know a lot of albergues don't open til April, but will there be enough motels along the way for us? We are traveling as a family of 4 with two...
  7. S

    March weather & What to pack?

    Hello Seasoned Camino Hikers. I'm a newbie on the site and to the Camino. (Apologies if my post is on the incorrect forum). My daughter and I will be walking the Primitivo starting 15th March 2017. I would be very appreciative of any packing advice you might have for this time of year and...
  8. Iain McKie

    Camino in Feb -March ❤️

    One year ago I had just made the decision I was going on the Camino. I left on Feb 24th and it was incredible. The people, the crazy weather, the places and the feeling that I can't describe as you wander along contemplating life other than it's a great one. I learned a lot about the Camino on...
  9. S

    Starting from Leon in mid-March -- weather?

    Hello! We have two weeks and are planning to start from Leon March 13 and finish at Santiago on the 27th. Has anyone walked this last section during March? It involves some higher elevations so we are wondering if we will encounter snow. Any tips or suggestions about whether this is a good...
  10. Hildegardista

    Via de la PLata between February and April

    Hola Peregrinos, I would love to walk the Via de la Plata leaving Sevilla on Ash-wednesday, February 10 to arrive at Easter,March 27 in Santiago. I would like to know if the albergues are open at that time of the year. Taking a tent with me is something i would like to avoid, (but i would carry...
  11. karry

    March-April 2016

    Hi everyone! I plan on doing the camino next year during mid March to April from Roncesvalles to Santiago Does any one have any packing tips? I know this is Spring time. Also, any advice on cheaper transportation to Roncesvelles from Madrid airport? Thank you! Karry
  12. Gerry Sinclair

    Camino del Salvador/Primitivo Starting mid March 2016

    Looking for general thoughts, input and all around comments. I have a month and would like make it an easy go rather than "blasting" through the Camino Frances. Like I said in a previous thread, I want a chance to smell the roses..... or the whatever. Thanks for the help Buen Camino!! Gerry
  13. F

    Bed bugs in March

    A few days ago I stayed in the Albergue in Azofra: nice place, good ambiance, helpful hospitaleiros, etc. I enjoyed especially the 2-person-per-room arrangement. Unfortunately, I was bitten during the night. I didn't report it immediately because at first I didn't relate it to bed bugs, which I...
  14. March 23 Zubiri to Pamplona

    March 23 Zubiri to Pamplona

    Rainy and wet day, it seems like we've been walking forever and never get there ...
  15. Camino Frances coming from Zubiri.

    Camino Frances coming from Zubiri.

    The path coming from Zubiri on the way to Ilarratz on the Camino Frances. (14.03.14)
  16. B

    Do I push back my Camino from March to May?

    Hello all! I have been saving to do the Camino for my 30th birthday (March 26), and was all set to go, but now I'm getting nervous about the weather. I had planned to go the 19-31 of March (yes, I know that's in two weeks), but now am wondering if I should wait to go until mid-May for better...
  17. A

    Camino del Norte from Santander

    Hi All, After reading many forum posts i decided to walk the Camino del Norte. I'll start my first camino in Santander on march 2. I'm planning to follow the camino del Norte for 10 days until i reach Oviedo where i'll switch to the Camino Primitivo. I'm planning 26 days for Santander to...
  18. R

    Albergues , Porto to Santiago .March 2015

    Hi all, after completing the Camino Frances last May /June ,I'm hoping to walk the Camino Portuguese from Porto to Santiago and maybe on to Fisterra if I have time . I have spent a few hours looking online trying to find out the Albergues situation from Porto to Santiago along the coastal route...
  19. nidarosa

    Experiences of walking in Galicia in March?

    I am walking from Astorga to Santiago from the middle of March 2015 and plan to arrive in Santiago around the 25th, so before Easter, before the crowds and also before most albergues are open. That in itself is not a problem, we intended to get private rooms anyway, but the weather thing...
  20. petzar

    Walking in Mars 2015

    Hi! I have never walked the Camino and wonder how it is to walk it in early spring "late februari and mars"? How cold is it? Are all... or most of the aburgies open and so on? Thanks for Help/Peter

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