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market days

  1. V


    What to do after your Camino? Learn more about it! Discover with us the city, its History, Art, Gastronomy, Music, etc. SON do CAMIÑO develops experiences for pilgrims after finishing their Camino, preserving the authenticity and the emotional link to your journey. Listen to our lecture-concert...
  2. dougfitz

    Market Days on the Camino Routes 2016-01-31

    This is a list of the days when there are local markets in various place along the various Camino routes. It is a far from complete list, and you can add to it by contributing to the thread at As you will...
  3. dougfitz

    Market Days on the Camino Routes

    There has been some discussion about the days when weekly markets occur in various towns. I know that there was a market in Los Arcos on the Tuesday when I walked in 2010, and other have identified market days in different threads. Here is an opportunity to provide that information in one place...


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