1. notion900

    Samos monastery 18 June

    If you will be at the monastery on 18 June the Lugo Province Friends of the Camino are holding a choral mass and concert at 12.00. Link to info on their website
  2. L

    Daily Mass on the Camino

    Hi all! I don't know if this has already been asked but I couldn't find it. I am going to be walking the Camino this June and I would really like to be able to go to a catholic mass as often as I can. I was wondering if there was anyone that had been on the Camino that would be able to give me...
  3. Attending Mass

    Attending Mass

    Church in Villa Franca del Bierzo where my Camino ended in 2016. I'm anxious and ready to get back there to finish walking to Santiago de Compestela
  4. WalkerByChoice

    Mass time in Santiago?

    Hi. My wife and I are going from Sarria to Santiago mid december. We would like to know when it is best to arrive in Santiago for the Mass in the Cathedral. Is Mass everyday? Thanks.
  5. natefaith

    Celebration, Worship, and Closure in Santiago: 3 Resources

    There are bits and pieces of this in different threads, but I wanted to bring them together here. For all of you on the Camino this season, once you arrive in Santiago de Compostela there are three English-speaking resources for you: 1. English Mass in the Cathedral of Santiago Monday through...
  6. coldweather

    Pilgrim mass on the CP

    Does anyone know of pilgrim masseson the Camino Portuguese? I am particularly interested in masses fromtuito Santiago. I would suggest this may a good thread to compile a complete list. Side note-pilgrim mass, vespers, monastic chant, nuns singing can be highlights on the Camino Frances for...
  7. Alasdair Kay

    A guide book from a Christian Perspective ?

    Hi I am doing the Camino Frances from StJPDP to StDC in May June 2016 as a Sabbatical ... I am an Anglican Priest and I am doing it as a Pilgrimage and wondered if there was a guidebook, journal, kindle book, pdf blog other than Brierely that people would recommend. I have read a couple of books...
  8. kessey11

    Mass on Camino Del Norte/ de la costa

    I plan to walk the Camino Del Norte/ de la costa this June-July with a friend starting in Biarritz, France. The one thing I can not seem to find any information on is if there will be Catholic churches open on the North Route for masses. Daily mass would be great but we would need to at least be...
  9. Shurolla

    Pilgrim's Mass

    Good Morning from Utah! I am wondering about the Pilgrim's Mass. I hear that Mon-Friday the only Pilgrim's Mass is at 12 Noon. I thought I read somewhere that there is also a Pilgrim's Mass on Friday evenings at 730pm. Does anyone know for sure? It is an event that I cannot miss! Thank you!
  10. L

    Is the Camino safe for a solo female? (and other pressing questions)

    Hi everyone! I've been planning on walking the Camino Frances for a few months now with a friend of mine this upcoming July but he has recently had to cancel due to personal reasons which has made me ask the question of whether or not I will be able to go it alone. We have been prepping together...


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