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mass/church services

  1. E

    Convents & monasteries on Camino Frances

    I am currently in Los Arcos on the Camino Frances and would to know of any places offering contemplative/retreat type opportunities on this route. Any information appreciated.
  2. brothersamuel

    Holy Mass on the Primitivo

    Hola to fellow pilgrims. A quick question - with my son we are flying to Spain next week to start our Camino - so far it looks like starting in Villaviciosa (if we can reasonably get there in the late afternoon after arriving at the Asturias airport) and walking to Oviedo, and then following the...
  3. Walkingmad

    Can I attend mass or prayers at Armenteira on spiritual variant

    Just crossed over from coastal to central in Tui and wondering about doing the variant spiritual from pontevedra. I would really love to attend some form of mass or prayer. Do the nuns do something? I know the monastery is closed for September for pilgrim staying . Anyone who recently done this...
  4. twomoremoose

    Mass at Pamplona Cathedral

    Does anyone know if I will have enough time to get to the bus station for the bus to SJPP after 9:30 Lauds and Mass at the Cathedral in Pamplona? When does Mass usually end on a weekday morning?
  5. NebraskaKate

    Pilgrim Masses on the Primitivo?

    I walked the French Way and Pilgrim Masses were offered most evenings of every townI stayed in....I was wondering if there were many Pilgrim Masses besides the Cathedral in Oviedo on the way to Melide? Thanks-
  6. hikerat1

    Church Services on the French Camino

    Does anyone have, or does it even exist, a list of churches and service times along the French Way? Is there a usual, or planned time for a evening mass or for a Pilgrims mass along the way. I would like to attend mass especially in the big cities, if I get into town/city in time. thank you...
  7. ficklefancyfree

    My journey with faith

    Dear all, Some of you might remember a thread I started last year about what to wear for attending church whilst on the Camino. The thread generated quite a bit of response. I thought it was high time to close the loop. Whilst walking from Porto to Santiago, I attended 3 services, one in...
  8. S

    Misa de Peregrino at Leon or Astorga.

    I am doing my Camino this summer. Planning to be at Leon or Astorga this August 1st. Can someone tell me what churches host the pilgrim's mass at either city? thx!
  9. A

    Holy Week ceremonies 2024

    I know this is planning WAY in advance, but ... I hope to resume my camino in Burgos in March 2024 and attend the Holy Week ceremonies (Holy Thursday evening, Good Friday afternoon and the Easter Vigil on Saturday evening) in towns as I go. This means I need 3 towns in succession that are big...
  10. SantiagoFromColombia

    Churches and attire?

    When entering Churches in Spain, would it be disrespectful to enter in pilgrims attire? i.e. shorts, and backpack. Might it also matter depending on whether or not they are holding mass at the given time? Thanks for any helpful advice on the matter.
  11. JustJack

    What time is mass in Roncesvalles?

    I read through an incredibly long thread about Roncesvalles - all the good and the bad - and many mentioned attending mass. But no one mentioned what time mass is. I also read a thread that was created to specifically answer this question, but again no one actually posted the time. Anways, that...
  12. Burton Axxe

    Exploring Christian Liturgy and Rituals: A Pilgrim's Guide

    I’m best described as a lapsed Christian. I grew up in a North American baptist tradition and walked away in my late 20s. I’m hoping that my upcoming (first) Camino will allow me to re-connect, if not with my previous beliefs, at least with something more mystical and transcendent than the norms...
  13. Ryan Alexander

    Closure of holy buildings

    Over 15 days into this pilgrimage so far and the majority of the holy buildings have been closed, can anyone give more insight or share their own thoughts please? Is this the same situation on other routes and the French way in particular? Regardless of the time they always seem to be closed, it...
  14. michaelporourke

    Church with a Pilgrim blessing in Oviedo?

    Greetings from Oviedo! Can anyone tell me the name of the church that delivers a pilgrim blessing at 19:30?
  15. spikey

    Pilgrims’ mass.

    Hello everyone, Heading off on the Ingles shortly with Baldie Git. Leaving Ferrol on Oct 6th how easy is it to catch a mass each evening along the way?
  16. P

    Daily mass on the Camino Portugues

    Hello everyone! I am just starting to prep for my camino and wanted to know if there was daily mass available along the central way? Masstimes and other forums are mainly only finding weekday masses in porto, vigo, and tui but I just wanted to double check with pilgrims who have already walked...
  17. ficklefancyfree

    Etiquette/ what to wear at churches

    Hello everyone, I was hoping for a little advice. I would like to visit and attend mass as often as I can along my Camino. I’m not Catholic or even Christian. I understand that I should dress appropriately and plan on bringing a full length jumpsuit, with a shawl to cover my shoulders. If it...
  18. mmayersmith

    Lovely Taize Service in Santiago

    Yesterday on arriving in Santiago, I attended the Taize style prayer service at 4:30 in the chapel at the Pilgrim office. It was a lovely, low keyed and meaningful way to reflect on my journey. It was presented in Spanish and English and is focused on song and reflection. The chapel is just...
  19. J Walking

    Can you attend mass and pilgrim blessing in Sahagun if not staying at Albergue de la Santa Cruz?

    Can you attend mass and pilgrim blessing in Sahagun if not staying at Albergue de la Santa Cruz?
  20. Coverbid

    Looking for Name of Priest Who Says English Mass at Cathedral de Compostela

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the name of the Pilipino priest that says the English Mass at the Cathedral de Compostela? He has walked 3 Caminos himself. He is about 40-50ish years old. I want to send him some information, but I have forgotten his name. Does anyone know of the mailing address to the...

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