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  1. Peter Voncken


    Do I remember well that priests in the pilgrimmass welcome pilgrims in several languages? I want to know this for sure for a camino story.
  2. ivar

    Pope to visit Santiago early August 2022

    …according to this newspaper article out yesterday:
  3. U20C_Katherine

    Botafumeiro - All Saints Mass

    May someone please explain how does getting into the mass on the all saints day (with botafumeiro) work? One of the pilgrims told me yesterday that I would have to make a reservation at the pilgrims office at the cost of $300 to attend. True?
  4. Maxcheese

    Botafumeiro best chance?

    So, I understand the botafumeiro is only officially used during official celebrations, but I also gather that it's also used way more than this because of benefactors 'buying' the service. I was wondering which daily pilgrims mass I should attend in order to get the most chances to see it in...
  5. T

    Pilgrims mass 2021 - Santiago Cathedral

    Hi all. I’m heading out on my first camino (Frances) from Ponferrada next Sunday. Can any one confirm that these are the times of the Pilgrims Mass in the cathedral this year? And that this will be the times every day throughout the year (I’m arriving in Santiago in the middle of October). I...
  6. K

    English mass at cathedral

    Hi everyone , just a quick one. Is there any English mass at the cathedral now ? I am in Santiago now & went to a few but all in spanish. The cathedral is really beautiful & the experience of mass there is amazing but having walked caminos over previous years I do miss the coziness of the...
  7. H


    Hi Is the botafumeiro been used in the mass please and can anybody tell me how long the midday mass is approx. Hoping to get mass before I have to head for airport Tia
  8. ELHS220

    Cathedral Noon Mass July 25

    Today’s Mass at the Cathedral with the Royal Family in attendance and botafumeiro at the end. The young man who does the first reading is one of the staff members at the Pilgrim Office. I believe his name is Santiago (Santi). I worked with him both times that I was there.
  9. ktchnofdngr

    Going through the Pórtico De Gloria this Holy Year

    Hey, All! I just wanted to let all of you know that there is only a limited number of tickets each day to go through the Porto de Gloria at the Cathedral here in Santiago, and you have to register for your ticket in advance. I went looking yesterday for a ticket, and wasn't able to find one...
  10. lisaflora

    Jul 25 Mass in Santiago COVID limits

    Does anyone know if it is required or possible to reserve space for Mass (pilgrim or other masses) for Jul 25? I think they are limiting numbers, according to Ivar's YouTube today
  11. H

    Mass responses in Portuguese and English?

    I have seen booklets/books for participating in Mass in Spanish (with English and Spanish). Is there such a thing in Portuguese? Many thanks!
  12. Margaret68

    Mass on Coastal Camino Portugal 🇵🇹

    Hi, I leave 4th of July, American Independence Day!- With God’s help- I know God never ceases to bring His people to Him and I’ll get to celebrate Mass as I need to. I’m wondering if you have attended Mass on the Coastal Camino, where, when? Daily Masses are fantastic, yes? Of course in Santiago...
  13. Barb S

    Mass at the Cathedral

    Is the renovation at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela complete? Will mass be held there on July 25th? Their website shows a schedule for mass at a different location. Appreciate your response😊
  14. rabtacoma

    Holy Days celebrated at Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

    My husband and I walked from Leon to Santiago in October 2019 intending to return in 2020 for the first half. We are now planning that return of SJPDP to Leon in April/May 2022. As the Cathederal was under construction when we were there, even though we will end in Leon, we intend to take the...
  15. Arn

    Semana Santa / Holy week Santiago de Compostela 2021

    As it stands, at present, the celebration of the Easter Mass at the Cathedral will be limited to pilgrims from Galicia and, of course, others from the region. For those of you that have memories of attending the Easter Mass at the cathedral, what stands out to you? Was it a goal of yours to...
  16. SabineP

    Interview with the new dean of the Cathedral in Santiago
  17. Peter Fransiscus

    XACOBEO 2021-2022

    Beautiful 🙏
  18. ivar

    Pope agrees, 2022 also a holy year
  19. ivar

    Botafumeiro swinging again