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mass/church services

  1. R

    Holy Days celebrated at Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

    My husband and I walked from Leon to Santiago in October 2019 intending to return in 2020 for the first half. We are now planning that return of SJPDP to Leon in April/May 2022. As the Cathederal was under construction when we were there, even though we will end in Leon, we intend to take the...
  2. Arn

    Semana Santa / Holy week Santiago de Compostela 2021

    As it stands, at present, the celebration of the Easter Mass at the Cathedral will be limited to pilgrims from Galicia and, of course, others from the region. For those of you that have memories of attending the Easter Mass at the cathedral, what stands out to you? Was it a goal of yours to...
  3. Peter Fransiscus

    XACOBEO 2021-2022

    Beautiful 🙏
  4. ivar

    Pope agrees, 2022 also a holy year
  5. ivar

    Botafumeiro swinging again

  6. ivar

    Live from the opening of the Holy Door (Dec. 31st 2020)

  7. Dojo

    Botafumiero Schedule

    Based on the information in the Pilgrim Office website, I understand the Botafumiero is used on specific religious holidays and individual/groups can request (and pay) for the Botafumiero to be swung at other times. My questions relates to the later; how do you find out when the Botafumiero...
  8. rappahannock_rev

    The Sudarium of Oviedo, or Shroud of Oviedo,

    In normal years, I'm informed, the Sudarium is made available for viewing on only three days each year. One of those days is the Feast of the Holy Cross -- September 14th. Now, I'm determined to return to Spain in September, and I'd gladly structure my walk around seeing it, if possible. Anyone...
  9. Robo

    Video/Pocast Churches along the Camino Frances

    Part of the joy of walking a Camino for me is visiting the churches along the way. Being quite a Spiritual person, I love to drop in and pause for reflection and give thanks for being able to make the journey. But quite apart from that, the deep sense of history, and the feeling of being amongst...
  10. nilesite

    Washing a Pilgrim's Feet at the Cathedral

    In Shirley MacLaine's book, she says that when she arrived at the Cathedral, her credencial was stamped and a priest bathed her feet. This was in July 2000. Does anyone of that era or before have any experience with feet being washed upon a pilgrim's arrival?
  11. Peter Ray

    Confessions during the Holy year 2021

    My wife and I are planning to cycle the Camino Frances from Leon in the Fall of 2021. We would like to go to confession at the Cathedral in Santiago when we complete our journey. Being the fact that it is a Holy Year I was wondering how the confessional set up might look like ? I suspect the...
  12. ivar

    COVID Asking the pope for extending Holy year to 2022?

    ..seems there is talk about asking for this... more here:
  13. T

    Botafumiero May 2020?

    We will be doing the Camino starting from Sarria the last week of May. Is it likely that they will swing the botafumiero during the daily Pilgrims' Mass at that time?
  14. Bradypus

    2021 Holy Year - cathedral official website, logo and poster

    At a press event in Santiago yesterday the Archbishop revealed the cathedral's new dedicated website for the 2021 Holy Year. Amongst other things it includes a long pastoral letter from the Archbishop. He also published the official logo and poster for the Holy Year...
  15. SYates

    LIVE from the Camino Anglican Camino Chaplaincy - Preparing for 2020

    Hi Everybody, I keep this post short and sweet, for more info check out For those that don't want to read the whole article on the website, here a quick summary: We are now preparing our third chaplaincy season. We need help in getting the...
  16. rappahannock_rev

    Contemporary Anglicans in SdeC

    Just FYI: Not to my very traditional Anglican Catholic tastes, but commended graciously to ya'll ... "that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgement." Philippians 1:9...
  17. SYates

    How many Protestants are on the Camino de Santiago?

    Not aiming to offend to the rule of not engaging in religious dispute, just some gentle number crushing a pilgrim friend and I have done. Conclusion for those that don't want to read the whole post: "As a careful guesstimate, between 10% and 15% of all pilgrims that arrived 2018 in Santiago...
  18. Dani7

    Mass in Santiago

    Hello everyone :) Since the cathedral in Santiago de Compostella in under major renovations and mass is not celebrated there, I noticed that there are quite a few churches around the cathedral that do offer mass. My question to you is: What mass/church did you prefer and why? I am in search...
  19. Emia

    Pilgrims' mass Barcelos / Braga

    Does anybody know if there are pilgrims' masses / blessings in Barcelos and Braga? If so - where and at what time?