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  1. W

    Is Camino Frances a Rat Race in April/May?

    Hi All, I am just looking for advice from people that walked the Camino Frances in April/May of 2019. Did you find there was a race to get to destinations in order to secure a bed or was there generally beds available? Im young and fit and have no problem walking at a fast pace but I would...
  2. Anton

    Advice of those who have walked May/June

    Hello my fellow peregrinos, I walked the CF from SJPDP to Finisterre in September of 2015. My fiancé and I hiked Porto to Santiago last September. We are planning to do the first 3 weeks of the CF next mid-May into June and since I have no experience with weather for that time of year I wondered...
  3. gracethepilgrim

    LIVE from the Camino On the Levante for summer

    Countdown has begun. Soon about to depart for the 41 hours that will get me on planes, buses and trains from small-town New Zealand to Valencia. Before I depart for the Levante I must thank all the supporters. Those who have walked in previous years and the ‘newbies’ walking in 2017. ALL your...
  4. Amanda___

    Camino del Norte, April-May 2017

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum/camino, and am looking to take on the Camino del Norte starting in mid-April and ending late May. I'm 23 and hike pretty regularly, do you think finishing this route in 5 weeks is realistic (starting at the beginning in Irun)? I've also read on some of the forums...
  5. camster

    Is there still snow in the Pyrenees in the begining of May?

    I was planning on a summer Camino, but it might be a spring-summer one instead. Is there still snow (usually) in the begining of May on the Napoleon route in the Pyrenees?
  6. Arianna Rose Thorne

    Starting in Montpellier May 23rd...

    Bonjour! I am a solo traveler, excited to converse and connect with you fellow pilgrims! Beginning around May 22nd in Montpellier, I plan to take my time into Spain, leaving space for stopping a day in a town or two if it feels right, but I'm a fast, fit hiker. I need to eventually find my...
  7. walkingtotheend

    Camino Frances - May June 2009

    At last we have been able to load a 2 part video of our experience in 2009 onto our blog walkingtotheend.com There are also links to see them on You Tube on the blog site or just look up Ian and Caths Camino May and June 2009 Buen Camino and bring on 2018 when we plan to walk the Le Puy route
  8. JasoFett

    Sleeping Bag Advice

    Hello everyone! I am planning on going on the Camino the last week of April through May. What temperature sleeping bag do you suggest I take? I want to pack as lightweight as possible of course, and was wonder if a 55F would be heavy enough? Any suggestions? Thank you!
  9. Via de la Plata May 2015

    Via de la Plata May 2015

  10. Via de la Plata May 2015

    Via de la Plata May 2015

  11. Carolina A-A

    May or June?

    My husband and I are planning our Camino Francés from SJPdP for May or June 2016. Any insights/advice regarding which of these two months is preferable? (I'm a university professor and, due to my summer teaching, we can start our Camino either May 1st or June 1st). Thanks in advance!
  12. PeteT70

    My Equipment list for the Camino May/ June 2016

    Ok, i'm sort of getting there with putting together my equipment list. But it's too heavy, hence i'm publishing my list here to get some valued feedback and tips on how to lighten my load. All comments and suggestions welcome. Equipment 1500g - Backpack Osprey Kestrel 48 (this may change)...
  13. S

    possible to sleep outside without a tent?

    Hey everyone I am planning to do the camino ingles on the 7th of may this year. I dont plan on prebooking any accommodation and am travelling very light. Is it possible/safe/allowed to just sleep outdoors with just a sleeping bag? I have 4 full days to walk aswel is this an achievable lenght of...
  14. Jerriah

    Starting my Camino on May 7th or 8th

    Buen Camino all! I am landing in Madrid on May 7th, getting on board the 11.35 train to Pamplona which arrives around 2.40. Hoping to grab a bus or cab to SJPdP and find a place to stay the night. Anyone leaving around this time? Also, any recommendations on where to stay in SJPdP? Thank...
  15. E

    Beware public holidays!

    Those planning to walk the Vía de la Plata in the weeks ahead, especially those coming from outside of Europe, should bear in mind that they will encounter a series of public holidays. These holidays can create problems for walkers and pilgrims: - in some places accommodation will be difficult...
  16. B

    Do I push back my Camino from March to May?

    Hello all! I have been saving to do the Camino for my 30th birthday (March 26), and was all set to go, but now I'm getting nervous about the weather. I had planned to go the 19-31 of March (yes, I know that's in two weeks), but now am wondering if I should wait to go until mid-May for better...
  17. M

    Walking "The Way" in mid May-June 2015...El Camino de Santiago a mediados de Mayo-Junio del 2015

    My sister and I are planning on walking the El Camino in mid May-June 2015, starting in SJPDP (CF). We would like to know if its true that at this time of the year it tends to get really noisy, crowded and full of young people. We have heard horror stories of pilgrims having to rush to find a...
  18. TMcA

    Hiking in May - my experience

    This is a partial trip report in which I will include my thoughts on: 1) why reservations are necessary during the peak months of May and September, 2) taking into account La Transhumance and the June Trail en Aubrac running competition; and 3) the weather on the Aubrac plateau in May. I left...
  19. TravellingSonn

    Weather - Late May/June

    Hi all, What can I expect the weather to be like late May/June? How many degrees? Hot? Cold? Both? Rain? Thanks again Sonia :)
  20. C

    Planning to walk El Camino Frances in late May of 2013

    My family and I (5 of us) are planning to walk the French way next year in late May starting from Des Moines, Iowa, USA probably on May 25 and giving ourselves until June 30 to be back at home. I would appreciate some help with some our questions, keep in mind that we are all in pretty good...

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