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medical help on camino

  1. D

    Epilepsy support on the Camino Frances

    I have been planning my Camino this July for months now, departing St Jean PdP alone on July 4 and returning to the US from Santiago on August 9. However, a generalized seizure weeks ago is threatening my trip. I have had epilepsy for many years but was weaned off my medication due to not having...
  2. Willimpia

    Medicines on the Camino Frances

    Hallo, I want to start my Camino from Vezelay in april 2017 (walked earlier from Holland to that place), do not walk very fast so it can take me about 3 months away from home. I have to use quite a lot of medicines and I do not want to take it for such a long time, moreover there will be also...
  3. ellensfootprints

    Where to go for medical Foot help in Leon, today!

    After 18 days on Camino France's The Meseta in Sandals has done my Right foot, arch in bad shape. Where should I go for help? Am 66 yrs old from USA. Thanks for any recomendations for Hospital or Urgent Care in Leon.

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