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  1. S


    Hi, I’m currently in Rouget and think I may need to see a physiotherapist. Does anyone have any advice on this? Thanks!
  2. Zordmot

    A Podiatrist in Logroño

    Going through my photos and memorabilia from my CF last year at this time I was reminded of a real bright spot for me in Logrono. I was developing a very painful blister at that point. I located a friendly, wonderful podiatrist who got me right in, took care of the blister, addressed two other...
  3. yennster

    Camino training - now having lateral foot pain

    Hi all, I am going to my GP on Monday, but a bit of background: I started training for my camino this past month. I'll be doing the Camino Portugues Coastal Way at the end of April, from Porto to Santiago. This past Saturday I decided to do a long haul walk without a pack in my camino Merrell...
  4. S

    plantar fasciitis - with 7 weeks to go

    Hi friends, So, out of nowhere really, I've got a dose of plantar fasciitis (mild, but still). This has never happened to me before. And, i start a Camino in 7 weeks time. Not feeling joyous, let me tell you. But been to the physio who has taped me, given me a set of stretches to do etc and...
  5. F

    Opticians in Santiago 👓

    For reasons I won't bore you with, I'm considering buying lenses and frames (out of pocket, recent prescription) in Santiago after I finish my camino, as opposed to purchasing in the states pre-camino, then bringing over in luggage. Can anyone offer up info re cost difference on Spain vs. US...
  6. H

    Pilgrims need help

    We have friends who are on the Camino Frances who've had a medical emergency. The husband is in the Santiago hospital being treated for a heart attack while walking the Camino. Are there any pilgrim assistance groups they can reach out to for help?
  7. Tess301

    Advice please on Achilles tendon

    I have a mild yet uncomfortable tendon issue in my left Achilles area. With ibuprofen it quite a down and I can walk ok. I’m only coming into Burgos in the next couple of days and want to make it to de Santiago. Any advice from seasoned travellers on maintaining or healing (🤞🏽) the problem much...
  8. Annsan

    Need to see a doctor in Leon

    Hi I need help With how to get to see a dr. I haven’t been able to walk for two days due to my right foot has a lot of pain and I’m now afraid I might create or have stress fractures in my Metatarsals 😳😢 I’m heading to León today and hoping one of you have a suggestion of whom to see Thanks so...
  9. DoughnutANZ

    How to hike the Camino without falling (too much)

    In a couple of other threads there has been discussion about some parts of the Camino Frances that some people consider to be difficult to walk safely. I could have posted to one of these but thought that it might be useful to try to communicate to a wider audience as my advice can be useful on...
  10. pressnupu

    Urgently need dentist in Sarria!

    Hi all, I’m in Samos today, reaching Sarria tomorrow (will be there Friday and Saturday). A front tooth cap/crown has come loose! Could anyone please let me know how I can find a (ideally English speaking) dentist in Sarria? When I needed a physiotherapist in Logrono, I had to wait a day so...
  11. BobY333

    Help setting up a dental appointment in Santiago

    Hi there! I chipped one of my front teeth and I am going to try and get it repaired in Santiago. I got the name of the dental clinic Sanitas, but when I’ve called my Spanish isn’t good enough to make an appointment for this coming Thursday. I’m wondering if there’s someone out there that can...
  12. R

    Camino with broken toe

    Starting our camino from pamplona on 28th. We were meant to start on 11th but my friend broke her toe so we pushed start date out. She's adament to go. Any advice
  13. domparisien

    If you find someone unconscious on the road

    Little unsure where the best spot to post this is (Frances or Live on the Camino? Also, this is my first post - whew!). Hi, I’m Dominik! I’m on the Camino Frances doing my first Camino and I’m currently in Pamplona (started in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port). I’m disabled, travelling alone, and I...
  14. peregrin peregrina

    LIVE from the Camino swollen painful feet

    i am currently in estella and both feet are swollen and painful with one toenail coming off. wearing altra lonepeaks- no blisters. had rain for a couple days out of roncesvalles with soaked shoes the whole time through zubiri followed by hotter than hell 2 days pamplona-alt de perdon and puente...
  15. LB2022

    Ideas for refrigerated migraine medicine

    Buenas dias fellow pilgrims. I will be walking my first Camino starting May 31st on the Frances and I'm super excited. I am looking for ideas and options as I have chronic migraines and take a once-a-month shot that has to be refrigerated (Ajovy). It needs to stay between 2-8 degrees C and...
  16. Stephan the Painter

    Shin Splint Help Needed!

    On the First day of my Camino it seems like I overdid it. I had planned a slow first couple days but Albergue’s were closed, so I had to go farther. My 17 km walk felt fine and everything seem to be going swimmingly. But unfortunately I woke up with a lot of pain in my shin, which I found out...
  17. Aloha From Kauai

    Hot Water?

    Sorry for the odd question... but due to a long ago injury I've spent years sleeping with a heating pad; obviously that's not an option...would a hot water bottle or the therma heat patches be viable alternatives?
  18. davebugg

    How to Reduce the Risk of Shin Splints While Walking a Camino

    I put this together a while back in a post to provide help to those who wish to minimize the risk of the unpleasantness of shin splints while on Camino. This has been edited with additional information. Keep in mind that this is a general overview, not a medical textbook. :-) There are...
  19. P

    CPAP recommendation

    My wife and I are planning the CF in May. She'd like any recommendation or comment on travel CPAP machines. She's looking at 2 models right now: Transcend Transcend 3 miniCPAP Auto or BREAS Z2 CPAP (either auto or fixed pressure). And would you recommend the multi-night battery or should she...
  20. BrianLCrabtree

    wearing a backpack over a pacemaker -- any problem?

    I'm having a pacemaker implanted March 10 to correct a slow heart rate, sometimes in the 20s. My cardiologist says I should be fine for the Camino in late May. The device will be placed just below the left clavicle. I'm wondering about the pressure of the left shoulder strap of the backpack on...

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