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  1. K

    Prayer Request for a Diseased Former Pilgrim

    Buen Camino, Peregrinos! I completed my Camino in the summer of 2019, with the interior to heal from some past trauma and minor illness. While I did enjoy my Camino, it actually triggered a debilitating illness that has since only grown worse, 2 years later. It has affected my family, career...
  2. awunderli

    LIVE from the Camino —Nájera

    I am in Najera today, having started in SJPdP last Monday. I met my traveling companion at Orisson. It’s been lovely to do the journey with someone else. We’ve met pilgrims from the UK, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, and just a few from the US where I’m from (Maine). We’ve seen groups...
  3. Elle Bieling

    The Miracle of Kinesiology Tape

    I am telling an anecdotal story about my knees and their health as they age. I am an RN and a yoga teacher, with experience in occupational injuries (Work Comp) and the dynamics of the human body. I know my way around musculoskeletal injuries, at least a bit. Periodically, I have had issues...
  4. James van Hemert

    Walking with AVN ( avascular necrosis)

    I have recently been diagnosed with eatly stage AVN in my left hip. Doctor says hip replacement in a year (but semi urgent status suggests wait may be longer). I can now walk without pain up to 2 km. Planning April 2022 Camino Frances. I will walk according to ability and use baggage transfer...
  5. C

    Foot Pain - sharp pain on top of foot

    Hi everyone! My fellow walking partner / pilgrim has a sharp shooting pain down the top of her foot from her big toe to the base of her ankle. When she lifts her foot and bends it, it hurts more. It feels like the whole top surface of her foot is bruised. She has been walking in shoes with...
  6. Martin.P

    Inter-Metatarsil Bursitis

    Hi all, Has anyone got any experience of the aforementioned? I have been experiencing discomfort with this since July 2019, finally saw a specialist in February 2020, MRI in March, Covid delayed follow up in August & now waiting for a slot to get a cortisone injection. Main main question is -...
  7. L

    To Those of you with New Hips

    I'm six weeks into healing from receiving a new hip. Doing good but still exhausted after short (2 blocks) walks. My doctor says I'll be able to do the Camino next year providing there's a vaccine and Europe is willing to let anyone from the USA in. My question is to those of you with a new...
  8. SF-Pilgrim

    Sleeping in a dorm room where there's someone with a CPAP

    Hi, I'm specifically posted this here in a general forum and not the medical forum because I'm hoping for responses from folks who have spent the night in a albergue dorm with someone who's using a CPAP machine in the same room. I have sleep apnea, so travel with a CPAP. I'm wondering how...
  9. M

    Dodgy knee

    I have had a dodgy left knee for over 20 years (I blame it on seven years of karate when I was younger, I'm nearly 62 now) and so when I walk any distance I wear a simple, cheap tubular bandage on that knee which I feel helps relieve the pain and support the joint. I have seen several commercial...
  10. Iriebabel

    Surgical Update - Heelsperricus at it again!!!!

    Hello to all and hope everyone is well. My new Avitar..comes from my trip to Germany (other side of the Rhine looking at Dusseldorf) over this past Christmas. Not much hiking but I did do some long camino-like walks when the weather cooperated. I thought I would provide an update...
  11. D

    It Is Normal For Feet and Knees to Become Sore

    This is from a previous thread I posted. I thought with the ability for people to increasingly be outdoors and to start walking longer distances near home, this post may be of help. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The purpose of this post is not...
  12. LorneB

    CPAP Machines and Albergues

    Hi, there. I know this topic has shown up in some threads, but as most of the comments I've seen seem to come from other CPAP users, I'd be interested in hearing from those who aren't. Most likely, I'll get a range of responses, but I'm curious to hear from those who would care to indulge the...
  13. M

    Refilling Prescriptions

    Can anyone tell me about refilling certain US prescriptions in Spain? I take 3 prescribed medications including an SSRI and an amphetamine. I am planning to bring enough to get me through my full pilgrimage. I also plan to bring written prescriptions if possible, just in case I misplace them...
  14. Travelin'Tom

    Knee injury medical in Leon?

    I've injured my knee while favoring a badly blistered foot. My foot is healed but knee has become worse. I'm using transport, not happily but necessary. Will be in Leon soon looking for recommended clinic, Dr. etc to consult there. English a big plus. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  15. R

    Achilles strain

    I am walking the northern Camino, strained my left Achilles tendon the day before I left North a littlAmerica. It hurt a little in the airports, I've walked one day to San Sebastien and it hurts worse as I re- injured it with a few tweaks on the trail. Have decided to take a day off here, am...
  16. D

    Lugo - medical center

    Hello, My friend is Lugo now and she injured her leg. She would like to see a doctor. Is there any medical center with English speaking doctor ? Thank you very much for all recommendations!!! Daniela
  17. D

    Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt This is not about the big, colorful back-ends of baboons :-) For those who are new to distance walking on a Camino, or backpacking, or trekking, there are some things which may be unknown to the newbie. Monkey Butt is one. Monkey Butt is about a condition with symptoms of itching...
  18. L

    Podiatrist needed, currently in Rabanal

    Need a podiatrist I have a big blister on my heel and currently have compeed on it. Where will the nearest podiatrist be, Villafranca?
  19. hfenton

    Walking the Camino after surgery to repair a torn peroneal tendon?

    I am interested in hearing about the experiences of anyone who walked a Camino route after having surgery to repair torn peroneal tendons. What was your recovery period from surgery to walking the Camino? Was there any special recovery routine you practiced? And what was your experience walking...
  20. Margaret Butterworth

    Free medical treatment for pilgrims?

    I've read posts in the past which suggested that pilgrims receive free medical treatment for Camino-related problems. A few anecdotes related their experiences in this regard. Others spoke about having to pay up front. Recently I visited new public clinic in Astorga for a consultation about my...