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  1. happymarkos

    Take medical records and lists of any medications

    I recently had a day in hospital and the medical staff asked for my medical history and current medications. As I have virtually no Spanish it was very frustrating for them as they tried to arrive at a diagnosis and appropriate treatment. I used Google Translate but not the same as having...
  2. V

    Pontevedra. Torn muscle or tendon in ankle

    Im in Pontevedra ... I seem to have torn a muscle or tendon in my ankle. I can barely walk now. Taking ibuprofen. Does anyone have any suggestions please?
  3. chazzie_leigh

    Numbness where shoulder straps rest

    Hi everyone, I’m currently on day 7 of Camino Frances. Today I’ve noticed numbness around the area of my shoulder straps, a lot of my bag weight is on my hips and I don’t have any shoulder/back pain from my bag though it’s bigger and heavier than I had hoped. Anyone else experienced this and any...
  4. tomnorth

    Torn Meniscus Experience

    A year ago I was diagnosed with a torn lateral meniscus on my left leg. At that time I received a cortisone shot and have been having no issues up until a couple weeks ago. I’ve been averaging over six miles walking a day. Apple Health tells me I’ve walked about 1300 miles so far this year. When...
  5. AJGuillaume

    Shin splints

    I am currently on the Via Gebennensis, and it looks like I might have a case of shin splints. As I would expect, all the advice I get is to stop walking and rest. I would prefer not stopping. I have used Voltaren, and a French pharmacist gave me an alternative, and this has helped. I have also...
  6. martin1ws

    First aid without 112

    What should I do if I find someone who needs help (cannot go on) and I cannot call 112 (no connectivity)? If we are 2 pilgrims, one helps and one goes on to find/call help. And if I am on my own? * Without breathing: breath donation and hoping that someone comes to find/call help. *...
  7. A

    Somebody help?!

    Hi there, I left SJPDP over a month ago and I'm only half way. About a week into the Camino I started experiencing pain in the arches of my feet, tight and sore and burning. If I wobble on a rock or have to go up hill it's like walking on glass. I start the day ok and about ten km in I have to...
  8. L

    Hay fever in fall in Galicia

    I have asthma and allergies. I am wondering how bad the allergies might be in late September-October from Sarria to SDC? I carry an inhaler and take daily asthma meds. Thanks,
  9. Kelly Johnston

    Help! Doctor needed

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I really hurt my ankle walking from Los Arcos to Sansol. Today I can barely hobble a few steps. I want to see a doctor. Does anyone know where the closest one would be to Sansol? Would it be Los Arcos? Can anyone recommend a doctor who preferably speaks English? Hoping...
  10. C

    Injury time out

    Hello good people, I wonder if I could ask you again for some more wonderful wisdom and ideas you all have! I've just come from the doctor and farmacia. I am supposed to take ten days off. And take two types of daily medicine. And when I go back to walking, absolutely no more Norte with its...
  11. David Schultz

    Turf Toe 9 days before start of Camino. Any advice?

    After several months of training I am about to start my second Camino 9 days from today. I have been in Spain for a few weeks vacationing and also training (walking 8-12 miles a day). I felt 100% ready and then I hyperextended my toe during stair training on a castle walk in Alicante and I now...
  12. K

    Medical bill from Spain

    I did the Camino de Santiago in May of 2015 and had to go to a clinic near Tricastela for a hurt ankle. I spent maybe 20 minutes with a doctor there who told me to go to the Pharmacia and get anti inflammatory medicine, a brace and Ibuprofen. Just a week ago I received a bill for $260.00 - 2...
  13. SeanDwyer

    Help! Hospital/Doctor Sarria

    Hi guys. I need help. I started the camino in León with my twin brother 6 days ago. We walked, roughly 30km per day, but yesterday on the way from Villafranca De Bierzo to O'Cebriero the speed at which I walked was unknowingly much quicker as I got so engrossed in conversation with a camino...
  14. A

    Stomach bug that won't go away, need help.

    Hello, I started to have a stomach bug in Terradillos on the 26th. I felt really weak the following day and could only walk 10k to Sahagún were I rested that day and the following day. I was given diarrhea relief by a doctor in a small emergency clinic but that only temporarily worked. I did...
  15. TaoWay

    Cold / Flu on the Camino Frances Questions regarding Sundays

    Hello all, I collapsed on the camino heading to Sahagún today. My walking buddy and I concluded it was dehydration related originally. I woke up this morning and had 2 cafe con leches (normally take just one) because I had low energy / bad sleep. After landing in Sahagún I grabbed some...
  16. Skylar Townsend

    Supposed to be starting el camino tomorrow....

    So with just my luck I somehow injured my foot right before I left for Spain. I currently am in Barcelona and waiting to start until Tuesday now to give my foot some more rest. The swelling has gone down already by resting it for two days, and I have been able to be mobile, with a tad pain...
  17. D

    Epilepsy support on the Camino Frances

    I have been planning my Camino this July for months now, departing St Jean PdP alone on July 4 and returning to the US from Santiago on August 9. However, a generalized seizure weeks ago is threatening my trip. I have had epilepsy for many years but was weaned off my medication due to not having...
  18. C

    Needle disposal

    I have to take weekly injections and I would bring my supplies with me. Does anyone know how to dispose of needles/syringes on the camino once used? Thanks!
  19. Willimpia

    Medicines on the Camino Frances

    Hallo, I want to start my Camino from Vezelay in april 2017 (walked earlier from Holland to that place), do not walk very fast so it can take me about 3 months away from home. I have to use quite a lot of medicines and I do not want to take it for such a long time, moreover there will be also...
  20. T

    Great massage in Leon today

    I had an excellent massage with a chiropractor / masseuse in León today and my Camino friend went to him a few days ago and also had a great experience so I want to share his details: Quiromasaje Gimenez Avda. Roma 13, León + 34 649 730 727 Javier@quiromasajegimenez.com His name is Javier and...