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  1. Willimpia

    Medicines on the Camino Frances

    Hallo, I want to start my Camino from Vezelay in april 2017 (walked earlier from Holland to that place), do not walk very fast so it can take me about 3 months away from home. I have to use quite a lot of medicines and I do not want to take it for such a long time, moreover there will be also...
  2. T

    Great massage in Leon today

    I had an excellent massage with a chiropractor / masseuse in León today and my Camino friend went to him a few days ago and also had a great experience so I want to share his details: Quiromasaje Gimenez Avda. Roma 13, León + 34 649 730 727 His name is Javier and...
  3. vlebe

    Shin Splints 15 days before Camino Aragones and Frances.

    Dear fellow pilgrims. I decided to write this thread just to get some comfort words from the more experienced pilgrims. As some of you know, I'll be starting the aragones in 15 days and the Frances from puente la reina up to finisterra. Usually I come to my office walking ( 12 kms return...
  4. ellensfootprints

    Where to go for medical Foot help in Leon, today!

    After 18 days on Camino France's The Meseta in Sandals has done my Right foot, arch in bad shape. Where should I go for help? Am 66 yrs old from USA. Thanks for any recomendations for Hospital or Urgent Care in Leon.
  5. X

    CPAP on the Camino

    Hello, This is purely meant as information for those with Sleep apnea and using a CPAP appliance looking for a hiking/portable sized machine . I just finished the Camino Primitivo, and dealing with sleep apnea had to lug a CPAP machine around. I used the Somnetics Transcend EZEX AutoCPAP...
  6. L B

    English speaking doctor in Bilbao

    Yesterday I had a really sore throat so I went to the farmacy to get some pills. I guess they aren't working on me, I just woke up with a closed throat unable to swallow anything so I guess it's time for some antibiotics. Does anyone know an English speaking doctor in Bilbao?
  7. Seamus Collins

    Stuck in Hornillos with suspected shin splints

    Hi, I'm on my first experience of the Camino. Everything was going fine until the stage from Burgos to Hornillos. About 3km from Hornillos, my left shin started heating up. I'm now resting in the lovely Albergue de Sol a Sol at the entrance to the town, but don't know what to do next. Back to...
  8. E

    Spectacular Bodywork in Astorga

    I had the most spectacular bodywork treatment today in Astorga that I - literally - have ever had in my life. I don't have a single aching body part. I sent a friend who had a similar experience. And the cost was very reasonable: 30 euros for an hour (although he worked on me for 75 minutes and...
  9. VNwalking

    Walk well and safely in the heat, brothers and sisters of the road!

    To all our forum friends out there right now, a heartfelt wish for cooler weather! Heat is not to be taken lightly: This is a tragic and unnecessary death. For general information...
  10. CalSue

    Seeking advice on walking the camino with neurodegenerative disease

    Hello, and thank you for letting me join this group. I am 63 and have a rare progressive neurodegenerative disease called Multiple System Atrophy that causes various symptoms involving the autonomic nervous system (blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, digestion, temperature control, etc.) and...
  11. David

    Just back from doing first aid and "female" footwear!

    Hi. I am just back from my first aid mission on the Camino. This year, instead of staying to the first week from St Jean, I used Rabanal as my base, travelling east of Astorga and as far west as Ponferrada. I converted my little Citroen Berlingo into a micro camping car, very cute and...
  12. katie@camino

    Knee problem: advice por favor!!

    I am on stage 4, just arrived in Puenta Le Reina. I appeared to injure my knee walking into Pamplona yesterday - it became slightly swollen, I cannot straighten it, it now has less strength. I walked Pamplona - PLR today with knee brace, ibuprofen and Voltaren plus sent my pack forward and most...
  13. Angie94

    Plantar Fasciitis has returned...

    I am suppose to leave in 18 days for my first camino. Several years ago I had a painful bout with plantar fasciitis in my right foot. Eventually it subsided and I thought I was "cured" forever! It has decided to rear its ugly head again...:( I am worried about this situation. I am staying off...
  14. Ian41

    I have a problem

    I am planning to leave St Jean on 28th April. I made my first post here on Nov 8th last year announcing that I was flying into Paris on 26th April and arriving in St Jean on 27th April. At that stage I was fully fit for a 74 year old. Since Christmas I have been having knee problems with my...
  15. Tal Cherni

    The future is here: Knee Shock Absorbers

    I stumbled upon this interesting new "apparatus": A knee shock absorber meant to help those with maniscal issues, instead of complete knee replacements. Your thoughts?
  16. B

    Emergency info for trip from Sarria to Santiago

    If someone got injured on the trail from Sarria to Santiago, are there a number of hospitals along the way? If so how many and where are they? Also, how difficult is it to take a taxi in an emergency along the route, i.e., is most of the route relatively close to roads and access out if there...
  17. Physio_pilgrim

    A Physiotherapist's guide to injury prevention and management on the Camino

    Hello Pilgrims! My husband and I have just finished our 33 day journey from St Jean to Fisterra and it was an absolutely incredible experience. We are both physiotherapists and you can imagine that we saw plenty of pilgrims needing assistance along the way, so I thought I'd post a few tips that...
  18. rappahannock_rev

    Medical Care

    Recently, halfway through my 2nd Camino, I tripped and fell crossing the street in El Virgin del Camino. I sustained a messy compound fracture of the little finger of my right hand. A very professional rescue squad was quickly on the scene and transported me to the large hospital in nearby...
  19. YasminVdC

    Severe allergies on the camino?

    Hello fellow pilgrims, Lots of your topics are very useful, but I have a rather specific problem that I would like to get your ideas on: Unfortunally I have some very bad allergies regarding bedding, dust mites, ... I will be bringing my own sleepingbag and pillow (otherwise sleeping will not...
  20. CaminoKate0214

    type 2 diabetes and possible blisters -- treatment?

    As a type 2 diabetic, I just cannot imagine doing the needle and thread thing! That would seem a great way to get a huge infection that would put a quick end to my Camino. Anyone here with ideas for diabetics to treat blisters? I've been wearing my hiking shoes for about three months now, so...