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  1. Marilyn Canada


    Does anyone know if I can purchase Insulin....Flex Pens for each of Novo Rapid and Levemir.....WITHOUT ....a prescription in Spain? I walked the Camino France's in 2008 and carried all my insulin and diabetic supplies needed for the forty days. Since then my dosage has increased significantly...
  2. Pathfinder075

    Multiple Severe Allergies and other problems

    My intention is to walk from Lourdes in early September, but at the minute my medical problems are putting a dampener on the planning. Has anyone (on here) done the walk with a severe anaphlaxis problem to multiple allergens? I am allergic to nuts, olives, sesame, almonds and a multitude of...
  3. Rajy62

    Anyone experience using the Travel Cpap devices; Z1 or Transcend

    I have been using the Resmed S9 APAP (Automatic CPAP) on my Caminos. It weighs about 5 Ibs. Hunting for a lightweight device and came across 1) Z1 Auto CPAP 10 oz $875 and 2) Transcend auto cpap with ezex, $530. Both weighing less than a ib without the charger or battery pack. Anyone has...
  4. ivar

    Pollen and Allergies

    Hi all, Just to let the allergic pilgrims out there know that over the weekend the pine pollen (that yellow dust) "hit" in and around Galicia. My car was all yellow this morning. (Monday March the 30th 2015) Just a warning to those allergic pilgrims out there. Buen camino! Ivar
  5. Llew

    Knee Injury

    Hi, Hoping I can get some help from the forum. Back in December my right knee blew up like a balloon after I finished a walk. Went to Doc and for x-rays and the x-ray showed my patella (kneecap) had moved from the centre of the knee to the outside. Is called patelloformoral pain syndrome. After...
  6. S

    What causes people to stop their caminos?

    This is my first post. I have been reading this forum and intensely researching the Camino de Santiago for a few years now. I am very interested in walking the camino for about three weeks starting in Le Puy in June 2015. I am wondering what are the reasons some people end their walks...
  7. Susan hopes

    Proper disposal of used diabetes supplies

    Buenos dios, fellow pilgrims! I am an insulin-dependent diabetic and must carry with me my insulin, needles and test strips. For those of you who have walked the camino with this condition, can you share how you disposed of used needles, test strips, etc.? At home I have a sharps box and can...
  8. Issy T

    Has anyone walked with compression stockings

    I am 58 and starting the walk in Roncesvalles on the 29th May. I have been having a problem with pain just under the knee which happens about 1-2 hours into my walks. My physio suggested wearing compression tights, such as skins. Just wondering if anyone else has used these and how they went.
  9. Cate A

    The doctor says my dodgy knee is arthritis - advice please!

    My left knee has been stiff for a while and I've been told I've been walking" funny" . I have a bit of pain and inflammation.(Nothing too bad) I went to see a physio who found a Bakers Cyst and advised going to see my GP. Today the GP said I also have arthritis and that walking a couple of miles...
  10. K

    Diabetic walk - how to keep insulin cool?

    I am a 55 yr old Type 1 diabetic, planning to walk the whole Camino Frances from 5/5/14. I inject Novorapid three times a day and Levemir once. Unused insulin needs to be stored in a fridge, as it only lasts 28 days outside a fridge. I plan to allow 50 days for the walk. I anticipate that if I...
  11. billbennettoz

    Walking with a knee brace?

    I came back from the Camino Frances with bad knee pain so I had an X-ray, went to an orthopaedic surgeon and he told me I had to wear a knee brace - an expensive contraption called a Donjoy OA Offloader. Seems I'm bone on bone, and now having got the brace ($650 later!) it does definitely...
  12. M

    Pilgrims with Insulin Dependent Diabetes

    My diabetes is well controlled, I use an insulin pump and continuous glucose sensor, and I have no medical complications. My biggest concern is how to carry all my pump supplies & "emergency" food/drink with me. Soon I will "practice" a walk of 5-10 miles with my backpack loaded with what I...
  13. Choweth

    Insect Allergy

    What are some really bad insect problems that would be in Spain in March and April? Ants? Bees? Mosquitos? I am allergic to all insects but bees, wasps, and the like I am deadly allergic too (but have shots to counteract the reaction). Just wanted to know the risks?
  14. docbb

    CPAP on the Camino

    I'm planning to walk beginning in August this year. I use a CPAP machine at night and have discovered the Transcend II which weighs less than a pound. Also available are a solar charger and a chargeable battery. Has anyone had experience with this? Thanks for your help!
  15. billbennettoz

    With an injury, is it better to keep walking or stop?

    I have a nagging knee injury. I've been stepping up my training, in preparation for an April 2013 camino from SJPP, but with a loaded pack, this injury has resurfaced. On the camino, is it better to rest up for a day or two - or keep walking? My injury at the moment isn't bad enough to stop...
  16. T


    My son and his fiancee are hiking the Camino Frances and had gotten almost to Burgos when his knee gave out. He saw a doctor there who gave him a brace, pain prescription and told him to rest the knee for three or four days. They had not planned a hotel stay into their time or finances. Any...
  17. jeffnd

    Just diagnosed type 1 diabetic...

    I've been getting really bad headaches lately. I went to see a doctor, he said it's high blood pressure. He didn't put me on anything, he just told me to get more active and eat better. I was supposed to follow up in a month. But on Thursday night my headache got so bad I went to the ER...
  18. S

    Insulin pump supplies (equipment)

    Hi I will be traveling the Camino for 6 weeks in May and June 2012. I am a type I diabetic and I am currently using an insulin pump. Because of the limited space I have to pack all my clothing and equipment I am seriously considering going back on injections during the Camino because it takes...
  19. ivar


    Took this picture this morning: Pollen season is here! Buen Camino! Ivar
  20. sulu

    hayfever/allergic rhinitis

    It is far too early to be suffering from either pollen or hay allergy but I'm deffinately suffering from something. I think it is because of the very dry weather and when walking off road I am walking on dry leaves, this combined with the pollution from too many fires :!: Just a reminder for...