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  1. billbennettoz

    With an injury, is it better to keep walking or stop?

    I have a nagging knee injury. I've been stepping up my training, in preparation for an April 2013 camino from SJPP, but with a loaded pack, this injury has resurfaced. On the camino, is it better to rest up for a day or two - or keep walking? My injury at the moment isn't bad enough to stop...
  2. T


    My son and his fiancee are hiking the Camino Frances and had gotten almost to Burgos when his knee gave out. He saw a doctor there who gave him a brace, pain prescription and told him to rest the knee for three or four days. They had not planned a hotel stay into their time or finances. Any...
  3. jeffnd

    Just diagnosed type 1 diabetic...

    I've been getting really bad headaches lately. I went to see a doctor, he said it's high blood pressure. He didn't put me on anything, he just told me to get more active and eat better. I was supposed to follow up in a month. But on Thursday night my headache got so bad I went to the ER...
  4. S

    Insulin pump supplies (equipment)

    Hi I will be traveling the Camino for 6 weeks in May and June 2012. I am a type I diabetic and I am currently using an insulin pump. Because of the limited space I have to pack all my clothing and equipment I am seriously considering going back on injections during the Camino because it takes...
  5. ivar


    Took this picture this morning: Pollen season is here! Buen Camino! Ivar
  6. sulu

    hayfever/allergic rhinitis

    It is far too early to be suffering from either pollen or hay allergy but I'm deffinately suffering from something. I think it is because of the very dry weather and when walking off road I am walking on dry leaves, this combined with the pollution from too many fires :!: Just a reminder for...

    Diabetes 2, pen & pills, no daily checkups

    I got an invitation to walk to Galicia and my diabetes specialist just promised to support me all the way by phone so there should be no problem at all! Untill now I thought I couldn't do it... On this Forum there are already a few dozen posts on diabetes and diabetic and I PM'd with a few...
  8. G

    Injuries upon return from the camino

    As one who just completed the camino (oct. 3rd). I have returned to my home country with stress fracture in my foot, and IT band syndrome in knee. I'm wondering if others who have walked have experienced similar injuries or conditions from walking for so many miles day after day. kim
  9. sillydoll


    There is an excellent article for people with diabetics on the CSJ of UK website.
  10. ivar


    Just a tip for those of you that suffer from allergies, in Galicia (and I think in Spain in general) the pollen season has started. My car was covered in yellow pollen when I picked it up going home from Santiago just now. Saludos, Ivar
  11. andy.d

    knee trouble

    I've had to go to the doctor with knee trouble - swelling and pain when I walk. The doctor has given me the all clear to do the camino, I just have to wear one of those compression pads on the knee and use plenty of ibuprofen. So it's really going to be a matter of managing pain :? I know...
  12. M

    sock allergy???

    I have overcome a number of obsticals for my upcoming Camino in June, but have encountered a crazy one now and hope someone can help!!! I'd been walking 12 miles at a stretch with no problems, but when I increased to 18 miles I now have a horrible beet red splotchy rash on my lower legs and...
  13. TravellingSonn

    Any recommendations which Knee Brace to buy?

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good supportive knee brace I can purchase for my Camino? My right knee isn't in it's best condition (apparently, I have shattered cartilage. I'm not having any problems with it at the moment) although I want to do everything I can...
  14. A


    We may be walking with a friend who is an insulin depentent diabetic. Are there facilities in the refuges to freeze an ice brick every night to keep the insulin cool for the trek a month out of Santiago?
  15. B

    Allergies On The Camino

    I live in the U.S. in California, and every year I have seasonal allergies from grass pollens... bad hayfever symptoms. I'm just wondering if people have experienced allergy symptoms on the Camino, and if there's a particular time of year it's especially bad. I'll be hiking in May & June...