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  1. hel&scott

    Free socks

    Today I received a box of new, free socks. A few weeks back my daughter caught me going through my old socks and darning those that had developed holes. She laughed at my resourceful frugality and pointed out that icebreaker offer a lifetime guarantee on their socks. Given the price of good...
  2. nidarosa

    Sold Icebreaker merino dress - UK

    I was going to put a lot of things on Ebay this weekend to add funds to my next camino adventure, but thought I'd let the good pilgrims on this forum have first refusal on some of my unused and surplus walking gear. For sale I have: Alpkit Cloud Cover purple down tapered quilt with drawstrings...
  3. Jenny267

    Aldi merino....

    Hello all fellow Australians who crave Aldi merino - it goes on sale tomorrow Saturday 7th July. Ready set go!
  4. AlongTheAway

    Merino layers for April/May - advice about Icebreaker weights

    Hi everyone Thanks to all the advice on the forums and the excellent post Christmas sales I am making progress on my Camino gear (including two pairs of shoes being tested and just bought my backpack today!) Now moving on to the top part of me. As a big Icebreaker fan I am thinking about going...
  5. L

    Fleece or no fleece?

    Hi, I'm heading out of SJDPP in early October. I see on a lot of the packing lists to bring a fleece. I am not a big fan of fleece, wore one on the Inca Trail years ago and it drove me crazy because they feel so constricting to me, plus a lot of them are 3/4 zip/mock turtleneck which I am also...
  6. NTange

    Merino or Quick Dry Wicking tops????

    Help. I have read so many threads & picked up plenty of great ideas. However, I am still confused... I will be walking in April/May and concerned about being cold. I come from Darwin (super hot all the time) & feel the cold whenever I leave the NT!!! Should I focus on merino tops, which take...
  7. electra_cd

    Sarria to Santiago late May- investing in merino vs. fleece?

    Thank you to everyone who takes the time to answer questions on this forum! I'm hiking Sarria to Santiago at the end of May into June and could use clothing pointers. I already own hiking sneakers, polypro and wool socks, silk base layers, athletic tees, and a rain jacket. I'm in the process of...

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