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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago


  1. S

    Burgos to fromista - albergues all open ?

    Hi - I have noticed many albergues that are listed as year round open are sometimes closed - anyone walking at the moment provide assurances re albergues open from Burgos to fromista ? Also are there bars open in villages and supermarkets for supplies ? Advice from people walking at the moment...
  2. jgpryde

    Live - Camino Francés The Meseta lived up to its reputation today.

    Busy day on the Meseta by jgpryde posted May 21, 2017 at 7:39 AM It was a dry, flat and long walk between Carrion de los Condes and Calzadilla de la Crueza with nothing but farm crops and windmills in the distance... and a few pilgrims. One option for the Meseta by jgpryde posted May 21, 2017...
  3. C

    Abuela on the meseta

    After walking Roncevalles to Logrono at age 68 in 2013, Logrono to Burgos in 2014 and Sarria to Santiago in 2015 to be with St. James on my 70th birthday, I want to go back to the Camino and do stretches I haven't walked before. I hope to walk from Burgos to Sahagun in October. The sparseness...


  5. Mesetaaaaaaaa


    Sunny winter day on the Meseta.
  6. HighlandHind

    The Meseta in spring

    I've just spent a glorious week crossing the vast plains between Burgos and Leon. When I walked the meseta in 2012 it was late September, post harvest, and the land was tired, brown and golden yellow. In spring 2016 it was a fresh green world. This short post on my blog gives a flavour of what...
  7. Mark2012

    Meseta weather - mid-to-late March

    Hello all, Myself and a friend will be walking for a week or so from Burgos next month, starting on March 18. I'm wondering what sort of weather we can expect, beyond the usual sound advice to expect anything? I walked this route twice before, but those time were in May and July, so I'm...
  8. Walking the Meseta

    Walking the Meseta

  9. Meseta


    The long, dry trek over the meseta
  10. La "Terrible" Meseta.

    La "Terrible" Meseta.

  11. Meseta...storm brewing

    Meseta...storm brewing

  12. Meseta - rain coming

    Meseta - rain coming

    thanks Patricia Moak from Portland, Oregon for taking this picture of me - being a solo walker, not that many to prove I in fact did it
  13. On the Meseta, September 2014

    On the Meseta, September 2014

    Two Canadian cousins who laugh a lot
  14. Morning light on the Meseta

    Morning light on the Meseta

  15. gracie

    Baggage weight

    I weighed my baggage and it is already more than 10% of my weight, that doesn't include yet the shampoo, soap, shoes, mobilephone and the charger. Since i will be taking my journey in the middle of August maybe it is not a good idea to take a fleece jacket. Is there an area along Camino Fances...
  16. brawblether

    A wintery meseta

    I am not the blog writing type but I will drop by here from time to time over the next few weeks with brief updates of my walk from Logrono to Leon. The winter walkers who have posted practical information on this forum have been invaluable to my own walk preparations and so I wanted to be able...
  17. C

    Starting on the Meseta on Saturday. I'm a bit nervous.

    This is my 3rd Camino, but it's my first time alone. I'm starting on the Meseta on Saturday (7/20); leaving tomorrow night. I'm all packed and prepped to go, but now the nerves have set in. I could use some encouragement on 2 topics; 1) I have a major fear of dogs. When I was traveling with a...
  18. Olivares

    Sept-Oct Weather in the Meseta (Burgos to Leon) How was it?

    Did you walked between Burgos and Leon during September or October? How was it?
  19. unniskaar

    How many km a day at the Meseta ?

    An excperienced pilgrim told me that it is easy to walk many km a day at the Meseta, is it true ? I will start in Burgos 15 th of june. Last summer I walked from St Jean to Burgos, and liked to do about 25 km a day... my knees can bring me some trouble :)
  20. Trishkerry


    Hi all. I set off on my camino from SJpdp in 47 days time. I have seen the meseta mentioned a lot on this forum. At the risk of sounding a bit thick where on the camino is the Meseta?. Trish

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