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  1. kazrobbo

    Mobile phone pouch for backpack straps

    Walking the VF from March & for the first time, I'll be leaving my camera behind & just taking my mobile phone. I'm used to my camera case being looped through the waist/hip straps of my backpack which has always worked well as its easily accessible. I'm hoping to adopt the same method with my...
  2. notion900

    Cameras and smartphones for the frugal

    A nice tech question for those that enjoy such conundrums... I am a well informed but stingy consumer of technology. e.g. for ages I hung onto a non-smartphone, by also using an iPod Touch (that I was given free ;)) with WIFI. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime phone (bottom of the whole...
  3. irishgurrrl

    Spanish SIM card for Primitivo???

    Hey folks, I'm planning to buy a Spanish SIM card for my iPhone 5 SE. My brother in law is over there at the moment so will get it for me (all going well). It'll be the usual "pay as you go" with a good data package. Does anyone have any recommendations on which company to buy it from i.e...
  4. Joel Balderas

    Cell Phone Reception

    How is the cell phone reception/coverage on the camino? Particularly from Sarria to Santiago? What about data is it generally available? If so is it fast or adequate? Thanks
  5. JP

    Cell Phone Options.

    Cell Phones on the Camino Portuguese, buy one or Get a SIM card?
  6. MaidinBham

    Motorola Moto G Global GSM Unlocked

    I researched buying this phone quite a lot, so thought I would share what I have learned. Phone: Motorola Moto G Global Unlocked (1st generation) Model # XT1032. There are MANY model numbers for 1st generation, I was only interested in XT1032 because it is truly global and optimized to work...
  7. ramble-on

    Spanish SIM card for the Norte/Primitivo

    Hola, I'll be walking the Norte/Primitivo/Finisterre in June/July this year. I'd like to get a SIM card for my Samsung S6 (which is unlocked, or rather will be as soon as I have a nano-SIM card to trigger the unlock code, if that makes any sense!). What I'd like is something that is a) prepaid...
  8. Kiwi-family

    How much data is too much?

    On our next camino I am going to take an I-phone with the Wise Pilgrim app. How much data would I chew through if I kept it running (including the map bit)? In the past I have used either no phone at all or phone just for taking photos, uploading blog posts and running Strava to log each day's...
  9. KinkyOne

    Roaming tariffs within EU zone

    Hola! I guess this thread will be mostly usefull for EU citizens but could benefit to others aswell: http://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/roaming-tariffs I've also heard that by 1st July 2015 there will be no more roaming charged in EU but couldn't find anything reliable about that on...

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