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  1. Umwandert

    Personal report: my most challenging day on the Salvador

    I could have been warned. But I felt prepared. I had trained by frequently running in my city and hiking a whole week around Berlin on the Mauerweg (160 km). I had lost weight and felt quite fit for 53. Much fitter than on my first camino (Ingles + Muxia/Fisterra) two years before. I had read...
  2. C

    How much time is needed in Santiago?

    Hello! This is our first Camino, family of four with 2 teen boys from the US. Just doing the stage from Sarria to Santiago. We will walk our last day from Pedrouzo to Santiago. My question is whether I will have enough time to sort out our 4 pilgrim certificates and attend mass on the day of...
  3. S

    An Alaskan peregrina on the Lana — November 2021

    I hope this summary of my recent Ruta de la Lana will be useful to someone. Like many of us, I was more than ready to get walking again, despite the continuing pandemic, so when I felt it was safe enough for me to travel to Spain and walk, I started November 11th, though this was a little...
  4. Yoah

    LIVE from the Camino The Via de la Plata and Sanabrés in December/January

    Note from the mods: If you want to read about the first part @Yoah’s walk, from Tarifa to Sevilla on the Via Serrana, see this thread. Hello! A number of wonderful people encouraged me to share (an overview of) my experience on the Via de la Plata. It's December 9 today, and I'm writing to...
  5. ivar

    Google Arts & Culture - Camino de Santiago Announced today. If you can't get to Spain right now, here are some Camino Content that Google and the Xunta has put together.
  6. Roger Hogstrom

    Albergues Via de la plata Sept 18, 2021

    I got this from the owner of the casa rural Via de la plata in Aldea del Cano where I am now. It was updated 18 of september 2021
  7. M

    What is open on Camino Frances in Winter?

    I have done a Spring Camino on St James Way (10 years ago) and only a partial of Portugal in 2014. Now I would like to do a repeat of St. James or Frances Camino during the winter (work schedule makes it possible). I will start in Pamplona. I continue to read that many places are "closed"...
  8. Anna&Michael

    Camino Frances: looking back to 2005, what was the Camino like?

    We knew very little about the Camino Francés when we set out. in fact we'd never heard of it until a friend came back from Spain with fabulous stories of walking a pilgrimage in Spain. But six months later, in the autumn of 2005, inspired by Robert’s stories and in need of respite from the...
  9. VNwalking

    Virtual/planning thread: Caminos Girona, Catalán, and Aragonés - Part 1: Llançà to Montserrat

    Here we go! I've made an executive decision to add the bit on the Aragonés at the end, just because. Basic resources: Gronze: (Llançà - Montserrat) (Montserrat - Santa Cilia de Jaca)...
  10. peregrina2000

    Detailed planning thread for the Camino Olvidado

    As promised, today I am starting a planning thread for the Camino Olvidado. There are many good sources for the Olvidado. Ender’s guide in English. The Camino Olvidado website with stages, tracks, and pictures. This forum’s sub-forum on the Olvidado. Another Olvidado website, in Spanish...
  11. C clearly

    What do you like to do when you get to Santiago?

    I realize this has been discussed before, but maybe it's time to reminisce about what we have done, or plan to do, when we arrive in the city of Santiago. I have a favourite place to stay - Hospederia San Martin Pinario, on the pilgrim floor, because it has everything I really want (bed...
  12. Dodger

    How much Spanish do you need on the VDLP

    I have a very basic understanding of Spanish. I can ask for a menu, do you do dinner, etc & do you, where is inanition I can order basic food, coffee, tea, where is/are please, thank you etc I am attempting to understand some basic written words. Will this get me by or do I need more, I...
  13. linkster

    Planning - Average Temperatures on the VDLP

    Here is a hyperlink to a Google Drive folder. It contains a series of html files (web pages) that I created that show the average temperatures for every stage on the Camino with a start date for each month. I used the stages detailed in I excerpted the weather charts from...
  14. JennyH94

    Searching for the ‘secret’ Santiago

    With thanks to our beautiful Camino friend and fellow Forum member @OzAnnie for thinking of the idea, here’s a thread in which a lot of us might be prepared to share details of our ‘secret’ Santiago - ie those gems in Santiago which aren’t widely known about. I have two such secrets to share...
  15. JillGat

    What did you love best about walking la Plata?

    I feel drawn to walking La Plata next time I'm able to do a Camino. I've heard from some people that they found it boring, grueling, ran into logistics re. finding water, places to stay, etc. But I've heard from others that it was their favorite Camino. I want to hear what you loved about it...
  16. peregrina2000

    Short Stages (most under 20 km) on the Mozárabe

    I’m hoping that some who might not otherwise have joined our Mozárabe zooms set for next week will take a look and say — ahh, it can be done! I spent some time with the Association guide and some great forum posts and came up with a sketch of stages that are almost all under 20 km. The two...
  17. AJGuillaume

    Virtual (and very detailed) plan to walk the VdlP and Sanabrés (planning while in confinement)

    This year we were going to walk from Lisbon to SdC, after a few shorter walks in France and a week volunteering at SJPdP. As a result of Covid-19, we are now confined in Melbourne, Australia, and I have been keeping the dream alive by planning 2021 and 2022 (when I am not running after a...
  18. Mark McCarthy

    Camino Trivia

    While on lockdown, I was wondering if we could start a daily post of Camino trivia (history and background). As a start here is some background on the monastery next to the wine fountain at Irache: "The abbey at Irache was one of the oldest Benedictine monasteries in the world with its...
  19. C clearly

    Detailed planning for the Camino Sanabres, March-April 2020

    Before COVID-19, etc., my 2020 plan was to walk the Camino Sanabres in the Spring. I haven't done this route before, although I did walk from Seville to Astorga in 2017. I have my spreadsheet ready, with distances, villages, optional stages, and a few notes. I have the Gerald Kelly 2020 guide...
  20. KinkyOne

    Guide to the Camino de Uclés — in Spanish and English

    Note from the mods. I have merged two threads — the first post here has the guide in Spanish, and if you scroll down to post number 8, you will see that @Canuck has added an English translation. Hola! @Canuck kindly provided Spanish language guide so here it is in .pdf files attached. Happy...
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