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  1. erkovar

    How much money should I carry?

    I will be walking my first camino, the Portuguese Central Way this mid-october. So for about 12-13 days on the trail, how much money should I carry? I thought between 300-500 Euros as towns w/ ATM's may be far in between?
  2. ShelleyW

    Cash on the Camino Frances

    Any issues obtaining Cash / Euros on the Camino? Did you find ATM’s belonging to obscure networks vs “Plus, Star, Interlink, Money pass”. Open to any advise on money matters while walking the Camino
  3. Kim Won Sills

    Questions from an amateur, walking in July 2018

    Hey everyone! In July I intend to walk the Camino del Norte beginning around the 18th - 20th. This will be my first Camino and I chose the Northern Way because as I understand it, it's a "quieter" walk that hugs coastline for stretches and with less road walking than the Frances. Also with it...
  4. Thegreyfoxfromoz

    Camino Finances

    My wife and I finished the Camino Frances on April 5th, 2018, in 27 days. We had a blast but I have a few observations on finances. All notes below relate to 2 people and our experience may differ from others. Aiming to give s simple summary of one topic I found confusing on this forum Credit...
  5. C


    In recent books I have read on the Camino, the authors generally say that their daily expenses range from €30-€60 each day. This seems a little bit steep! Is this accurate?
  6. E

    How are you funding your Camino?

    Is anyone else using non-traditional means i.e. not your regular wages ? I ask as I'm selling off part of my nerdy collection of Scout and Guide pins and am almost halfway there. I haven't been able to do any paid work for a while due to severe depression but for reasons unknown, I've become...
  7. Jaco Klynsmith

    Budget in 2017

    Hi, Most of the posts I find on budget are from a few years ago. What is a realistic daily budget?
  8. belladonna

    What is the best way to pay?

    Thank you, hermanas y hermanos for guiding me on the Camino. Tell me, for ten days (Ponferrada to Santiago) what is the best way to carry cash? how much? credit cards? Wishing all buen camino!
  9. K

    Scammers in Santiago

    Hello everyone, I booked into The Last Stamp albergue in Santiago de Compostela on 26th an 27th April. My friend and I were staying in a 8/10 bed dorm. I took the bottom bunk and she took the top bunk. Behind me was an Indian man in his 50/60s. Around 5pm on the Sunday, my friend was sleeping...
  10. J

    Money on Camino....

    excited for my first Camino beginning next Th from Pamplona! would like help on deciding about money on Camino? what is better Visa, MasterCard, or Amex? how much euros is good to have to begin with? how to get more $ if/when needed?

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