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  1. Thegreyfoxfromoz

    Camino Finances

    My wife and I finished the Camino Frances on April 5th, 2018, in 27 days. We had a blast but I have a few observations on finances. All notes below relate to 2 people and our experience may differ from others. Aiming to give s simple summary of one topic I found confusing on this forum Credit...
  2. Trish K

    Rough cost of Camino Frances in December

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and am loving the wealth of information on here. I am planning to undertake the Camino Frances setting off on 24/11 and hoping to arrive in Santiago on 31/12. One piece of info I can't seem to find recent info on is what I should expect to spend. I will be...
  3. C

    Dollar to Euro Exchange, Credit Card, fees

    So how is everyone handling the issues surrounding currency exchange? I'm kind of a minimalist and only have one credit card with my bank. My bank has no ATMs in Europe. When I withdraw Euros from an ATM in Europe, a typical American bank charges $5 flat fee for each international ATM use...
  4. E

    How are you funding your Camino?

    Is anyone else using non-traditional means i.e. not your regular wages ? I ask as I'm selling off part of my nerdy collection of Scout and Guide pins and am almost halfway there. I haven't been able to do any paid work for a while due to severe depression but for reasons unknown, I've become...
  5. Luka

    Daily budget on the Norte?

    I'll be walking the Camino del Norte and the Primitivo in July/August (if all goes well). I am trying to estimate my budget for these combined Caminos. I think I'll need 35- 40 days (an extra day in Oviedo and/or Santiago included). Would a daily budget of 35 euro be enough? Counting on...
  6. CaptNoglos

    Using Cards or Cash?

    Having seen some comments about using cash or cards, and tried to find some relevant threads without much success, I posted the following reply to a thread, which might also help others, so here it is as a separate thread, with some minor additions. To all you experienced Camino Walkers out...
  7. notion900

    Santiago Airport Catering £££££££

    Just had a thought to share - the only food available at Santiago airport is horrendously expensive. At London Gatwick airside I usually spend £3 on a sandwich, drink and fruit to take on the plane (thanks Boots Meal Deal!), last time I was at Santiago it was EUR17 for the same in the...
  8. Clark

    Cost of albergues

    Hello everyone! I'm planning to take the coastal way from Porto to Santiago next year and I'm trying to plan my expenses early to start saving. From the videos I've seen I thought the alburgues we around 5€ a night but on the sheet I printed out that lists them in seeing hardly any for under...
  9. Jaco Klynsmith

    Budget in 2017

    Hi, Most of the posts I find on budget are from a few years ago. What is a realistic daily budget?
  10. Beccyfitz

    Camino Budget

    Hi All, I'm setting off on my first Camino next Monday 20th from Ferrol, and I was just wondering what recommendations people might have in terms of budget as this was a fairly last minute decision to do a a camino! I am hoping to stay in municipal albergues wherever possible and have rooms...
  11. Alison Chandler

    Spending money/subsistence

    How much per day do you think I need to budget for? I will be staying in hotels so anticipate this will be breakfast included. But theres midday meals and dinners and drinks and all that. I speak good Spanish and like local food so expect that to help. (When I went last year I was on an...
  12. T

    Camino Portuguese Coastal path on a budget

    Hi all, I will be spending the year in Spain from May and am hoping to walk another Camino or two. I would like to walk the Camino Portuguese Coastal path from Porto, and I plan to order/buy the latest John Brierley book, but not until I arrive in Spain in May as I don't have an address to send...
  13. steve392

    Daily budget

    Hi guys. Quick question. Is 40 euros a day a big enough budget to walk the CF? All the research I've been doing would suggest it would be enough, but prices do go up. I'm planning on a 39 day camino so a total of about 1500 to 1600 euros for the whole trip (not including transport costs and...
  14. Gadflyparexcellence

    Cash or credit card

    Just a brief practical question. I will be on the Camino in the fall of 2017. I do not plan to carry too much cash on this trip. Should I be able to use my credit cards along the way? If not, how much of a minimum cash one should carry on a 4-5 trip?
  15. WriterChantal

    Spanish Payment cards/debit cards

    Are there Spanish payment card, debit or prepaid cards I could buy? I'm thinking I would prefer to get to Madrid and put my money into a debit card and get euro's along the way. What is the best way? any horror stories ? What companies would you recommend? Thanks!
  16. WriterChantal

    Cheapest Way to Way

    I have been reading and planning to walk the Camino for about 3 years now. I really want to do this! But I'm pretty much the working poor, it so hard to even afford a plan ticket much less take 4 months to walk the Camino. So, I'm trying to get my costs down as low as I can. I would like to...
  17. Roamin' Rob

    Cash, Credit, ATMs?

    How high are the ATM fees? I've heard $5 + 3% charged by the ATM provider (my US bank said THEY will not charge me a fee). I will be paying for myself and my two daughters from Leon to Santiago so think I'll need lots of Euros for food and shelter. Do many placed along the Camino Frances...
  18. A Walking Stick

    Budgeting info for Solo Pilgrim?

    This is my first post, so I apologize in advance if I missed a section here devoted to this topic, I did look around but couldn't find one. I am ready to plan my Camino Frances and the first thing I need to do is work up a estimated cost for the trip. If there is not already a section of this...
  19. jeffnd

    ATM card with chip and PIN

    So I got the mail today and Wells Fargo had sent me a new ATM/debit card. I wasn't sure why, because my current card still had several years until the expiration date. But then I look at the new card and see it's a chip and PIN card. "For our customers that live and travel overseas." I...
  20. S

    Cost of walking Camino Frances

    Hi, Planning to walk the Camino Frances route starting from SJPdP next Sep/Oct. Like to know how much it cost for the duration of the walk, e.g. food and accommodation? Need to work out a budget as currency conversion is not to my advantage :( Thanks.