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  1. jeffnd

    ATM card with chip and PIN

    So I got the mail today and Wells Fargo had sent me a new ATM/debit card. I wasn't sure why, because my current card still had several years until the expiration date. But then I look at the new card and see it's a chip and PIN card. "For our customers that live and travel overseas." I...
  2. S

    Cost of walking Camino Frances

    Hi, Planning to walk the Camino Frances route starting from SJPdP next Sep/Oct. Like to know how much it cost for the duration of the walk, e.g. food and accommodation? Need to work out a budget as currency conversion is not to my advantage :( Thanks.
  3. C

    ATMs after Burgos

    Does anyone know if there are ATMs in any of the villages in the few days after Burgos? Thanks
  4. gracie

    Budget for camino frances in August 2014

    I will be biking camino frances in a month and beginning to make my budget. Is there a site where i can find the latest prices for private and public albergues or anybody out there who has been walking the camino in june or july 2014, i would appreciate it very much if you can share your...
  5. Scotsreb

    U.S. type ATM/Credit cards

    I was wondering whether there is an issue with Euro/Spanish ATM machines, accepting the U.S. magnetic strip style ATM/Credit cards? Philip
  6. G

    Best Kiwi Debit or Credit Card to take?

    I have a niece from NZ who will be accompanying me this year along the Camino Frances. Aussies have their "28 degrees" Master Card from GE Money, voted best card to use overseas, with no international transaction fees on purchases, no currency conversion fees, a good conversion rate, and no...
  7. JocelynAPV

    Use of credit card on the Camino Francés?

    Hi! I am from Venezuela, and we have some really tied change control. So, I would like to know how much I can really use my credit card for pay during the camino, or if is cash only. I´m not talking about ATMs, but pay directly with the card. The restaurants, shops or even some albergues would...
  8. katehawk

    Copies of credit cards, ID, itinerary stolen

    I put a copy of all important docs under my insert in my shoe. Dirty socks stuffed on top. Was not enough to discourage thief. Will continue keeping all originals in hand, even in shower. It is distressing that all my personal info is in someone else's hands. The sense of community that is...
  9. G

    Credit Card Quirkiness - Booking French Train Tickets Online

    I just scored a 42Euro 2nd Class seat on the 10.29am Paris/Montparnasse to Biarritz TGV on the 27th of August. Booked & paid by internet using my Visa Card. I had just previously tried three times to book a iDTGV 2nd Class seat on the SAME TRAIN (it was cheaper at 36Euro) but had the same Visa...
  10. T

    Which credit card to take?

    If I had to choose one credit card to take, would AMEX or VISA be more likely accepted?
  11. camino07

    credit card warning!

    I received an unpleasant shock today to be told by my visa credit card provider that there have been four transactions in the last week from my card. I happen to be in Perth,Australia and the withdrawals were made in Paris. Approx $5000 worth. My card must have been skimmed during my September...
  12. R

    Canadian pilgrams.....Will a Credit Union debit card work?

    Hello, wanting to know from fellow Canadians if a Credit Union debit card will work in Spain, or should I open up an account at the Royal Bank and get a debit card from RB?
  13. D

    Credit Cards on the Caminos

    Just a cautionary note: My bank rang me up last week to say they had cancelled my credit card because of some suspicious activity with it. A new card takes 5 working days, sent to my home address then 2 days later they send the pin number. This got me thinking about what I would have done on the...
  14. K

    credit cards en route

    Not to inundate this forum with newbie questions, but I'm still curious about the use of credit cards along the way. I've never traveled overseas before, so I'm not sure if I could use my current debit/credit card (VISA) there or how to exchange dollars for euros with the card. Or is there...