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  1. B

    Getting back to Santiago de Compostela from Muxia/Finsterra

    Please could someone advice me on getting a public transport back to Santiago de Compostela from Muxia and Finsterra. I would like to know how frequent the transportations are from Muxia and Finsterra to Santiago de Compostela or somewhere near the SCQ airport.
  2. Finisterre to Muxia - a days walk

    Finisterre to Muxia - a days walk

    A day of walking to Muxia
  3. RumAndChupacabras

    Camino of a Different Color

    We're taking six weeks (Lord WIlling) to scout all over Northern Spain, for a place to buy. Hoping to find a place with an extra bedroom (or two) and 2 or more bathrooms and...very close to a Camino route because, the ability to take in Peregrinos (but, not as in a full blown albergue) appeals...
  4. P_20190613_212719_1_1_1_1.jpg


  5. F

    Riding a bike from Santiago --> Finisterre --> Muxia

    Hi everyone! I am looking to borrow a bike from what seems to be the abundant shops in Santiago after walking the French way. I hope to complete the journey in two days, day 1 to Finisterre and day 2 to Muxia. The real question is if anyone knows how I can go about using public transport to...
  6. S

    Camino Finisterre Guidebook Availability in Santiago

    Hello All! I am hiking the Camino Frances (Starting March 16th) and want to complete the Camino Finisterre after my initial pilgrimage. I have found Brierley’s Camino Frances guide to be extremely helpful. Has anyone used his Camino Finisterre guide? Also, will I be able to purchase said guide...
  7. Jenine

    bus from Muxia to Santiago

    Hello peregrinos, I have found in my search that there is a weekday bus at 0645 from Muxia to Santiago. What I still cannot figure out is where do I catch the bus in Muxia? I know it is Group Ferrin with no website.... trying to figure out how much time to allow.. I have a plane to catch and...
  8. S

    Luxury or nice accommodation on finisterre way

    I am eager to walk the Finisterre way but I want to do it in relative luxury. Are there any NICE hotels or guest houses along the route from santiago to cape fisterra and on to Muxia please?
  9. I

    Good/new guidebooks?

    Next spring I'm planning to walk from Santiago to Finisterre and then on to Muxia, slowly, allowing time to take things in. After a look around this forum and on Amazon, I can't find much to read over the long winter ... I'm aware of the John Brierley book, which covers that route along with...
  10. Viking-on-the-trail

    Muxia to Porto...

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I need to take the bus from Muxia to SDC and from there the bus to Porto. However there is no information regarding the times or where to get the bus from SDC to Porto. Does anyone know these? As far as I could find out the bus from Muxia to SDC leaves at 06:45...
  11. Playful Dread

    Muxia or Finisterre first?

    We are in Oliveira at the albergue staying overnight and have about 5km till we reach the split for Muxia or Finisterre. I'd originally planned to walk to Muxia first then along the coast to Finisterre. But looking at the map the gradient looks really steep out of Muxia and not something my...
  12. MTJ

    Bus from Muxia to SdC

    I've searched for info on taking the bus from Muxia back to Santiago de Comp but just can't seem to find it......anyone have a schedule for this service? Hubby and I are planning on walking from Porto to Muxia by way of SdC May/June 2017. Thanks for any assistance.
  13. Muxia


  14. caminoj

    Can't Find a Bus from Cee to Muxia on a Sunday

    I am looking at the Monbus.es site for bus service from Cee to Muxia on Sunday April 23rd. By the looks of the schedule it appears there may not be bus service on this route on Sundays. Am I missing something? Are the other bus or transportation options to get me there. It looks like service is...
  15. Muxia


  16. kessey11

    Can I start in Muxia

    I am entering the last few days of my Camino to Santiago and have planned for 2 extra days that I won't need. I would like to walk some of the finisterre Camino; particularly Muxia to Finisterre. Is it possible to bus from Santiago to Muxia and get a credential in order to walk from Muxia to...
  17. And... done.

    And... done.

    Quiet day at the end of the world as our Camino experience wraps up. Can't wait to come again soon...
  18. Vdlp 2016

    Vdlp 2016

    Such a Romantic moment in Muxia.
  19. Gipsy Moon

    Live - Finisterre, Muxia practical bank info please

    Can anyone tell me if there is a bank in Muxia for currency change? Thank you.
  20. wisepilgrim

    Camino Finisterre & Muxía - A Wise Pilgrim Guide 2.2.3

    ANDROID LINK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wisepilgrim.caminofinisterre Four years older, Four years wiser! Now in their 4th year the Wise Pilgrim Guides are the definitive app to help you to Santiago de Compostela. Built off the hand written notes of a veteran pilgrim...

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