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  1. Grahamby

    Birding the Camino

    My partner and I are thoroughly committed birdwatchers and nature-lovers. When she, my dad, and I decided to do the Camino Le Puy together, I was determined to devote a good portion of the experience to seeing as many birds as I could along the way. The region of France that the route from Le...
  2. peregrina2000

    Ruta del Flysch — so close to the Camino!

    The Ruta del Flysch (in between Zumaia and Deba) is a well-known and well-loved walking path that hugs the coast while the Camino del Norte takes the inland route. A recent article describes it as one of the three Spanish places that has been placed on a list of the 100 most important...
  3. EEAC6F05-15CF-4142-8813-2F29F9DCB9A6.jpeg


    Winter Camino
  4. B

    Can you name this plant?

    The photo was taken in October last year between Redecilla del Camino and Villafranca Montes de Oca. I don't have a smartphone, so I couldn't use the app that identifies plants.
  5. J

    Great Bustards on CdM

    For those on the Camino de Madrid I saw Great Bustards near, and between, Santervás de Campos and Grajal de Campos April 15 & 16. Magnificent birds.
  6. Derek Booth

    Processionary caterpillars are DANGEROUS!!!

    I am in contact with several non Camino walkers who are currently in the Iberian Peninsular. They are reporting that the Processionary caterpillers are falling out of their nests and starting their march across the landscape. Whilst these reports are for the more temperate parts of Spain and...
  7. S

    Feathered Scotttish peregrino?

    Today BBC News continues the reports of Glen, the hitch-hiking Osprey. He must be heading for Santiago.
  8. lindam

    Preparing Chestnuts

    My husband and I were out collecting chestnuts from a local tree today and have made quite a large score. Of course, while doing so, it brought back many memories of walking in Galicia's magnificent chestnut forests. We want to be able to cook them, remove the shells and possibly freeze them...
  9. yesshesaid

    Ancient viticulture curiousity

    In walking CF in 2019 I was, as always, very interested in the agriculture. The huge old grape vines with no visible trellising were not familiar to me and I've googled this with no result. Can anyone tell me the details of growing these vines? Thank you!
  10. Derekbarff

    Flora and Fauna along the Camino Frances

    I am interested in observing the Nature along the Camino Frances in May 2023. Does anyone have information on the birds, insects, flora etc that may have been documented along the route from SJPDP to Santiago? Many thanks.
  11. Peregrinopaul

    Starting from SJpdP now? Can you help help with unusual photo request?

    I've been working on a study of geology along the camino. I was intending to be on the Francés myself in a month to take a closer look at some particular outcrops and take pictures. I've had to cancel until next year, but I'm feeling impatient. Is there anyone, (like @piparnold , (who I notice...
  12. VNwalking

    For Kiwis (and lovers of special trees)

    Are you walking the Ingles or planning to visit A Coruña before heading home? Here, courtesy of Google Maps, is a total wonder - an absolutely immense Pohutukawa. It has a pointer all its own on the map! You can find it behind a police station (of all...
  13. peregrina2000

    Recent (not current) fires on the Invierno and Casimiro update

    I am not a very adept facebook user and frankly go there only to see what Invierno, Olvidado, or Geira threads might pop up. Btw, there are lots of all three, so I think these caminos are on the move. A recent Invierno pilgrim had a comment in his description of the stage from Quiroga to...
  14. Theatregal

    Birds & Insects on the Camino

    On the camino I've noticed birds but really didn't pay close attention until my last camino on the very quiet Invierno in June 2019. As I walked alone and slower the whole way, I started to focus more on the birds and insects I was seeing and hearing. Since March 2020, staying home and with my...
  15. dick bird

    Old routes in Spain Many caminos use pre-existing routes, many of which were used by pastoralists, for example, the via de la Plata was used as a transhumance route and the via de la Lana existed for that main purpose...
  16. B

    Name this flower (please)

    The photo of some flowers I saw on my camino was taken in October 2016 between Lacommande and Oloron. I had previously seen similar flowers in Spain -- fields of them giving the whole field a pink blush. I asked what they were called in Villalcázar de Sirga, and the barman said they were called...
  17. Gadflyparexcellence

    Indeed there are lilacs on the Camino

    While writing a piece on lilacs recently (see below), I had an uncanny feeling that I had seen them somewhere on Camino Francis during one of my walks. But I couldn't recall exactly where I had seen them. I posed a question on a thread on flowers on this forum asking if anyone have seen lilacs...
  18. pepi

    Griffon vultures along the Camino

    One of the highlights of walking in northern Spain, - especially in the first etapas of the Camino Frances over the Pyrenees and in the Picos de Europa –, is the sight of the majestic Vultures. One of the reasons why 90 percent of all European griffon vultures live in Spain is the behavior of...
  19. Peregrinopaul

    Le Puy: it took me 60 years. Spoiler: geology

    When I was a boy, maybe aged 12, I was given as a Christmas present this book. A satisfyingly hefty book about the history of the planet. My parents knew I was interested in rocks and fossils, and this book certainly fed my appetite. There was of course a chapter all about volcanoes, and...
  20. BombayBill

    Gardeners Guide to Camino

    Here is a link to a book that details a gardener’s perspective of the Camino Frances.

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