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  1. J

    Camino with the most nature / forest

    Good day In the past I have walk the camino Norte, Vía de la Plata, Primitivo and Portuguese. In all these camino's there is a mix of walking on the street and in the nature/forest. For example there is a lot of walking on the street while doing the Norte. From your experience what are the...
  2. peregrina2000

    Ojo Güareña on the Camino Olvidado

    I’ve been doing some poking around the internet in preparation for another Zoom meeting on the Olvidado. I should stop, because I have been finding some amazing sites that are not on camino, just a stone’s throw away. But I was totally oblivious when I walked. Here’s one of the most amazing...
  3. Kathy F.

    Wildfire Season?

    I have a friend who was planning to walk the CP in the fall, but is now hesitant because she has read that the fall is "wildfire season" and doesn't want to take the chance. I'd never heard of a wildfire season in Portugal that would affect one's walking the Camino. But, I never looked into it...
  4. MaggieQYogini

    Any wild life safety concerns on the French Way??

    I plan to go on my 1st Camino (the French Way) in the last week of May to June of 2020. Watched many YouTube videos and reading the Forum. Being the journey treks through large areas of wilderness, are there any danger with wild life?
  5. VNwalking

    Do you like rocks?

    If you are walking: The initial stages of the Frances The Baztanes The Vasco Interior or the Via de bayona The beginning half of the Olvidado The beginning of the Norte... And you are a geologist or simply a rock afficionado, then... Here is a paper you will love...
  6. M


    What birds will I see on the Camino?
  7. C

    Wildlife on the Primitivo in Galicia

    I am due to start my Camino in Lugo next week and wonder if I will be lucky enough to see any wildlife whilst walking. Has anyone seen anything of interest ?
  8. N

    Are there snakes on the Camino?

    Are they seen often? In any particular area? Any dangerous?
  9. Raggy

    Move away from the toxic caterpillars!

    In spring you're likely to encounter Pine Processional Caterpillars. You might see their nests, which look like cotton candy / candy floss or you might see them on the move in a conga-line procession. (This photo is from a friend of mine who is walking in the south of Spain today). You can...
  10. Houlet

    Should Rock Stacking be Banned? An article from the BBC website, I don't do it but surely an over reaction?
  11. E

    Mosquitos, ticks, snakes, etc.

    I'm curious if pilgrims are bothered by mosquitos, ticks and similar bugs or snakes OR is this simply an American issue?
  12. peregrina2000

    Can anyone identify this bird?

    On three different occasions over the last few days I have seen a very pretty bird. It has a brown body and (I think) a little tuft or “crown” like a peacock. Its wings and tail are black and white striped. Its tail fans out in a v-shape from its body. Does this ring any bells? Thanks, buen...
  13. Colly

    Snakes alive!

    Hi fellow pilgrims, just walking the route from SJPP where we have seen a few small and larger snakes on the route.. As it’s early they are just starting to wake up so please just be aware and observant when you are walking or resting! Buen Camino
  14. D

    Bird identification on the Francés?

    Hi everyone; When I did the CF in the fall of 2014, I was amazed by the song-birds I would hear and see. I'm quite fond of birds, and have been a casual birder for over 40 years in central Canada. I knew few of the birds in Spain (except for sparrow, magpies and the storks). I've been looking...
  15. hfenton

    Natural History Along the Camino Frances

    Can anyone provide resources concerning the natural history (birds, flowers, trees, geology, etc.) one encounters along the Camino Frances?
  16. A

    birds on the meseta

    Hello fellow pilgrims, When you hike up onto the Meseta a few km before Hornillos, there are groups of great birds of prey cycling in the air high above. Such an impressive sight. Can anyone tell me what kind of birds they are? Thank you for your help and buen camino to everyone :-) Anna, Denmark
  17. Bradypus

    Puzzled by a plant - can anyone identify?

    I've been seeing a lot of an interesting wild plant I have never seen in the UK. Looks superficially quite like elderberry but it seems to be an annual plant, reaching about 1.5m high on a single stem and with a dense cluster of elderberry-like fruits at the top. Anyone know what it is? One...
  18. A

    Route with most nature and least asphalt

    Hi everyone, Two weeks from now I will start the camino Portugese in Porto. I am still a bit in doubt about what route I will take. I have read that there is a lot of road- and cobble-stone walking on the camino Portugese. This is something I would like to avoid. For me the perfect route would...
  19. C

    New to Camino, any suggestions for the best route for geology?

    Hi everyone, its my first time to walk to the Camino, however I don't have enough time/funds to do the entire route. Does anyone know the best route to see some nice geology? I'm relatively fit and am planning to start in late Jan. Thank you in advance, Charmaine
  20. scruffy1

    A question in botany + the culinary arts

    Shalom and Greetings from Jerusalem I avoid walking the Camino in these hot months, hot enough here at home! Late Winter and Spring are the seasons I like best - the coolness, the flowers, the snow on far away mountain peaks, its marvelous. As one progresses and closes in on Galicia and...