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  1. Zunigandi

    Tips/ Joy for a newbie!

    Hi Folks! I’m headed out in a week to do most of the Camino Norte! So excited! Arriving in San Sebastián on July 22. I’m doing 23 days with partial transit in between since I can’t do all 35. I’m SUPER excited. I haven’t met anyone who has done el Norte, haven’t found as many resources as...
  2. rasrebeka

    starting camino del norte on the 26th of july, anyone around that time?

    i am leaving budapest on the 26th to start camino del norte and i could use some suggestions for summer camino walking since i have very little clue what to expect as for the weather for example. well, i know it will be hot like hell haha.
  3. sethjcarreiro

    Camino del Norte or Camino Primitivo?

    Hello, Pilgrims, It's that time of year again and I'm back to deciding which Camino I'll walk this year. Last year I walked my first Camino (Porto-Santiago-Fisterra-Muxía) in September, and this year I'm considering the Camino del Norte OR the Camino Primitivo in August. I found the Portugués...
  4. R

    Following the red arrows on hill after Berria (Laredo-Guëmes)

    Hola! After climbing up the hill after Berria, on top of the hill i found red arrows. Going down there were a lot of thornbushes and so i decided to follow the red arrows. This was a well marked route through the forest that seemed to take for ages. Not really Camino type because there were...
  5. P

    Suitable wild camping spots along the Camino del Norte?

    Hi all, I will be walking from Irun to Santander in early to late May and am hoping to camp as much as possible to keep costs down as well as for the enjoyment of sleeping outside. I will use some albergues if I feel I really need to and also for the Camino spirit (that is if there are other...
  6. S

    When to walk the Norte

    Hello. My husband and I are hoping to do the San Salvador followed by the last half/two thirds of the Norte next year (we'll have one calendar month to do it in). I walked the Primitivo last year in August - 'enjoyed the heat, 'hated the bed racing. From those of you that have done the Norte -...
  7. Mark T17

    Which Camino - Portugues, Norte, Frances or Other?

    Hi all, I'm going to be kids free in a couple of years and want to enjoy some "me time"! So 2022 looks like being a great year for a walk after the holy year in 2021. I completed the Frances by bike in 2017 over 12 days and don't think I really did the pilgrimage justice, so I'm thinking...
  8. Mugatu

    New Publicity for the Camino Primitivo

    OutsideOnline just published, “Th 25 Best Hikes in the World Right Now”, I wonder if this will increase the number of pilgrims on the Primitivo or potentially the Norte all together. I don’t think this list is in any specific order, but interesting to note the location of the Primitivo amongst...
  9. B

    Swimming in Norte and sleeping bag question. Sept 2019

    I’m planning on walking the Camino del Norte/primitivo starting in Irun in the first week of September this year. I have a couple of questions (and lots of sub questions) I’m hoping someone could help me with: do I need a sleeping bag/quilt? (apologies I know this comes up a lot and I’ve...
  10. E


    Hi, We are planning to walk the Norte for about two weeks at the end of July, 2019, either beginning in Irun or San Sebastian. I've been reading and researching, and am confused as to whether I need to book lodging in advance. We'd like to stay in the albergues, but are concerned that they...
  11. Jesso

    del Norte beginning 22/23 June '19

    Hi, Having walked the Frances in Sept/Oct 2015 from SJPDP to Muxia, I am looking forward to another month on the Way over the summer. I am planning to walk from Irun to Santiago. I'm looking for any advice and suggestions to the following: - I understand it is not the most ideal time to be...
  12. bradleyllew

    del Norte in winter?

    I'm thinking of hitting the Norte in February - is this doable? IE will there be any albergues open? I really NEED to walk!
  13. notion900

    Link to resource about the new official route to Lavacolla avoiding Arzúa, St Irene & Pedrouzo

    Please find here a new resource with a map on this new official variant of the Camino del Norte, just before it joins the Camino Frances. It is intended to relieve pressure on the busy villages at the end of the Camino Frances and offer a quieter way into Santiago for those on the Camino del...
  14. notion900

    New official alternative route to join Camino Frances at Lavacolla and avoid the hordes at Arzúa 1

    The Xunta de Galicia have made a new official alternative route to avoid crowded Arzúa, St Irene and Pedrouzo (O Pino). I attach a photo of a new map which is situated at the point where the two routes divide, at the end of Boimorto village, by the basketball court. I have been told that the...
  15. notion900

    The new official last part of the Camino del Norte

    Last year I posted a resource on an alternative route to stay off the Camino Frances a bit longer from the Camino del Norte, and join it at St Irene instead of Arzúa. The Xunta de Galicia have now made an official alternative, which joins the Camino Frances at Lavacolla (ie nearly in...
  16. s00thsayer

    Starting in Irún Sep 10th

    Hello Everyone. I’m planning to start off on Camino Norte from Irún on Sep 10th and have a few last minute questions What did you do with the backpacks when you are heading out for dinner etc.? Are there lockers available? Any advice on common sense practices to secure my belongings would be...
  17. S

    New book on the Camino de Santiago

    Hello if anyone is interested in reading about my experience on the Camino de Santiago (Frances/Norte routes) in April/May 2018, I have just finished writing about it and "A Long Walk in Spain" is now live on Kindle here: http://viewbook.at/ALongWalkinSpain It is an entertaining and interesting...
  18. cassieryle

    Follow us on Del Norte! Leaving today!

    Leaving today on a jet plane to Spain, and man am I nervous! On Wednesday the official walking begins. We have some very unique stages planned, a mix of albergues with private accommodation, lots of shortcuts and diversions, and some serious spiritual seeking. We will be blogging every single...
  19. ShoughShough

    Packing List - What's missing?

    Hi all, Long time reader, first time poster. I'll be walking my first Camino this June/July (Norte, Primitivo and Finisterre). I'm coming in around 7.5kgs skin-out weight before food/water, so about 5kg pack weight depending on what I'm wearing. The weight is okay for my size, but would love...
  20. Dchell

    Would my answer be the Camino? Find out by reading my blog. ;)

    https://mycaminospring2017.wordpress.com/ A few years ago, I was one of many folks who watched “The Way” with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. If you saw it, you were probably curious and inspired as was I. I immediately put it on my bucket list. Things were going well in my life: I had...

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