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  1. cassieryle

    Follow us on Del Norte! Leaving today!

    Leaving today on a jet plane to Spain, and man am I nervous! On Wednesday the official walking begins. We have some very unique stages planned, a mix of albergues with private accommodation, lots of shortcuts and diversions, and some serious spiritual seeking. We will be blogging every single...
  2. ShoughShough

    Packing List - What's missing?

    Hi all, Long time reader, first time poster. I'll be walking my first Camino this June/July (Norte, Primitivo and Finisterre). I'm coming in around 7.5kgs skin-out weight before food/water, so about 5kg pack weight depending on what I'm wearing. The weight is okay for my size, but would love...
  3. Dchell

    Would my answer be the Camino? Find out by reading my blog. ;)

    https://mycaminospring2017.wordpress.com/ A few years ago, I was one of many folks who watched “The Way” with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. If you saw it, you were probably curious and inspired as was I. I immediately put it on my bucket list. Things were going well in my life: I had...
  4. Maggie Y

    Camino del norte public transport

    We will be arriving at Asturias Airport on a Friday night at 5.30 in Sept 2018. Ideally we need to get to Ribadeo or Lourenza that evening to resume el Camino del Norte? Any advise on public transport as we presume its too late for the Feve Train Oviedo to La Coruna route? Where do buses...
  5. peregrinamaybe

    sleeping bag in April/May

    Hi all, my husband and I are planning to walk the Camino del Norte beginning in late-April. We're leaning toward bringing sleeping bags but I'm waffling because I've heard very strong opinions on both sides. I'm not sure if the discrepancy in opinion is due to different routes, different travel...
  6. VNwalking

    Are You a Dinosaur Fan?

    I don't know about you but big bones turn me into a wide-eyed little kid. And it turns out we've been walking on them. Lots of them. On the Norte, on the San Olav, the Ebro, maybe even on the Frances. While I was looking for information about the history of Salas de los Infantes, I stumbled...
  7. A

    Northern Camino June/July questions

    Hi everyone, New to the community, although I have been doing lots of reading and researching this wonderful site. I’m walking the Northern Camino next summer mid June to end of July. I’m not sure how much rain to expect. I will bring a cover for my backpack and a lightweight rain jacket...
  8. amancio

    Bedbug issues in Norte

    Hi, I am currently in Abadin. I have seen bedbug issues in the following public albergues.: Santa Cruz de Bezana San Vicente de la Barquera La Caridad Ribadeo Lourenzá I do not know if any albergues ahead have such problems too, I have seen 4 cases at least, one of them with over 50 bites...
  9. peregrinamaybe

    Camino del Norte v. Via de la Plata in May?

    I've wanted to walk the Camino for years. My husband and I are/were excited about the prospect of walking the Camino del Norte in Spring 2018 but now I'm second guessing whether we should walk the Via de la Plata instead. We have some flexibility on dates in May/June but our preference would be...
  10. SabineP

    El peregrino de las plantas / Spanish tv

    An item now on a Spanish tv show : El peregrino de las plantas aka the pilgrim of the plants. Especially about the flora on the Camino del Norte. Good to polish up my Spanish and my knowledge of plants. And some nice views of the Norte...
  11. CaminoMatt73

    Starting the Norte Route in September

    I'm starting from IRUN around September 13th or so. Has anyone Hiked the Norte route in autumn? I'm wondering about the climate and the need for a sleeping bag or a liner with a light fleece throw blanket. Also, I've never used a phone in Europe but I hear about prepaid cards. Is this useful...
  12. P

    What i carried into Santiago

    I used this forum to help me make a lot of my decisions before my camino and wanted to help others who are packing. I walked for two weeks in June from Caudillero to Santiago along the norte. I walked into Santiago carrying (not including what i was wearing): -shirt, long pants, sweater, socks...
  13. D

    Mountain biking the norte

    Has anyone mountain biked the Norte? We did the `frances last year and it was a fantastic experience. I would also like to know if anyone knows the relative height gains for the two. Our routes are and will be Irun to Santiago and St Jean to Santiago Many thanks Kevin
  14. K

    Best Routes on Norte

    Hello, I'm planning may camino but only have 16 days off annual leave so wanted to cram a lot of it in walking/coach travel. Would anyone recommend the most beautiful routes of the Northern camino please? Thank you.
  15. LakeMcD

    Anyone else; GR10 > Norte

    Wondering if anyone else has plans for this route this year, I start with treads on the trail June 23rd. Buen Camino
  16. LakeMcD

    New Cicerone; Northern Caminos?

    Anyone know if there is a new one coming out for this year?
  17. notion900

    Crossover from Primitivo to Norte: O Camiño Verde

    Just to remind fellow pilgrims of the freshly updated status of the unofficial crossover from Lugo on the Primitivo to Sobrado dos Monxes on the Norte: José Manuel Sánchez Grande from Friol @xmsg updated the whole route last autumn and repainted the green arrows. Resource link. with links to...
  18. J

    Norte for a novice?

    Hello, I'm a novice and want to walk a way less traveled. What do you recommend? Wanted to try the northern routes but I am not sure when I see that it is many paved roads, is there a less traveled section!
  19. PlutseligPilegrim

    Three some minutes of El Norte

    Had this tune from artist named Machinedrum stuck in my head before I left....impressions of scenery put to use....just to give some ample taste of what it's like in december...
  20. Anne-Marie S.

    Frances or Norte for first camino?

    I plan to do my first camino starting in early July 2017. I have done extensive research on both of these routes, and am more confused than ever. The Norte seems to be much less crowded, but also more expensive. I am also concerned that I may not be able to find the accommodation required...