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  1. Coconut.Dan

    Senses & Nostalgia

    I would be curious to hear from those who have returned home, are there aromas, sights or sounds in your life that trigger certain memories from the Camino? My own Camino/s are still in the future.
  2. A

    Daily checking of the forum-am I obsessed?

    In preparation for my first (although that suggests there may be others , and that's highly unlikely) Camino Ingles, I have been devouring every scrap of information from peregrinos, books and as many other sources, so I'm fully aware and ready. Is this normal? :)
  3. Kerstinh47

    Nostalgia and gratitude

    my 2014 Camino.... Planned for and executed; check-plus. Much of my pre-camino information was gathered here from beautiful pilgrims of all backgrounds and nationalities that had experienced already the fine details and the infinite grey areas forming one's Camino experience. I offer a very...

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