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  1. Danielle92

    Walking in November

    Hello, Last year I did a week of the Camino and ended up in Estella. This year I'd like to start from Estella and do another week of the camino! Is anyone able to help me with the following: 1) Will hostels be open (beginning of November) 2) how do I get to Estella - is it best to fly from...
  2. K

    Luggage Transfer in November

    Hi all, We (3 people) are starting our Camino Frances in 2 weeks time. One of us need the luggage transfer service, but, most companies finish their service at the end of October. Any ideas on how to continue with luggage transfer after the end of Oct ? much appreciated.
  3. Jesso

    Jakobsweg - best walking routes in Germany in November

    Hi, I walked the Camino Frances 2 years ago and loved the experience. Now living in Germany, I would love to love to walk here as well. I am located in Bavaria and have a week of holidays the first week in November. Has anyone walked in November (I'm in Bavaria)? Are there many pilgrim's...
  4. S

    Packing list

    Hi people out there! I am about to walk my first Camino in about 20 days from now and I am currently in the final stages of getting the last few things that I need. I hope that someone in here with experience of walking on the Camiño de Santiago in and around the 25th of October to around the...
  5. El Capitan

    November on El Camino

    i was wondering if anyone would share some info / advise in walking El Camino( camino Frances ) in November . It's the only time I can do it but, I had concerns with the weather, temps , cold, rain etc. Mario
  6. K

    Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela in November

    Hi all, I am a Camino newbie, and am considering walking from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela as my first time - beginning mid November 2016. So, very soon... :) I realise I may encounter all kinds of weather, so will be prepared for that! I am wondering what is the best timetable to...
  7. L

    November tips and advice

    Hello! Starting my Camino on the 5th of November so will be walking throughout that month obviously! Any tips or advice for this particular month? I know the Napoleon route is closed and I'm kind of sickened because I wanted to see the views, how is the other route in terms of senery ? Thanks...
  8. Charlie Perry

    Cycling the Primitivo in November

    I have a spare week in early November and was thinking of cycling the Camino Primitivo from Oviedo. I'm relatively fit and have some experience of hill walking. I'm just a bit worried about the amount of rain and the condition of the track. Also, will many other people be doing it this time of...
  9. C

    Looking for pilgrim Camino Frances October/November 2016

    Hi I'm going to do my first camino starting on october 7th 2016 in SJPDP. I was wondering if there were any other people starting around that date, and how busy it is.
  10. H

    Weather in October/November

    I'm thinking of doing the whole Camino Frances from SJPP to Santiago, starting mid October (maybe between 12/10 and 17/10) to mid-November, and maybe on to Finisterre if the weather and my feet allow. However, I'm concerned about the weather, particularly in Galicia. I have walked both the...
  11. vlebe

    2016 Nov/Dec & 2017 Jan Peregrinos Departures

    Dear Pilgrims; its not that I want to "copy" the other thread related to the "sep/oct departures" but, I think opening up this one for nov/dec/jan would give us a good comparative number to get things into perspective of really how fewer pilgrims will be fighting against the wet/cold/snowy...
  12. bahrep

    End of October -- November: weather, whether to choose Hospitales or not, need general advice

    Hello! :) I plan the pilgrimage beginning on about 27 October (Oviedo) and finishing on 13-14 November. It's about 17 days and I really hope to reach Finisterra on the trip. I've already read some posts on the forum and Liz's guide (great guide, BTW!). I also looked through this guide...
  13. scruffy1

    Another Consideration for October/November Pilgrims

    Here in Jerusalem the sun goes down boom, no warning no fascinating and long drawn out show of clouds and light - sunset at 1815 and quickly dark. I will be flying into Bilbao very soon, many things there I want to see and only one day to do it, Santiago Cathedral for the first sello, but also...
  14. Ross Sheeran

    Thermal Underwear? Is it cold enough?

    We are starting the Camino in late October through to early December. Is it cold enough at this time of the year to be wearing long thermal underwear or is it unnecessary extra weight to carry if not needed. Thanks for any
  15. L

    nov 2015 camino frances

    Hello there! A friend and I are looking to start our camino in nov of this year..so two females mid 20s to early 30s...I'm wondering if anyone else is going at this time so we can have some traveler friends due to the growing concern about female travelers and the suggesting of going in groups...
  16. Sandra S


    Hi all! I'll be starting the Camino Frances from SJPP on November the 10th, 2015, and have been inspired by these fabulous threads to begin a list of pilgrims who are walking at around the same time (including late October 2015 and early December 2015, given we'll likely cross paths). My hope...
  17. fortview

    Risk no sleeping bag in November ?

    A question for the winter walkers.. I'm taking the plunge, and am planning to walk from Logrono for just under 3 weeks, starting 30th October. I've only ever taken a silk liner on previous caminos, and relied on the blankets in the albergues. Is this a crazy thing to do in November? I've found...
  18. C

    Walking Camino in October / November

    I'll be walking the Camino in October / November. I'm planning on Starting Oct 21. Still determining where to start out from. I am a single female traveler looking for someone else to go with so I am not alone. Is anyone going during that time?
  19. Genevieve11

    Camino Frances in November

    Hi, I'm planning to walk the Camino Frances, setting off during the last couple of days of October, and walking through November. I'm a female travelling alone and wanted to check: is this a sensible time to walk? How many people walk at this time of year (appreciate it won't be the crowds of...
  20. B

    Pyrenees in November

    Hi Everyone, I'm planning to do my first camino this November! From about November 9- Dec 9. I've heard doing the Camino at this time can still be good, despite getting cold and wet at times, but my question is specifically about the Pyrenees. Is it possible to cross this late in the year? How...

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