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  1. sam ferris

    Weather for end of October?

    Hey all, New to this forum. New to CdS. I'm walking O Cebriero to Santiago de Compostela, October 27th - November 2nd (my 50th birthday!) and I have many questions that I will not inundate you with here, but what I can't quite figure out from reading is what the weather is going to be like...
  2. David Tallan

    Anyone starting from Porto at the beginning of October?

    Just checking. It's never to early to start making connections with fellow pilgrims.
  3. L

    Scared of freezing to death on Camino in Fall!

    HI! My husband and I will be walking the Camino in September and October. This is my first time. I get cold easily. (My fingers and toes get painfully cold!) He does not. He's been on the Camino before during the same months. What he recommends as far as clothing may not be warm enough for me. I...
  4. 334E5EC6-7272-45F2-AECB-176C987F5AA6.jpeg


    Saint James
  5. H

    Irún hostel

    Hello all! I'm headed to Irún on Wednesday and had planned on staying in the Albergue Municipal. However, it looks like it will be closed already for the year--does anyone know of an alternative place to stay? I've tried calling the Municipal but cannot get through. Thanks! HJ
  6. M

    Norte in October compared to CF

    Q: Is it stupid/to late to start Camino del Norte on september 25 for a solo first timer? So I arrive in Biarritz monday the 25th of september, and the plan was to the go to SJPDP and start the CF. I have spend hours/months thinking about if I should take the CdN or CF and finally settled on...
  7. T

    Solo female in October safety

    Greetings! I am a 60 year old female from the USA and plan to walk the Camino Frances solo starting the end of September 2017, starting in Roncesvalles. I am a bit concerned about safety and would like to know if there are usually enough people walking the Camino in October so that I would not...
  8. SallyToms

    Via de Plata in October

    I fly into Madrid on October 1 and have a train booked to Seville. After reading other threads I am having doubts that I have picked the right time, and there will be nights I will be alone in the albergues. Also I have only walked the Frances once, and others seem to do 3 or 4 other Caminos...
  9. KatjaA

    Teva sandals in October?

    Hey all! I'm preparing for my first Camino (end of Sep. through Oct. ) and I'm getting such different advise on footwear. I'll bring my hiking booths for the road, but then it gets tricky. Tevas or light running shoes for the afternoons and evenings? How cold does it get? Thank you for all the...
  10. M

    Looking for Camino recommendations for 1 week in October for solo female traveller

    Hello! It looks like I may have a week in Europe in the second week of October and I have always wanted to do the Camino de Santiago. I know a week isn't long but I want to seize the opportunity and at least get a taste of the famous journey. So, I am seeking your recommendations on route or...
  11. P

    Camino Português in October

    Hi to everyone. Two years ago I did the Camino Frances in January. I knew exactly that I needed winter dresses. Now I'm planning to do the Camino Português next end of September or in October, from Lisboa to Santiago. I don't understand at all if I need summer or winter dresses. I have got only...
  12. H

    Weather in October/November

    I'm thinking of doing the whole Camino Frances from SJPP to Santiago, starting mid October (maybe between 12/10 and 17/10) to mid-November, and maybe on to Finisterre if the weather and my feet allow. However, I'm concerned about the weather, particularly in Galicia. I have walked both the...
  13. W

    Woman walks alone in October?

    Hola! I know that this kind of question has been asked again and again, but I still want to ask several questions about this. (And many thanks to those who gave useful advices on this topic! They are so helpful that reassure me and let me decide to walk the Camino this year.) I am a 18-year-old...
  14. C

    Camino Frances - travel during mid October questions

    Hi. I'm in the pre-planning stage and have several questions regarding the Camino. I realize October is not the busiest time and while I'll appreciate the lack of excess traffic I do not wish to be in complete solitude. Is it safe for a middle aged woman to travel alone in October? What can I...
  15. Renato Torres

    Live - Via de la Plata VDLP in October - Too cold?

    Hi ! I have scheduled to start VLDP in october. Does anybody have an idea about the weather and opened albergues? Thanks in advance. Renato Torres
  16. nonami

    2016 September/October Peregrinos Departures

    (Please note I will be leaving home for my Camino on 5th September Sydney Australia time. Depending on internet connections, it may take a few days for me to add your name to the list after this date. It will be done!) If you are starting your Camino during the months of September or October...
  17. S

    Emergency Sleeping Bag & Liner combo? Lightweight options

    Hi All! Being the OCD lightweight packer I am, I'm in the process of accumulating my camino gear, even though I'll be starting at the beginning of October. I only plan to do about 3 weeks worth (100-200km from Pamploma, bus to Ponferrada or Sarria, and continue on to Santiago), and most likely...
  18. bahrep

    End of October -- November: weather, whether to choose Hospitales or not, need general advice

    Hello! :) I plan the pilgrimage beginning on about 27 October (Oviedo) and finishing on 13-14 November. It's about 17 days and I really hope to reach Finisterra on the trip. I've already read some posts on the forum and Liz's guide (great guide, BTW!). I also looked through this guide...
  19. scruffy1

    Another Consideration for October/November Pilgrims

    Here in Jerusalem the sun goes down boom, no warning no fascinating and long drawn out show of clouds and light - sunset at 1815 and quickly dark. I will be flying into Bilbao very soon, many things there I want to see and only one day to do it, Santiago Cathedral for the first sello, but also...
  20. Ross Sheeran

    Thermal Underwear? Is it cold enough?

    We are starting the Camino in late October through to early December. Is it cold enough at this time of the year to be wearing long thermal underwear or is it unnecessary extra weight to carry if not needed. Thanks for any

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